France Elects Macron, Status Quo Intact [VIDEO]

France Elects Macron, Status Quo Intact [VIDEO]

France Elects Macron, Status Quo Intact [VIDEO]

It wasn’t even close. Emmanuel Macron won in an absolute landslide over Marine Le Pen in today’s French presidential election.

Newly elected French President Emmanuel Macron
And I mean a landslide.
So, what happens next for France? Nothing new, unfortunately. As I wrote earlier, Macron is a socialist dressed up in a fancy slogan and hands extended to right and left – which earned him the “centrist” label. Even Obama endorsed him. He must see some similarities there.

Macron has said a lot of nice things about reaching out to both right and left. It remains to be seen if he can actually pull a governing coalition together. Macron technically does not have a political party – En Marche is a movement without a political machine behind it. Will Macron need to return to his Socialist party roots in order to govern effectively? As the major left-wing parties have already endorsed him, does he actually need any right-wing support? Only time will tell – because the June parliamentary elections will determine whether he gets a governing majority.

But as it stands, France has voted to stay with the status quo. Read into that what you will.

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  • Scott says:

    Sad, but not surprising. The last time they actually stood up to anyone was during the American Revolution. Since then, they can’t seem to surrender fast enough..

  • VALman says:

    So, did France just elect Obama-Lite?

  • Scott says:

    I see what you did there…. I just can’t help hearing the Scotsman from the Simpsons, calling them ” Cheese eating surrender monkeys” … seems more appropriate than ever…

  • J Walter says:

    Wasn’t it misogyny to not elect the female?

  • Scott says:

    nope, but only because she was conservative… at least compared to maroon… oops, Macron

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