GOP Chaos As Establishment Falls In Line For Trump, Demands Unity

GOP Chaos As Establishment Falls In Line For Trump, Demands Unity

GOP Chaos As Establishment Falls In Line For Trump, Demands Unity

Last I checked, Donald Trump still has not reached the requisite number of delegates to actually win the Republican nomination. However, with all other opponents having suspended their campaigns, it is inevitable that Trump will reach that number. With that inevitability staring the GOP establishment in the face, lines are starting to be drawn.
Former presidential candidates, including Rand Paul and Rick Perry, despite their previous statements, are obediently falling in line behind the presumed candidate.

However, Speaker Paul Ryan is not ready to jump on the Trump Train.

Ryan’s point is absolutely correct – Trump absolutely must convince conservatives that he can represent their interests in order to EARN their vote. That’s his job as the nominee – to convince people to vote for him.

Apparently, the GOP establishment believes that conservatives OWE them. And if they aren’t willing to get in line, then they should “get out.”

Pssst, Huckabee… what about those of us on the West Coast who haven’t gotten to vote yet? Just asking.

And Ryan’s simple point that Trump needs to reach out to conservatives caused his number one mouthpiece, Sean Hannity, to implode all over Twitter.

Fights ensued.

Maybe Hannity needs to get out of his Manhattan media bubble more often. Conservatives do not owe Trump anything. He has to EARN VOTES. It’s not our fault that the left side of the aisle will march in mindless lockstep for whoever the Democrats nominate. I thought we conservatives prided ourselves on not being sheep?

In an effort to prove that he wants unity, Donald Trump says, well, he’s not ready to support Ryan’s agenda. Well, so much for reaching out to reassure Ryan that he IS a standard bearer. And the Donald was upset that Ryan, who he cannot control, not now and not as president (there’s that whole separate-but-equal branches of government thing), was putting the burden of party unity on him.

And then, like any mature grown-up, Trump went whining to Reince Priebus.

Priebus acknowledged that Trump called him within minutes of Ryan’s declaration, but told him to “relax” and “be gracious” as he works as a go-between for the two.

“It wasn’t like furious or anything. It was ‘what do I need to do,'” Priebus said. I said, ‘listen, my view is just relax and be gracious and I’ll talk to Paul and we’ll try to work on this.'”

“I know Paul really well, and I know he’s being honest, and I know how he feels. So I’m comfortable with the idea that it’s going to take some time in some cases for people to work through differences,” Priebus said.

Yeah, I’m sure that Trump wasn’t angry or anything.
And then Newt Gingrich jumped in to pile on Ryan – on Hannity’s show. My, for people who are supporting the winner, they sure are whining that not everyone is running to get on the Trump bandwagon.

SEAN HANNITY: I’m not ready to support Speaker Ryan anymore. I’m thinking maybe we need a new speaker, thoughts?

NEWT GINGRICH: First of all… these pseudo-intellectual right-wingers
who have made a living in Washington D.C. being brilliant while they alienated the entire American people are showing you by their hysteria the degree to which they are being repudiated, and they just don’t know what to do. They’re in a state of psychological hysteria that is really kind of amazing.

In the case of the two Bushes and Romney. I was one f Mitt’s competitors in 2012. What do you think Mitt would have said if I did not support him? I supported George H.W. Bush even though I was a Reagan supporter and a Bush supporter. What do you think Bush would have said if I had gotten up and not supported him.

There is something wrong here when these people, who the Republican Party has done a lot for, let’s be honest. The Bushes, the Romneys – The Republican Party has been pretty darn good to them, and they owe it to the party and the people who make up that party, beyond their own hope to be above it all.

In the case of Paul Ryan he made a big mistake today and he needs to understand this. He needs to understand this.

He is the Speaker of the House. He has an obligation to unify the party. He has an obligation to reach out. Obviously he and Donald Trump are going to have disagreements. Some of them will work out and some of them they won’t. That’s fine. Our constitution provides that speakers and presidents can fight, but I think he sends the wrong signal and a signal which I think endangers the House Republicans and endangers the Senate Republicans.

No, Newt. Paul Ryan is not obligated to unify the party. How many times are we going to have to say this? As the presumptive nominee and the new head of the Republican party, unifying the party IS NOW DONALD TRUMP’S JOB. With so many people insisting that Paul Ryan needs to do it, and telling conservatives with real concerns to fall in line or get out, you begin to get the impression that Donald Trump isn’t up to the task of unifying the Republican party.

And whose problem is that?

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  • Penny says:

    According to an article in TheHill, Trump now thinks he OWNS the GOP, because millions of his followers voted for him–he won, so he owns. Like in a crap game at one of his casinos, for Pete’s sake. And, he is trying to “fire” Paul Ryan because he tried to tell Trump that the GOP was precious to people, by donating to Ryan’s opponent. This insane egotist is quite dangerous. If he wins the general, will he then think that he owns the country, like some kind of king. NOBODY owns the GOP, or the country, or the White House. Trump needs to have his sails trimmed drastically.

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