FLOTUS in Seattle: Closed Viaduct, Closed Minds

FLOTUS in Seattle: Closed Viaduct, Closed Minds

FLOTUS in Seattle: Closed Viaduct, Closed Minds

Melania Trump has embarked on her first solo tour of sorts to promote her “Be Best” Campaign with stops in Tulsa, Las Vegas and Seattle.

The “Be Best” campaign focuses on three pillars: Well-Being, Social Media and Opioid Abuse. Today, Mrs. Trump traveled to Redmond, Washington to Microsoft to discuss online safety measures the tech giant has put in place for children.

Despite a well-meaning Mrs. Trump, she was met with a chilly reception from Seattle residents. Yeah, we know. Big surprise from the state bringing us our useless governor and now Presidential hopeful, Jay Inslee and the so infamous that it’s not even comical anymore corrupt local city council of Seattle.

But yes, Seattleites, let’s roll out the red carpet of insults, shall we?

Rumored former escort? How many male callers will she be seeing? I saw a few Facebook posts where individuals resorted to flat out vulgarity with words not fit to print here. These are the same people who are “pro-women”-trashing a woman. Let’s think about that for a moment here.

Here we go with the children at the border bit. Perhaps in order to help those from other countries trying to come here for a better life, we need to focus on the kids who actually live here first? Just a wild shot in the dark here. More hostility:

Real constructive. Thanks for that. And this:

Oh, how quickly they forget!

Michelle Obama took a trip with friends to Spain’s luxury Costa del Sol in 2010 at a time when the U.S. unemployment rate was 9.5% on the way to 9.8%.

On a one-day, side-trip to visit two shrines in Kyoto while in Japan, Michelle Obama’s party incurred almost $79,000 in expenses just for rental cars. What was she there to promote? Education for girls. (Lots of tuition right there.)

On a trip to Northern Ireland, Michelle Obama took her daughters on a side trip to Dublin. That side-trip alone cost U.S. taxpayers a quarter-million dollars, including a $3,300-a-night hotel suite of the sort Mrs. Obama prefers. The Obamas’ Ireland trip set us back just under $8 million. When she and the Obama girls toured Beijing, they stayed at the Westin in a suite costing $8,400 per night-a price deemed too expensive for Vice President Joe Biden to use.-Investor’s Business Daily

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg as far as former FLOTUS, Michelle O is concerned. We didn’t even mention the skiing trips to Colorado, the multiple jaunts to Martha’s Vineyard, the frequent trips to Hawaii and the regular high-end shopping excursions. Journalists will continue to throw in little jabs like “she was met with little fanfare” and point out Melania’s stilettos every chance they get and Seattle liberals want to complain about a three-day trip costing taxpayers money?!

Whether one is a fan of her husband or not, FLOTUS deserves a chance and a platform to try and do the right thing. Instead of standing up for her despite the “misogynist-sexist-bigot” she is married to (so much for “believing all women”), these people are making fun of her accent, calling her illiterate, a glorified call-girl and making accusations that she had an “anchor baby” to stay in this country. They like to bring up photos of the past and all of sudden, they are the moral authority on nude photos and the like. In the meantime, they’re totally okay with killing a perfectly viable child because raising one is inconvenient. They’re perfectly okay with sexual freedom and confusion thrown at their Kindergarteners. They’re okay with the crap hole some parts of Seattle have become because of liberal progressive policies and government. Melania Trump’s past is just that. It’s in the past. If Mrs. Trump lays low because of criticism, she is an “irrelevant FLOTUS”. If she tries to venture out and actually do something, she is still an “irrelevant FLOTUS”. There is no winning for Melania. Personally, tackling opioid addiction in families and cyber-safety for kids in this day and age is a reality and a huge undertaking. I would venture to say that these issues honestly impact more children than they are aware of in their world. They will continue to pine away for the days when Michelle Obama appeared on Sesame Street to tell their kids that her disgusting school lunches were good for them. Michelle always knew what was best. After all, people are knuckleheads.

Personally, I wish FLOTUS all the luck in the world with her Be Best Campaign and hope she proves the haters wrong. Do it in your stilettos, Melania. We’re rooting for you. And Seattle, you really were not your BEST today. The Alaskan Way Viaduct may be closed and so are your minds.

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  • Scott says:

    The Mooch was a true disgrace as FLOTUS.. she and her kids wasted more taxpayer money than any other in memory, and is probably tied with Hitlery for the worst of all time. She did nothing of value, and took maximum advantage of living in the Whitehouse and having the “little people ” pay for everything. She’s not fit to carry Melania’s handbag! The current FLOTUS is a true lady, not the barely literate racist that her predecessor is.

  • GWB says:

    I wonder how much of her trip is paid for out of private funds? The Donald, at least, seems to enjoy paying for things out of his own wallet.

    • Scott says:

      That is possible GWB… of course, we know that not a dime was out of pocket for the previous FLOTUS, her and her husband in the mom jeans ensured that we the taxpayers were stuck with the tab for ALL of it!

  • Ralph R Jaeger says:

    Seattle seems to have become an appendage of San Fran Freakshow,more like Stalingrad on the Puget! The FLOTUS would be best advised to burn her shoes after her visit!

    • Larry says:

      Fools repeat a lie in the hope that eventually others will believe their lie. This makes more FOOLS. Don’t believe the lie. Have enough horse sense to avoid this kind of brainwashing. YES, I’m referring to the idea that SOCIALISM will carry your burdens for you (with FREE education, health care, food, clothing, a phone, and MONEY for nothin’). Are you that lazy that “something for nothing” will allow you to feel ANY sense of self worth? Do you really think that you need no sense of the satisfaction that comes by CONTRIBUTING to your fellow citizens? Do you just want to have your fellow citizens to contribute to YOU? The word SELFISH should be POUNDING in your mind until you “get it”.

  • MaryRose says:

    Well written! I am completely exhausted over the treatment of our First Lady! I guess it’s fine to write such vitriol, since she is the wife of President Trump! They have no problem flinging disgusting, sexist comments about her all the time! These are the same Pro Women, #MeToo people! I gather none of them own mirrors…

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