Fetterman: No School Vouchers For You, Pennsylvania

Fetterman: No School Vouchers For You, Pennsylvania

Fetterman: No School Vouchers For You, Pennsylvania

To say, Pennsylvania Senate hopeful, John Fetterman, is opposed to school choice and the voucher program and is in bed with teachers’ unions would not be a shocker. But, like the typical Democrat leftist he is, the self-proclaimed hero of the progressives sends his kids to private school.

Say it isn’t so!! The “champion” of the people of Braddock, Pennsylvania opposes private-school vouchers for poor families. But yet, he wants the “marginalized” to vote for him because he will fight for these Pennsylvania communities:

“You can have my pop, Mr. Fetterman, I’d vote for you,” says this kid. And, John Fetterman, “weary” from the “fight” for the Senate seat, not only takes this kid’s pop, he takes away his opportunity.

All while he, the Senate hopeful, sends his kids to The Winchester Thurston School, a private school in Pittsburgh that charges up to $34,250 for a “dynamic” learning environment and an “innovative” approach to teaching. Hell, they even have their own Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee!

As a means to fulfill our credo, ‘Think also of the comfort and the rights of others,’ Winchester Thurston will be an inclusive community and will pursue the social and pedagogical benefits that diversity brings.

We will place the highest value on enabling students to understand their own identity and those of others.

It is our moral imperative to be courageous and intentional in promoting understanding, addressing bias, identifying and honoring qualities of justice, respecting multiple perspectives and contributions, and valuing the dignity of all.”-winchesterthurston.org

Sidebar: Wowza. Libs love the word pedagogy. They also love to talk about how it is their moral imperative to (AHEM)-force their values on someone else. They don’t care about multiple perspectives. “We are Winchester Thurston and we are DIVERSE,” they’ll say. Unlike those bigots down the street. And, here’s another line I love that adorns the hallways of primary schools, “WE ARE GOING TO COLLEGE!”

Now, there is nothing wrong with instilling big dreams in the minds of our kiddos in those early, fundamental years. But, let’s now get back to the reality of the opportunities that will be given to the Winchester Thurston kid versus one of the kids in the neighboring (failing) public school system.

Back to John Fetterman: his kids? They will get these opportunities. The kids in the surrounding communities in Pennsylvania Fetterman pretends to care about? Not so much. Why? Because Fetterman is in-bed with, (no surprise), the teachers’ union:

In the Senate, John Fetterman will be a champion for America’s students and Pennsylvania’s working families. He is someone who knows how critical it is to ensure that every student — Black and white, native and newcomer, Latino and Asian, rural, suburban, and urban alike — has access to quality public schools. Fetterman has a proven record of partnering with parents and educators to ensure all students — no matter their ZIP code or background — have the freedom and opportunity to achieve their dreams.

And in the Senate, John Fetterman will continue helping level the playing field for working families, while getting things done to help students, educators, and families across Pennsylvania, which is why the National Education Association is proud to recommend him to be the next senator from the Keystone State.”The Pennsylvania State Education Association

Why does Fetterman oppose the school voucher program? Because children should be attending public schools. Just not your children, right, John? If Fetterman’s students did not attend private school, they otherwise would be going to schools in Woodland Hills School District, where graduation rates are far below the state average.

I mean, let’s really talk about leveling the playing field, as the teachers’ union claims John Fetterman would do. Take a look at Winchester Thurston’s matriculated list and you’ll see names like Columbia, Cornell, MIT, Princeton and UC Berkeley. You get the drift. These kids have promise. Going to college is their reality. Compare this with the Woodland Hills School District where minority enrollment is 80% and 68.6% of students are economically disadvantaged. What is their reality after graduating from a sub-par public school system? For that kid, maybe a blue collar job in Pittsburgh but it sure as hell ain’t Princeton.

While the graduates of the Woodland Hills School district will go on to work and barely make their rent, they will be taxed into oblivion to pay for the little rich kids of Winchester Thurston, who went on pursue useless Gender Studies and Poli-Sci degrees from Columbiuh or some other Ivy League university where they will take the spot of some kid from a marginalized neighborhood. The kid from the disadvantaged upbringing and neighborhood could possibly run circles in terms of intellect and talent around any of those spoiled brats sitting in these lecture halls will not get this opportunity thanks to elitists like John Fetterman.

Rumor has it that Fetterman’s trust fund from his mommy and daddy afford him the ability to send his kiddos off to (bottom-teeth out) Winchester Thurston. But, John Fetterman, is a real “man of the people” in his basketball shorts, sweatshirt and tattoos, “fighting” for Pennsylvania and evening-out the playing field by opposing school vouchers.

I wish Fetterman, like all other progressive elites, would shove their Coke bottles and silver spoons where the sun doesn’t shine.

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