Fools And Money: Peter Strzok Is Raking In Cash Via GoFundMe

Fools And Money: Peter Strzok Is Raking In Cash Via GoFundMe

Fools And Money: Peter Strzok Is Raking In Cash Via GoFundMe

“A fool and his money are soon parted” must be the informal motto of GoFundMe, the website that allows regular people to “crowdfund” – meaning fundraise off anyone who clicks on their link – for many and various reasons. GoFundMe, of course, gets a percentage of the money raised, but allows most anything to be the subject of a fundraiser. Including fired FBI agents.

First it was Andrew McCabe, who ended up raising a cool half-million dollars before shutting down his GoFundMe “legal defense fund” after being fired. And now… Peter Strzok, within hours of being fired from the FBI, has his own Twitter account and a GoFundMe.

Yes, really.

As of Monday afternoon, the GoFundMe had already raised over $62,000.

Blah blah blah, Trump Russia political hit job, blah blah blah, if you don’t want to read the rest of this guy’s tweet thread. And behold, the fools appeared, their pockets laden with credit cards, which they did offer up to the Resistance in the form of donations to one skeevy creep.


This is just a straight up money grab for “legal costs and lost income.” And people are actually giving this guy money.


Welcome to 2018 – get fired, beg for money, watch the donations roll in. And send the lawyer out to still insist that your text messages don’t show bias.


The Resistance sure seems to be filled with rich fools, or at least fools who are willing to give away their money. I’m sure Peter Strzok and his wife (wouldn’t it be ironic if she divorced him now and took half this take?) appreciate the Resistance’s gullibility. I’m just glad that he is no longer getting taxpayer money to be a smarmy, lying weasel.

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  • GWB says:

    allows most anything to be the subject of a fundraiser
    Well, they supposedly exclude anything related to an actual crime. And they have shut down all sorts of legal defense funds. Of course, they won’t shut down this one. Or any of the others that defend the right kind of people. (I think they did shut down the one for Defense Distributed, despite it not being related to an actual crime.)

    “Peter Strzok is a proud husband…”
    Yeah, that one got me, too. Oy vey, what a schmuck.

    I can’t fault the business model, except on a moral level. But what a bunch of maroons to actually fund it. These are the same people who buy organic wasp sting extract to cure their freckles or such crap.
    Or, they’re just people with more money than morals, who actually want to “stick it to the right!” or something.
    No matter which group they’re in, they’ll still be the first up against the wall when their side takes over.

  • doc says:

    Whata scummy scrounge- dam dum dems will support him!

  • catherine says:

    SCARY photo! he has to pay taxes on the money. Maybe!

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