FBI Director James Comey Tries To Defend Integrity Of Clinton Email Probe And Fails [VIDEOS]

FBI Director James Comey Tries To Defend Integrity Of Clinton Email Probe And Fails [VIDEOS]

FBI Director James Comey Tries To Defend Integrity Of Clinton Email Probe And Fails [VIDEOS]

FBI Director Comey isn’t having a very good day. This morning he appeared in front of Congress to answer additional questions concerning the FBI’s investigation of Hillary Clinton’s emails. We covered his previous appearance and other parts of the story here, here, and here.


Sure there are those, including Hillary and ALL the Democrats on the committee who’d like to see this go away. Far far away. But it shouldn’t. Chairman Bob Goodlatte’s (R-VA) opening statement sets the tone.

It seems clear that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton committed multiple felonies involving the passing of classified information through her private email server. The FBI, however, declined to refer the case for prosecution on some very questionable bases. This past Friday afternoon, the FBI released additional investigative documents from the Clinton investigation, which demonstrate, among other things, that more than 100 of the emails on Secretary Clinton’s private server contained classified information, and that emails required to be preserved under Federal law were in fact destroyed.

For Director Comey, things went downhill from there. Understandably he was asked questions pertaining to Friday’s last minute document dump. The one that brought to light the following facts that move beyond troubling to “WHY AREN’T THEY IN JAIL??!!”

  1. Bryan Pagliano actually warned Cheryl Mills of concerns that bathroom system just might not comply with records laws. Obviously Mills didn’t care
  2. In Friday night’s dump we find out that Hillary DELETED (BleachBit maybe?) nearly 1,000 emails work-related emails between her and David Petraeus. During that time period she was Sec of State and Petraeus was head of CIA. NOT. GOOD.
  3. State Department employees were coerced into hiding the fact that classified info was making its way into Hillary’s unsecured private emails.
  4. Hillary’s pal Cheryl Mills was granted immunity, Platte River Networks discussed the Hillary cover-up operation, officials didn’t want to classify anything regarding Benghazi
  5. Blumenthal was involved up to his eyeballs, there’s a missing thumb drive, and more.

Of course, one of the most eyebrow raising pieces of information involves the fact that the President had his OWN sneaky email address and was communicating with Hillary the entire time!

Understandably today’s testimony from Comey wasn’t fun nor pretty. It got heated a time or two, but we learned a few important things.

  • It was the DOJ who granted the immunity to Mills and others, NOT the FBI
  • Monica Hanley was a “confidential” Clinton aide who found blackberries for Hillary, lost documents in Russia, gave a laptop to Platte River Networks that the FBI still can’t find, and conveniently ‘lost’ a thumb drive somewhere.
  • The FBI knew about the Reddit Stone Tear posts and won’t do a thing about it.
  • Hillary brought NINE attorneys to the FBI interview
  • If Hillary was an employee at the FBI, she would be disciplined but not fired because…double standards!
  • Comey testified that the FBI won’t reopen the investigation

That’s not all.

How about this little gem?

Paging David Petraeus. He knew that passing classified information or leaving it in the open was verboten under Obama’s own Executive Order – EO 13526, but did it anyway and got caught. So, now that Comey says the above, Petraeus might want a redo.

Problem is, the investigation SHOULD be reopened. Especially now that we find out, due to a Daily Caller exclusive, that Hillary NEVER attended nor completed the mandated Department of State security training for handling classified information (SCI)!! Because she didn’t, she shouldn’t have a security clearance at ALL. Seriously, if your blood pressure can handle it, read the entire article here.

Did FBI Director James Comey have a good day? No he certainly did not. Does he wish that people would quit second guessing their investigation and quit wondering who is actually pulling the strings on this? I bet he does.

For those who are all in for Hillary but hold major security clearances of your own, ask yourself this. What do you think would happen to YOU if you tried the same things that Hillary and her cadre did? If you answer anything other than suspension, fines, potential jail, security clearances revoked, then you have only yourselves to blame if she gets elected next month.

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    Just don’t call him a weasel. Okay, how about snake, skunk, ratfink, louse, sleazeball, slimeball, backstabber, and bastard?

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