Griffin: If You Want Civil War, Vote Republican

Griffin: If You Want Civil War, Vote Republican

Griffin: If You Want Civil War, Vote Republican

Kathy Griffin is starving for a little more publicity these days. She’s been in hiding for a bit after her ketchup-soaked Trump mask stint but (to quote ol’ Joe Biden), make no mistake, she is not keeping her mouth shut.

We wish she would have stayed in hiding. Honestly, who, in their right mind would listen to her, anyway? Doesn’t matter, she’s back to tweeting.

Funny how they told Trump to put the phone down.

Griffin’s tweet is short but powerful, and not in a good way. While her concern might be authentic, that does not mean anybody should be taking it seriously. It’s true that some people are calling for a national divorce (usually peaceful), but the likelihood of an actual civil war coming down the pipeline shortly is laughable and unrealistic.

In fact, her tweet serves as a crucial lesson in the dangers of hyper-partisan rhetoric on the American psyche.”-Cameron Arcand, Red State

Apparently, 2.1 million followers still find this chick relevant. And yes… She plastered this all over the Internet for everyone to see. So, Ms. Griffin, you really don’t think there will be any rioting if Democrats lose?

And, fun fact, these are not “MAGA Morons”:

Mirror mirror on the wall. Who is the dumbest of them all? So much for the loving, tolerant, excepting, “love me I’m a liberal”, Democrats. You vote Republican in the midterms? Expect a civil war. Translation: Expect an epic screaming-at-the-sky-breaking-windows-setting-things-on-fire temper tantrum with from the left because they are immature, asinine little children.

Now, I’m sure the left, to include politicians, the media, and (now) d-list comedians like Kathy Griffin are so ecstatic that Donald Trump possibly held onto nuclear secrets at Mar-a-Lago. They are probably giddy as heck at this news. But it’s not going to stop them from taking pot shots at anyone who has decidedly gone against the ideology of the Democrats these days. Even those who are not in Trump’s camp. Griffin and the Democrats have drawn their line in the sand and there is no in-between with these people. You are either on their side or you want an all-out civil war. Honestly, at least some liberal media outlets or seeing the lunacy in all of this:

How can an American president go wrong in identifying threats to democracy? Biden offered a master class.”-Bret Stephens, The New York Times

You think? The goal of the left is to divide into demonize the opposite side. According to some blue voters, there is nothing that any red voter can do to make them feel any more compassionate towards the opposite side. We can’t blame this all on Kathy Griffin. Our commander in chief served up a nice heaping helping of hate last Thursday night.

Biden claimed to distinguish MAGA Republicans from mainstream ones and then proceeded to conflate them. That may resonate with partisan Democrats who have never seen a conservative they didn’t consider a bigot or a fool. But it gives the lie to the idea that dismantling MAGA Republicanism is the prime objective of the president or his party.”--Bret Stephens, The New York Times

You see, Biden and the likes of Griffin and the left don’t care about distinguishing Republicans and Conservatives. We are all “MAGA Republicans” now. Every, single one of us. It is truly “us” and “them”. The party that is so hyper-obsessed on individualism and all of the nuances in-between (you can, after all, identify as 35 different genders) clumps all red voters as one and the same. (And Conservatives are bigoted and judgmental?)

But let’s continue to blame the other side for picking on YOU, Griffin. Even though, YOU started it:

Oh. My. God. Just put the phone down, Kathy. Walk away.

Kathy Griffin and her followers claim that she wasn’t directly inciting violence. But, in fact, a lot of the civil unrest was brought on largely in part by her fellow Democrats. Color us shocked that they’re now parroting, “vote like me or there will be violence.” Or, “Vote like me or there will be unrest.” I mean, you never know who’s face Griffin will slather in ketchup again.

If you want the country to continue to go to crap, listen to some has-been celebrity. Seriously, look at who is in office now with a huge helping from Alyssa Milano, Cardi B,The Chicks (your name is still insulting to feminists, girls), Barbara Streisand, Anna Wintour, Cher, Madonna and Whoopi (not Jewish) Goldberg. You bet your ass Griffin and her crew of like-mined dimwits won’t be fighting in the streets if a civil war breaks out. They’ll throw their armed guards in front of their gated communities while pontificating from their cell phones.

This begs the question: haven’t the Dems listened to enough of the brain-dead?

I think we know the answer.

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  • Joe R. says:

    Like you gotta choice.

  • Blackwing1 says:

    Yeah, I saw plenty of that “civil war” violence with which she’s threatening us right here in Wyoming, where the county I live in tossed Liz “Benedict Arnold” Cheney aside by a 3-to-1 margin. Those Pantifa and Buy Large Mansions terrorists were out in the streets in huge numbers, rioting, murdering, raping, and burning down buildings by the thousands…

    Oh, wait, that was Minneapolis in 2020.

    “Never mind.”

    • Micha Elyi says:

      Blackwing1, before you start bragging about your Wyoming county’s vote to unseat Liz Cheney you’ve got to explain why you and the rest of your county voted for her in the first place.

      Take you time, Blackwing1. Don’t leave anything out of your mea culpa.

      • Blackwing1 says:

        Umm, because I wasn’t here at the time?

        We are economic and political refugees from the Soviet Socialist State of Minnesota, where I’d have had to shoot 3/4’s of our neighbors if push came to shove. We relocated to NW Wyoming since now 3/4’s of our neighbors will be our allies.

        I’ve SEEN, up close and firsthand, how the collectivist/statist/authoritarians use stealth, partial truths, half-truths, and complete fabrications to gain their power and control. I can only assume that’s how Cheney did it in the first place..she talked a good game, and then finally revealed her true self, along with her lack of morals and ethics.

        The utter hypocrisy of the collectivists is amazing. She’s “making her mark” in D.C. crusading against Trump’s “insurrection”, while simultaneously:
        Suborning perjury in front of a congressional hearing, and
        Incentivizing (technically legal) vote fraud in the Rep-wing primary

        And I’ll agree, we’re not smart enough even here in the Big Wonderful. Because in this county we had 645 communists re-registering as “R” for just the primary, the local house district vote went to a RINO with a margin of 87 votes, even after a recount. We weren’t smart enough to figure that one out, I’m sorry to say.

        But it’s fun to watch people on the left wing-nut coast and on the RINO wannabe-elitist east coast assume that we here in fly-over land are easily fooled rubes. Well, fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice…

  • Ebbe says:

    She’s right, if you vote Republican there will be a civil war. Whenever the voting goes against democrats, they get so angry that they become the violent ones who fight against the people who cause results they don’t like.

  • Humility says:

    I wonder if her employer approves of her threats. Oh heck, we all know that is the leftist’s plan. Right from the socialist take-over plan book used by Germany, Italy, Russia, Cuba …

  • SteveP says:

    She’s right, but it’s not the Republicans that will start it.

  • Cameron says:

    Carrot Top really needs to tell his sister to calm down already.

  • kamas716 says:

    If the Progressives really don’t want anyone voting for the icky MAGA Republicans, they should probably quit supporting them in the primary races.

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