Focus Group Talks, Will DNC Listen? [VIDEO]

Focus Group Talks, Will DNC Listen? [VIDEO]

Focus Group Talks, Will DNC Listen? [VIDEO]

The Democrats have a ton of excuses for why Hillary Clinton lost the election. Hillary Clinton has excuses for why she lost the election – an election that conventional wisdom said was being handed to her on a silver platter. There’s a whole book out on why Hillary’s campaign collapsed. But the lack of real mea culpas from anyone in Democrat leadership is not playing very well on the street with Democrat voters. And a focus group on “Face The Nation” revealed that while there are huge (YUGE?) concerns about the Trump administration, there is deep distrust toward the DNC.

Focus group from Reading, Pa., assembled by Face The Nation (screenshot via YouTube)

JERRY: I think the Democrats, not only are they out of touch, they have no interest in correcting the situation. They’re not doing any post mortems. They’re writing off, “Well, we don’t own the White House because of Putin or because of WikiLeaks.” What did WikiLeaks tell us, by the way? They– regardless of who was behind it, they confirmed that Hillary Clinton and the Democratic establishment are liars. And that they had their thumb on the scale for– you know, for Hillary Clinton. Well, you know, so what are they basically saying? “If– if we hadn’t been caught lying, we’d be running the country right now.”

FRED: We’re in Reading, Pennsylvania. And what people out there might not know is Reading is one of the poorest cities in the entire country. One thing I know people in my city are thinking about, and it’s what this whole country’s thinking about, when people are polled, the number one issue is jobs and the economy. The people in Reading, you know, they want good jobs. And I think that’s one thing that the Democratic Party always talked about in the past. You know, they were supposed to be the party that represented the blue collar workers. And now, in this past election, you know, we didn’t hear anything about jobs. Trump was the one talking about jobs, about, you know, the outsourcing problem, bringing back jobs. And I think one thing that the Democrats are so out of touch with America about is that you ask Democrats about jobs and what their solution is, and they have two solutions. Number one is raise taxes on the rich which, honestly, that does not create jobs. And number two thing they say is, “We need to raise the minimum wage.” People in Redding, Pennsylvania and everywhere don’t wanna work at McDonald’s their entire life. My dad, when I was younger, told me, “When– you grow up, I want you to get an education. I want you to do well so you don’t need a $20 an hour factory job like I have.” And now, people are saying, “$20 an hour factory job? What even is that?

The long version of the focus group interview can be seen here.

There is a real message for both sides here (and if the heads of both the RNC and the DNC were smart, they would be watching the entire thing carefully), but while the group has specific concerns that they want President Trump to address, there is a real sense that the Democrats as a whole have fallen down on their faces, and created serious mistrust within longtime Democrat voters. Will the DNC heed the alarms that are being raised in this focus group? The odds of that happening are probably as high as Donald Trump forgetting his Twitter password.

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  • Scott says:

    I don’t think for a second that the demonrats will change, and there’s a couple reasons for that. First, because they’re too arrogant, and would rather just blame the republicans, but second, because of people like these in the focus group.! They talk about the party being out of touch, and not focusing on the right things, etc, but they still identify and vote as democraps. Until they are so unhappy with the party that the quit supporting it, the party will never change.

  • Rebecca says:

    Fred has a better grasp on economics than most Democrats currently in office.

    Fred 2020.

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