Father Of “Brandon” Norad Incident Says It Was A Joke

Father Of “Brandon” Norad Incident Says It Was A Joke

Father Of “Brandon” Norad Incident Says It Was A Joke

So, it was a joke? The father on the Norad “Let’s Go Brandon” call with President Grandpa Joe and Dr Phd Jill Biden now says that his utterance was a joke. A jest.

A Central Point father of four who wished President Joe Biden and the first lady a wonderful Christmas and added “Let’s go, Brandon,” at the end of a live streamed Santa tracker call told The Oregonian/OregonLive that he didn’t intend his parting message to be vulgar.

“At the end of the day, I have nothing against Mr. Biden, but I am frustrated because I think he can be doing a better job,” said Jared Schmeck, 35, who works for an electric company and was previously a Medford police officer for six years until he resigned in July 2018. “I mean no disrespect to him.”

This comes after a massive media and political pile on. Reuters got into the lead very quickly by immediately describing his utterance as “vulgar.” 

A vulgar anti-Biden slogan made for an awkward moment on Friday during President Joe Biden’s phone calls with children tracking Santa’s flight when a father said, “Let’s Go Brandon.”

The refrain, a sanitized version of “Fuck Joe Biden,” has been an internet sensation since a television journalist told race car driver Brandon Brown that a NASCAR crowd shouting the vulgarity was actually saying, “Let’s go Brandon.”

First, I’m absolutely amazed that the powers that be at Reuters allowed this article to air with the F**K word actually used. Secondly, watch for the stealth edit of the same. Third, with the use of the word vulgar, it was the impetus for the political leftist chattering class to leap on the DOX and CANCEL him bandwagon. Which led to NBC News followed Reuter’s lead and said this was a horrible slur. 

Politicians jumped on the bandwagon as well. 

Oh for Pete’s sake, can we just get OFF of the angst and virtue signaling about Joe losing his wife and daughter three + decades ago?? The Biden family is using their loss as a political bludgeon and I am tired of it. Furthermore, this “Let’s Go Brandon” joke incident has NOTHING to do with that tragedy. 

Let’s roll the tape shall we?

I’ll admit it. I giggled at this. A phrase that has become part of pop culture in a very short period of time. A phrase that even the guy who unwittingly is part of the phenomenon, Brandon Brown himself, admits he agrees with the frustrations many Americans are feeling regarding gas prices, inflation, and pretty much everything the Biden Administration does and doesn’t do. 

Yet we are supposed to believe that this was a vulgar slur. I mean, HOW DARE HE??!! 

Do I think that perhaps he shouldn’t have said it? Yes, the well-mannered part of me does. However, the rest of me says, 1st Amendment! Therefore, in order to make our displeasure known regarding policies, why not take the chance when the opportunity presents itself? 

Thanks to an NBC reporter, and a complicit media, people are now using “Let’s Go Brandon” as both a joke and a point. 

The point is, as we’ve said multiple times, the political betters are ignoring us Deplorables. They are not only ignoring us, they are vilifying us. Yet, the joke is on them. By hook, crook, and shenanigans due to THEIR games, we have Joe Biden as President. 

In less than a year’s time we have gone from a thriving economy to an inflation-driven one. In less than a year we’ve gone from approximately $2.50 per gallon of gas to $3.25-5 a gallon. Our national security is at risk, our foreign policy is in a shambles, our military is being told they need to go Woke. Furthermore, the lockdowns and mandates are continuing until moral improves even as the Fauci gremlin and our CDC know-it-alls tell us ‘it’s for our own good.’ 

We are told NOT to think for ourselves. We are told that, in spite of what our Constitution tells us, we should NOT be expressing displeasure of any kind toward President dementia Joe. 

No one can make a joke that goes against the chosen narrative. Which, we should’ve seen when the Obama chattering class got a rodeo clown doxxed and driven from his job. Remember that? 

The reaction regarding the Norad tracker “Let’s Go Brandon” incident is very telling. The left doesn’t know how to handle jokes. Nor does the left know how to handle what that message is, which is instructive and constructive criticism built around a slogan that the left themselves coined. 

By the left’s standards, this guy should be vilified six ways to Sunday. Also, by the left’s standards anyone on THEIR side should get applause.

A joke is great if the left says it. A joke from the right? The knives come out. 

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  • Cameron says:

    Sorry but I’m old enough to remember the absolute poison directed at Reagan, both Bushes and Trump. And now the left pulls the beads out of their ass long enough to use them as a substitute for pearls to clutch when someone dares mock their holy ones? Yeah; my response to them is mocking laughter.

    And I just learned elsewhere that the man is now getting death threats bad enough that it’s as if he drew a picture of Muhammed.

  • Patricia says:

    I totally agree. Turnabout is fair play, right? And why should we be all polite when that man and his party are destroying our country?

    The father needs to consult Joe the Plumber to see how to protect himself.

  • JAW3 says:

    I was surprised that the dad outed himself, so he gets a stoopid citation, but give the history of the fat broad who double boned the Presidential motorcade without repercussion, we have to insist on MADD now and forever from the GOP. IMO.

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