The Hypocrisy of the NFL’s Raised Fist and Kneeling Players

The Hypocrisy of the NFL’s Raised Fist and Kneeling Players

The Hypocrisy of the NFL’s Raised Fist and Kneeling Players

The formerly great and glorious National Football League has begun, and as surely as kick offs follow touchdowns, the protests have begun. Some players raised their fists and some players knelt down. Most players either stood for the National Anthem or stayed in their respective locker rooms. I am not going to relitigate that this is a work place issue and not a First Amendment issue. Instead, I am going to call these athletes out for their hypocrisy.

Imagine that you are that you are an elite athlete. You are one of the .09 percent of high school and college football players that actually make it to the NFL. Your salary is only average; you ONLY make 1.9 million dollars a year. You are passionately committed to exposing police brutality and the shooting deaths of people born the same race you were. So are so passionate about this outrage that during the playing of your country’s National Anthem that you have raised a fist or taken a knee.

What do you do in the NFL off-season to bring awareness and change to this situation? How do you use your giant megaphone and your elite status?

The silence is deafening.

On August 11, 2018, the police urged fans not to buy tickets to the Dolphins games after players Kenny Stills and Albert Wilson took a knee during the National Anthem. From CBS Sports:

A day after two Dolphins players knelt during the national anthem of their preseason opener to protest social injustice, police officers in South Florida have been encouraged by their unions to not buy Dolphins tickets.

“The Broward County PBA recently offered our members discounts to a Miami Dolphins game because that franchise said they were going to honor all First Responders,” the Broward County Police Benevolent Association said in a statement posted to Facebook. “We entered into this partnership with the understanding that the Dolphins organization would require their players to stand for the national anthem. This did not happen at last night’s preseason game against Tampa Bay.

According to the “Palm Beach Post”, Stills spends his every free moment seeing to “the betterment of South Florida’s youth.” Well done.

Kenny Stills did not use his status to talk to local police even. I bet he could have gotten in to see Florida’s Governor or even President Donald J. Trump.

Robert Quinn of the Dolphins raised his fist. And, speaking of raised fists, let’s talk about Malcolm Jenkins of the Philadelphia Eagles. Raised fists are such a violent gesture. I hate to see anyone doing it. Communists, Feminists or elite athletes. You can read about the long history of raised fists here.

According to, Mr. Jenkins spent his off-season working with the Players Coalition, which he helped to found. The NFL committed to up to $89 million over seven years to help the Players Coalition end racial inequality or police shootings or whatever. I wouldn’t hold my breath. This sounds like one big circle jerk. Did Jenkins go to visit the Governor of Pennsylvania or President Donald J. Trump? Nope.

The hypocrisy of these people is as elite as their athletic status. They are getting huge amounts of Social Justice cred and at the same time killing their source of income. Go right ahead guys and keep raising your fists and kneeling. Baseball could really become America’s sport again and y’all might be able to buy tickets.

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  • GWB says:

    Some players raised their fists
    Which everyone seems to forget is a symbol of brutal communist revolutionaries. The blacks who adopted it initially were actually communists. It’s continued use as a symbol of “black power” is tainted with that origin.

    You are passionately committed to exposing police brutality and the shooting deaths of people born the same race you were.
    Except they aren’t. They’re committed to asserting “police brutality” where none exists (and generally ignoring what of it actually does) and to claiming they care about blacks shot to death (and mostly ignoring the actual epidemic where it does exist).

    They are virtue signaling. That is all.
    They aren’t doing anything about what they claim to be such a huge problem because… there isn’t really a problem there. At least not the one they’re aiming themselves at. But, that’s a lot easier virtue-signaling because it is acceptable (to the right crowd) and no hard work is required. Actually affecting the Chicago shootings and murders? Oooh, that would mean actually doing something and maybe ending up rejected by the all-so-important lefty party set.

    I haven’t really been interested in the NFL since Landry retired. But these idiots just make it worth 0.00% of my time.

  • Thomas says:

    I think someone rewrote the definition at the end of your link. Sounds pretty neutered now.

    • GWB says:

      Yeah, no mention of it being a communist assertion of power. (Nor of its similarity to the open-hand NAZI version.)

  • JohnTyler says:

    I await somebody, anybody asking these millionaire football players which specific policy/policies of Trump they find objectionable; to cite just one instance of Trump making a racist comment; to cite one instance of Trump actually engaging in or ordering some sort of racist action.

    I await someone asking their opinion of the record low unemployment rates amongst blacks and hispanics which are demonstrably the result of Trump’s policies; perhaps these moron players can tell us why that is so objectionable.

    These players – a bunch of phonies, hypocrites and yes, ignorant and arrogant – could pool some of their millions of $$$$ and petition and agitate that other millionaire/billionaires do likewise to fund and open up “charter” type schools within the inner cities.
    At least it would be a step in the right direction.
    Of course, this will never happen.
    The liberal progressive mindset – that is, ideology is all that matters – not results nor actually DOING something that produces real results, prevents these ignorant and arrogant millionaires from doing anything of substance to address problems within “their” community.

    Frankly, it’s about time that these football players, along with their like minded pals in the KKK, the American Nazi Party, ANTIFA, BLM, the Workers Socialist Party, the CPUSA , etc., – and those that FUND THEM (Soros, Steyer, et. al.) be stripped of their US citizenship, DEPORTED and never again allowed into the USA.

    This should be a welcome policy for these folks; after all they despise everything about this nation and their hatred and contempt for the USA is so profound it surely would be a welcome opportunity for them to live somewhere they will be happy.

    • GWB says:

      open up “charter” type schools within the inner cities
      It would only work if they didn’t allow the progressive education demagogues to run them.

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