Hillary Clinton’s Celebrity Sideshow: Step Right Up, Don’t Be Shy!

Hillary Clinton’s Celebrity Sideshow: Step Right Up, Don’t Be Shy!

Hillary Clinton’s Celebrity Sideshow: Step Right Up, Don’t Be Shy!

Sometimes I feel as if I have walked into an alternate reality. Up on the Presidential debate stage we have a businessman-reality star and a woman who is shrill, abrasive and has gotten away with illegal activities that would have any of us locked up for life. She yells at her supporters one day for not being up in the polls and comes off as calm, cool and collected and “ready for the job” after being hurled softballs by a moderator during her first debate. We hear she is “the qualified one.” “She is ready to be President.” “This is her time”.

The star-studded three-ring circus continues. First, there was the “Between Two Ferns” interview with Zach Galifianakis who looked like he couldn’t even bother to take a shower to interview his candidate:

CNN claimed it was hilarious. Hillar-y-ous, they said.

Just the other day, pop-tart, celebrity-twit and Hillary supporter, Katy Perry “starred” (I use the term loosely because “starred” would require some acting talent) in this “funny” video:

Her mom and dad must be proud, the Luxurious-Destination-Conferencing-Hollywood evangelicals that they are (another topic for another time). But judge not, lest we be judged, right? Forget it! I’m judging. Bad acting, messy hair, no clothes and PERFECTLY ASKEW eyeliner. Oh, and did we mention an ever-so slight jab at law enforcement? They had to throw that in there.

In another bizarre celebrity endorsement (?) we now have Mary J. Blige singing to and holding hands with Hillary Clinton. Behold, the awkward exchange:

Blige borrowed the lyrics from Bruce Springsteen’s (yeah, I know) song “American Skin (41 Shots)”.

“If an officer stops you, always be polite. And never, ever run away.
Promise mama you’ll keep your hands in sight.
Is it a gun? Is it a knife? Is it a wallet?
This is your life.
It ain’t no secret. It ain’t no secret.
No secret my friend; you can get killed just for living in your American skin.”

The video was released to promote Blige’s new show with Apple Music, “The 411.”

The comments in Twitter Land were plentiful:

“I just want to know, where do we go from here?”-Mary J. Blige

Where DO we go from here? I’m not sure if I can find my way out. It seems as though we as a country have journeyed into the Twilight Zone this election season. Perhaps I just don’t “get it” like our intellectual carnies who take up space and airtime do. I don’t see the “ironic” humor (as they like to call it) of making light of Clinton’s e-mail scandal or disarmament of citizens. I don’t understand the how a pop artist (who should stick to singing) using her body to get votes for her candidate of choice is empowering to women. In fact, it’s quite the contradiction-and that in and of itself is funny. And Mary J. just reaching over and grabbing Clinton’s hand in a gesture that clearly was not welcome? Well, that was just awkward!

The shining city upon a hill has turned into something that would rival Ringling Brothers. What’s next in this circus sideshow? Kissing her ring in a Godfather parody? Kneeling before Queen Hillary whilst she rolls her eyes? Washing her feet? Step right up, folks! Don’t be shy!

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