Who Are the Real Clowns??

Who Are the Real Clowns??

On Saturday the real clowns of this country disguised as race pimps got together in Washington and waved their version of the American flag

Not his best look....
Not his best look….


These are the same people who hyperventilated over a rodeo clown wearing an Obama mask at a rodeo in Missouri.  After they recovered from the vapors, and got their marching orders….er….inspiration from MSNBC, they demanded a full scale governmental investigation.  Apparently they had forgotten their own creative use of masks. 

I triple dog dare any liberal/leftist/progressive jackass to legitimate the use of Obama’s face on the American flag while damning the rodeo clown.  Come on, let’s hear it.  Let’s see what blathering bullshit you can bring to the table.  I, and millions of patriotic Americans, veterans and active military service members and their families would like to hear your reasoning. 


I already know what your reasoning is.  Anybody who opposes the utterly failed and destructive policies and posturing of this President is naturally a racist.  This includes rodeo clowns.  They must be banned, penalized, ostracized.  Race is the Obama prism that all opposition is distilled through. 

Race, race, race….24/7.  

And those horrific effigies of Bush?  Meh.  I’m willing to bet if he was at a rodeo in Texas and a clown showed up in a Bush mask, he’d laugh.  I’m sure of it. 

 And you, you ignorant pinheads, get to wave a desecrated American flag with your hero’s face on it because…well, I am at a loss here, because I don’t think like a lemming.   My best guess you don’t really care what his policies are (beyond making sure you are taken of…and he’s cool) but because he’s black you feel perfectly justified putting his face on our flag.  And that makes you…what?  Yes, it starts with a big fat “R”. 

I’m so pissed off that I’m shaking as I write this.  I’m an American who still stands with my hand over my heart, offering a pledge, a prayer and an allegiance for my flag and my country.  There are very few symbols of American left anymore that the leftists haven’t confiscated, desecrated, and mocked.  This includes our laws, our Constitution, our military, our history. 

So, go ahead…justify your Che Guvara-ish idoltry of your President.  Tell us your thoughts on the American flag.  I am waiting. 

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