New Hillary Clinton Emails Revealed, Huma Abedin Interviewed By FBI [VIDEOS]

New Hillary Clinton Emails Revealed, Huma Abedin Interviewed By FBI [VIDEOS]

New Hillary Clinton Emails Revealed, Huma Abedin Interviewed By FBI [VIDEOS]

Not long after Hillary’s campaign stops in West Virginia that combined backtracking, “I misspoke” about shutting down coal, and encounters with a laid off coal miner who still doesn’t believe anything she says…

…an old problem has raised its pesky head once again, much to Hillary’s dismay. Just like that cough of hers, the email/server business keeps hanging around!

Judicial Watch today released new State Department emails (one batch of 103 pages, the second of 138 pages) that again appear to contradict statements by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton that, “as far as she knew,” all of her government emails were turned over to the State Department and that she did not use her system until March 18, 2009.

Hillary continues to reiterate that the 55,000 emails she turned over to the State Department encompass all of her work and there is nothing else to see…please just move along. Well, sorry. Not happening. Especially with this latest news. The emails, which can be found here and here, include Pacific Island security concerns, ideas for overhauling the healthcare system, Afghanistan, and more. They also include the news that her aide, Huma Abedin, had yet another email address used for communication. I wonder where the rest of THOSE emails are?

"I took care of the emails, Huma.... "
“I took care of the emails, Huma…. “

Keep in mind this new email discovery is in direct contrast with her public comments and official campaign statement. Her husband even got into the act the other day and called the email probe ‘a game.’

Quite a game I’d say. One that has uncovered a securely insecure server. Multiple email addresses, ultra classified information being sent to/from places and people it shouldn’t be, and more than one person involved in keeping it all under wraps.


Some of Hillary Clinton’s closest aides, including her longtime adviser Huma Abedin, have provided interviews to federal investigators, as the FBI probe into the security of her private email server nears completion, U.S. officials briefed on the investigation tell CNN. The investigation is still ongoing, but so far investigators haven’t found evidence to prove that Clinton willfully violated the law the U.S. officials say.

“Willfully” hmmm? So that’s going to be the newest gambit of the Hillary crew? That she never “willfully” lied about the supposed video that sparked the Benghazi terrorist attacks? That Hillary never “willfully” lied about refusing to up the security for Ambassador Chris Stevens?

That she never “willfully” sent or received ultra classified information over insecure platforms therefore putting our national security at risk and opening the door wide open to hackers?

Exactly. It was someone else who “willfully” put all this together. She just went along because…oh to heck with that. She was the architect of all this and we know it. The question is, when it comes time for her interview, will Hillary claim exhaustion?

From: Abedin, Huma
To: Sullivan, Jacob J.
Sent: Thursday, April 16 18:54:22 2009

I have to go to the dinner with her [state dinner in Santa Domingo, Dominican Republic] I just got the I’m exhausted thing from her and Eugene [likely Eugene Bae, Clinton’s advance official] isn’t going to be able to tell Oscar de la Renta to shut up.

Or will she throw her hands up in the air once again and exclaim “What Difference Does It Make?”

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