Quote of the Day: Trump Supporter Tila Tequila Wants Ben Shapiro Gassed and Sent Back to Israel

Quote of the Day: Trump Supporter Tila Tequila Wants Ben Shapiro Gassed and Sent Back to Israel

Quote of the Day: Trump Supporter Tila Tequila Wants Ben Shapiro Gassed and Sent Back to Israel

Donald Trump loves to brag about how he has all the best people. But his “people” are concerning for more than a few reasons. Aside from being BFFs with the Clintons for years, and even repeatedly donating money to them, he is fine with being associated with white supremacists. David Duke, the KKK, anti-Semites… Trump will embrace them all. He will ally himself with these people, retweet their messages of support, and agree with Hitler-loving genocidal maniacs about how to make America great again. Whether he’s a flaming racist or just an opportunist with no scruples or principles whatsoever is anyone’s guess, but neither is a very appealing thought. One of his supporters is Tila Tequila, a wannabe celebrity and reality TV show has-been who also happens to be a Nazi sympathizer and virulent racist. So of course she’s vocally supporting Donald Trump. The man apparently attracts racists like crap attracts flies.

Since quitting Breitbart, Ben Shapiro has been openly critical of Donald Trump. Being that he’s Jewish, that meant that he was a natural target for Tila Tequila’s venom, and she spewed her anti-Semitism all over the internet for everyone to see (caution for language).

According to Tila Tequila, poor Hitler was just misunderstood, and was really a visionary.

For those of you who focus on the victims of war well that is just part of war. What do you think war is about? People DIE in wars that is why I am against wars. It brought me to tears because I used to think all of those horrible things about him [Hitler] until I learned the truth about the war and what Hitler truly did and he was not a bad person as they have painted him out to be. Here is a man who was not a coward, stood up for his country in a DESPERATE TIME OF NEED (unlike all of our cowardly leaders), and yet not only did he try his best to help his country and people get out of what was a time of depression, economic collapse, high unemployment, amongst many other things.

Really disgusting, despicable stuff. Will Donald Trump condemn it? Or will he happily take on anyone who follows him? The people following Trump will probably screech about the idea that Trump has anything to do with this — after all, he has no control over Tila Tequila — but these are the people he attracts, and for good reason. He refuses to disavow people like David Duke, and he retweets white supremacists who want to enact genocide on minorities. Considering how Hitler-esque Trump is, it’s definitely concerning. Why is it that Trump brings these cockroaches out of the woodwork? Why do so many of them love him? And is it really what we want for our next president?

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