Fauci Says Two Masks, CNBC Says Why Not More?

Fauci Says Two Masks, CNBC Says Why Not More?

Fauci Says Two Masks, CNBC Says Why Not More?

News flash! Dr. Anthony Fauci is not only the wisest doctor to have ever lived, and is the highest paid federal employee currently on record, but he thinks two masks are better than one.

Remember how President Trump was the worst president ever whenever he contradicted Dr. Fauci, and then when Team Biden put out their amazingly huge whopper that they were “starting from scratch” on vaccine distribution and Fauci corrected them, the press scolded the Biden administration for not agreeing with the holy Fauci? Yeah, that didn’t happen.

Well, now Fauci is out with yet another brilliant solution to defeat COVID-19. The man who once saiddon’t wear masks” because he was lying in order to make sure there were enough masks for front-line workers, is now saying that wearing TWO masks might be the most bestest idea EVAR.

Oh. Really.

And then CNBC took the inevitable next step. If TWO masks are better than one, then why not THREE?

Breathing is definitely overrated.

I mean, why not go for spacesuits? We now require everyone to wear a pressure suit, oxygen tank, and full shielded space helmet. Or maybe we should get government-issued gas masks? Where does this stop???

This is the same logic that has economic illiterates saying that we should raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour to give people a “living wage.” But if $15 is good, then why not $30? Why not $100 per hour? Wouldn’t that just eliminate poverty instantly if the minimum wage was $100 an hour? (Yes, this is sarcasm.)

Back to my earlier question: where does this stop? The answer: it doesn’t. This does not stop. There are people out there who will slap on three masks, I’m sure. There are “experts” out there who are insisting that people should continue to “mask up” even after you are fully (both shots given) vaccinated. “What about the new variants? What if you can carry and pass on the virus?” Well, the new variants are a thing, but you are still talking about the same coronavirus at the base. For its part, Moderna is confident that their vaccine will remain effective against the variants. And as for carrying and passing on the virus once vaccinated? Why would COVID-19 be different than any other virus that we currently vaccinate for? Does anyone remember delivering homework to a classmate who had chicken pox? After all, once you have either had the virus or had the vaccine, you are immune. Or at least as immune as the vaccine can make you. We don’t worry about this during measles outbreaks – and measles is so much more contagious than COVID has ever been. Even a more contagious version of COVID-19 still won’t come close to how fast-spreading measles can be. Have we ever been asked to do anything more than simply be immunized during a measles outbreak?

With the advent of effective vaccines, this should refocus the real debate. This is not about science. This is about control. This is about someone like Dr. Fauci, who has admitted to lying to the American public, still being held up as the utmost authority about health, life, death, and COVID. Why is that?

Oh, yes, because the media still hate the Bad Orange Man more than they respect actual science. And that means that whatever Fauci says will still be held up as absolute truth. At least, for now, unless he makes Joe Biden look bad. After all, protecting Biden is still the media’s absolute top priority, and if Fauci gets in the way of that, then out in the cold he will go.

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Featured image: Dr. Anthony Fauci at a press briefing, March 31, 2020 (Official White House Photo by Andrea Hanks, public domain)

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  • John Wilson says:

    Fauci’s best eaten by date is past.

  • Robin H says:

    Cases go up, so we have to wear a mask. Cases continue to go up so now we need 2 masks. And when they continue to go up will it be 3? And it’s always blamed on the few people who don’t wear them, as if they are contaminating the world. Never do they question whether the masks actually work at all. But science.
    I’m really afraid this will never end. I was hoping that when Biden got (s)elected the usefulness of the virus would be done and it would miraculously disappear. They seem to just be ramping up.

  • “What if you can carry and pass on the virus?”

    When I posted elsewhere that the “asymptomatic transmission” scare is bogus, one fool brought up Typhoid Mary.

    Typhoid Mary IS the poster child for asymptomatic transmission – only because there were not a million other Typhoid Marys wandering the world. Nor a million Typhoid Pauls, or a million Typhoid Peters… (The highest estimate for asymptomatic typhoid carriers was 400.)

    The chance of your running into a person that is contagious without symptoms is one in several million. Much less that you will pick up a sufficient viral load from that person to trigger an infection of your own. (Mary and her few fellow “unclean” only passed on typhoid in the places where they worked long hours in close quarters.)

  • Quentin Q Quill says:

    I see our Lil’ Victory Girl Deanna was a diligent lil’ worker and earned her social media certificate of mastery in epidemiology and virology. Congratulations on your accomplishment. Your arrogant ignorance is something to behold.

  • 370H55V says:

    In Fauci’s case, one for each face.

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  • […] read that correctly. As states, the federal government, and woke corporations jump back into the Mask On! even if one has been vaccinated, people started searching for the data to back this […]

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