Flake Flipped: Arizona Senate Race Called for Democrat Kyrsten Sinema

Flake Flipped: Arizona Senate Race Called for Democrat Kyrsten Sinema

Flake Flipped: Arizona Senate Race Called for Democrat Kyrsten Sinema

I’m not suggesting anything nefarious in Arizona, but I am wondering this: Why is it that nearly every time—if not ALL of the time— “found” votes are counted in a close election, it’s the Democrat who emerges the “victor?”

Well, it happened again last evening in Arizona (twice, in fact, and trending toward a third: the crucial secretary of state’s office currently held by a Republican) where soon-to-be former Congresswoman Martha McSally was trying to fill the seat being vacated by Jeff Flake. She failed. The race was called last night for the woman who referred to our activity-duty military as “terrorists,” thinks joining the Taliban is just fine, and believes stay-at-home moms are leaches.

Yes, the Stepford Wife who parades herself around the state pretending she’s a moderate will become Senator Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) next year. And she’s the first Democrat to be elected in a statewide race in Arizona since 1988. Cue the frothing liberal media:

Pardon me while I gag. This is her resume? Over that of a woman who served her country as the first female combat fighter pilot? Oh, and number six is likely bunk, lady. But if we repeat it enough times…

Maybe McSally could unearth some votes over in Broward County, Florida…

The good news—if there is any—is that she’ll be in the minority in the U.S. Senate. Yes, she’ll be a good little “resister,” and likely do whatever Chuck Schumer tells her to do (and, I suspect, willingly), lest she be relegated to the proverbial back of the bus. But she’ll be in the minority nonetheless—as will half the voters in Arizona now—where she can’t do too much damage, other than to continue the Democrats’ obstruction on quelling the utter invasion occurring at our southern border. Heck, maybe she’ll head on down there in her feather boa and pink kitty hat pearls and lace and hand out pre-filled voter registration cards.


She’s a class act. And the superior candidate. But…

…really? So our military are no longer “terrorists,” Kyrsten?


It’s poetic justice, perhaps, that Jeff Flake, who’s been a thorn in the side of this president since before the 2016 election, will be replaced by a pink-tutued version of himself. Where a Senator McSally would have been an ally to President Trump and his America-first agenda, I predict Senator Sinema will continue Flake’s pain-in-the-assery for the foreseeable future.

And it makes me sad.

I lived in Arizona for years, about 90 miles from Phoenix. It was a respite from California, the state of my birth, which I fled in my late twenties. But its demographics look to be changing; I saw it happening way back before 2000 when my family left for employment near the People’s Republic of Portland, Oregon. So it’s no surprise to me, really, that Arizona’s congressional map now looks like this:

Arizona congressional map post-2018 midterms (Photo Credit: Screenshot New York Times)

Yet how do changing demographics explain the wide disparity between the Arizona governor’s race and the senate race? How does the state overwhelmingly re-elect its Republican governor, yet replace its Republican (sort of) senator with this trainwreck?

It breaks my heart. The West, once wild and free and inviting to those of us who value freedom, is quickly being consumed by liberalism (aka: totalitarianism these days), whether by transplant, or by the liberalism that dominates education just about everywhere, or by the influx of brand new Undocumented Democrats who have no allegiance to our country.

And it could happen again. And soon. Why? Because Republican Jon Kyl, appointed by Governor Doug Ducey to fill the seat left vacant by John McCain’s death, may only serve until the end of the 115th Congress, which ends on January 3, 2019. The question is: should he decide to retire before the special election to replace John McCain, who would fill the seat now held by Kyle? While the seat is safe until then, the possibilities are disconcerting for the eventual special election. And something tells me the Democrats will find themselves another Kyrsten Sinema-slash-Beto O’Rourke of the West, a shiny, grinning, skateboarding progressive (that’s a fancy word for “communist”) who’ll say all the right things to all the right people. So the Republicans had best recruit themselves someone who can compete with that, because another loss could spell disaster for Arizona. And for the country at large.

So you’d best get your house in order, GOP, because while I hate to admit it, Karl Rove is right.


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  • windbag says:

    Does a win like this signal that we’ve lost the culture war? Or does it validate Sinema’s sentiment that Arizona really is the meth lab of America? I’m guessing things will get crazier before they get better, especially the next four years. The next two election cycles will release the crazy even more than this time.

    • Micha Elyi says:

      Trumpists are again stoned in the political “meth lab of America”–Arizona.

      Hey, Trumpists, you Flaked out and got Sinema. Hah ha. And your hatred of House Speaker Paul Ryan was so irrational that you forced him out and got Nancy Pelosi (D-Immigrant from Maryland) in. Doubly funny is hearing all you Trumpists try to spin your bungles as some sort of yuuge political opportunity for you Orange Weasels. Hah ha hah ha.

      Remember kids, Trump is a RINO. Always has been–unless he was being an overt Democrat.

  • SFC D says:

    Watch closely, America. You will not see Arizona conservatives weeping and wailing over Sinema’s victory, you will see no claims of “election PTSD” or a need for safe spaces and therapy animals. What you will see is unhappy conservatives picking themselves up, dusting themselves off (ok, in my case, there was a short burst of inappropriate language when the results were announced), and getting back to work. Expect to see changes in the Republican party leadership and organization. Folks ain’t happy, but life will go on.

    • Kathy says:

      I`m still expressing inappropriate language to myself. No short burst here. Dusting off and getting on with life as you say, but with AZ, TX Cruz vote being so close, and the Florida mess, I am still not happy.

  • George V says:

    Hmmm… any chance that Arizona just really, really, really wants a flake for one of their Senators?

  • Bill Cook says:

    Keep counting votes till the dem wins.

  • Og says:

    Let’s be clear. This is an own goal again be people who were rabid anti-anti Trumpers. Flake had almost half his base incited against him because he wasn’t pro Trump even though he voted with Trump’s team most of the time.

    If Trump could have ignored the personal affronts and said he disagrees with Flake but we’re ultimately in the same team, Flake likely wouldn’t have felt he needed to resign. With a huge portion of his base actively opposed to a man who voted for their policies 99% of the time, they stupidly got someone who will vote against them 100% of the time instead.

    Trump thinks his enemies are anyone that doesn’t show fealty to him — not to the conservative principles. Flake may have tried not to come down as a hard core conservative rhetorically in the same way Obama tried to avoid hard core liberal rhetoric on many issues; but they both voted/governed inline with their party.

    That’s politics and how you attract votes in the middle. The Trump anomaly can’t work in every state where you play his political game, and we certainly don’t want it to. So now Arizona shot themselves in the foot and hurt the county in the process. Good job guys and xerls.

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