Goldberg Gets Slap On The Wrist From ABC

Goldberg Gets Slap On The Wrist From ABC

Goldberg Gets Slap On The Wrist From ABC

The ladies on The View say the darnedest things. Whoppi Goldberg is no exception to this observation. Remember when she thought DOCTOR Jill Biden should be the Surgeon General?

“That woman is a hell of a doctor”, said Whoopi Goldberg-as matter-of-fact and as serious as can be. She legit thought Jill Biden had the qualifications to be Surgeon General. That remark got a couple of laughs from those of us who, in Whoopi’s eyes, are the intellectually inferior minions but know Jill Biden is not an actual MD. That remark also got a few laughs from her co-hosts. That remark did not get her suspended for two weeks.

According to this, ABC has decided to suspend Whoopi Goldberg for two weeks after her insensitive Holocaust remarks.

Effective immediately, I am suspending Whoopi Goldberg for two weeks for her wrong and hurtful comments. While Whoopi has apologized, I’ve asked her to take time to reflect and learn about the impact of her comments. The entire ABC News organization stands in solidarity with our Jewish colleagues, friends, family and communities.”-ABC News president Kim Godwin

Whoopi apologized for her remarks that the Holocaust “wasn’t about race” two times before ABC News’ decision came down last night. Her argument to her co-hosts was that the Holocaust was more about “how white people treat each other”. And even though she “apologized”, she doubled down on her comments on The Stephen Colbert Show in a sorry-not-sorry sort of way. To Whoopi, the Holocaust was not about “race”, it was about “ethnicity” and it was just simply “white people attacking white people”.

White people from an “ethnic group” whose last name she borrowed. Whoopi Goldberg, whose real name is Caryn Elaine Johnson, changed her name to something “Jewish” because, as the story goes, her mother did not think “Johnson” was “Jewish enough” for her daughter to rise to stardom. Don’t ya know? Jews own Hollywood! The name, Goldberg, is part of her heritage, she has said on occasion. A lie. And a bold-faced one at that.

People would ask me in a roundabout way, ‘So are you?’ And I would say ‘What?’ And they’d say ‘What does your name mean?’ And I would say ‘Do you mean Whoopi?’ And they’d say ‘No, the other name.’ And then they would say ‘Come on, are you Jewish?’ And I always say ‘Would you ask me that if I was white? I bet not.’ The name is wonderful for starting conversations.”-Whoopi Goldberg

And to think, white girls got chastised for wearing hoop earrings! Right. So Whoopi conveniently identifies as Jewish for the sake of show biz. She doesn’t go to synagogue or practice the Sabbath. She prays to God but religion is a lot of work, she says. Unless it’s the religion of woke idealism on national television…then it pays big bucks and she’s willing to put in that work. And what’s this business of having a Jewish stage name, anyway? Ahh, yes, Ms. Goldberg. It’s because white people would not dare ask you about being black and Jewish? If this line of logic holds, then, this has indeed become about the r-word, hasn’t it? The “r” word that had nothing whatsoever to do with the Holocaust because, the Holocaust, according to the warped mind of Whoopi Goldberg, was “white on white” crime! Yeah, that “r” word.

Bingo, Mr. Shapiro.

But ABC will make an example of Goldberg by giving her time to “reflect” on her comments, apparently. Remember when someone of true Jewish descent was canceled by ABC? Roseanne, you out there? Roseanne Barr’s statement about Valerie Jarrett was deemed as “abhorrent, repugnant and inconsistent with ABC entertainment’s values“. This was the statement that pulled the Roseanne reboot. Barr apologized but it was not enough. In truth, ABC was looking for a reason to cancel Roseanne long before this Tweet. Can’t be having a white Jew saying racist things but a black woman who pretends to be a Jew to get people into awkward conversations about race (even though the Holocaust supposedly was not about race) gets a two-week vacation. Who’s privileged?

It’s tragic that ABC stated they were giving Whoopi “time to reflect” in two weeks about a tragedy that lasted years. It’s a slap on the wrist compared to a slew of some of Goldberg’s other remarks on The View over time. Racism is in “The Heart of The Country”, right Whoopi? Which is why, in her brain, that racist, Donald Trump, wanted people to “inject disinfectant”-a strange parallel to Dr. Josef Mengele, the German doctor who performed deadly experiments on prisoners in Auschwitz during the Holocaust. The Holocaust was certainly about racism when Trump was in office, wasn’t it, Whoopi?

Now if only we were told “two weeks to flatten the curve” and they actually meant it. Wouldn’t it be nice if these two weeks free of Goldberg lasted as long as those supposed “two weeks”? A girl can dream.

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  • RDM says:

    She’s failed to think about her comments for nearly 800 weeks, what makes them think that two more will make a difference?

  • Mad Celt says:

    The ignorant will always reveal their ignorance simply by opening their mouths and saying things.

  • Ceteris Paribus says:

    So on tv show who’s high concept is ignorant people saying stupid things, we find a moderately more ignorant person says a moderately more stupid thing offending moderately more people (than on average). And this is news? Give me a break.

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