Gaffetastic: Watch Joe Biden “Endorse” Donald Trump’s Re-election! [VIDEO]

Gaffetastic: Watch Joe Biden “Endorse” Donald Trump’s Re-election! [VIDEO]

Gaffetastic: Watch Joe Biden “Endorse” Donald Trump’s Re-election! [VIDEO]

If you have lost count of just how many times Joe Biden can gaffe while speaking, you’re not alone. However, this one takes the cake.

Why is this one special among so many other spectacular flubs? Well, there’s nothing like endorsing your opponent while trying to talk people into voting for you. This one is special, even for Joe Biden.
President Trump thanks you for your endorsement, Joe!

Back to the reality of this moment. There is a strange mix of relief and real concern right now over Biden being the front-runner. I believe that having Bernie Sanders as the Democratic nominee would have been an untenable and dangerous situation for America. The risk that an actual communist, who adored Eugene V. Debs and never met a South American dictator that he couldn’t praise, would even have a chance at being president, was simply too great. Yes, I do think that President Trump could beat Bernie Sanders under normal circumstances. Can anyone guarantee that circumstances will be “normal” once November rolls around? So, I am relieved that Biden is the front-runner, when the alternative was a raving elderly commie.

And now we’re back to the concern. Any reasonable person (media not included) can tell that Biden simply is not mentally where he was during the Obama administration (or should we say the “Obiden-bama Administration“?). This has been an ongoing concern for a while. But now that the Democrats have chosen and deliberately consolidated behind Biden, they have to live with what they have bought – and wrought.

The harsh truth is that Biden is not up to the rigors of the presidency. His physical health is not the question, it’s his mental sharpness. Joe Biden might still be personable and functional in an every day setting. The presidency is not an every day setting. The office ages the person who holds it in physically obvious ways. If you add the physical toll to the mental strain, how on earth is Joe Biden going to survive being president? It is not “ageist” or “ableist” to point this out. If you don’t think that Donald Trump, the first time Joe Biden has a brain fart on stage during a debate (perhaps on par with “President… My Boss”), will not just hammer Biden down with tactical precision, then you don’t know Donald Trump. The president is waiting for that moment, and when (not if) it comes, he will take full advantage of it.

Yes, the media will cry and whine about how “meeeeeeean” Trump is for pointing out Biden’s gaffes (otherwise known as a day ending in “Y”), but this is what happens when your choices were the communist lunatic or the old man who can’t remember where he is. For what it’s worth, Democrats, given your choices, you probably made the only sane decision in backing Biden. But he has baggage – political baggage, personal baggage, and mental baggage. If you think that Trump is going to play nice, you are sorely mistaken.

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