#Election2016: One More Week..Will The Insults Keep Coming?

#Election2016: One More Week..Will The Insults Keep Coming?

#Election2016: One More Week..Will The Insults Keep Coming?

At this time next week, some people will be breathing a sigh of relief. Some will go to bed angry. And yet for some, next week can not come soon enough. Personally, I want to get on with life because I am sick and tired.

Why am I sick and tired, you ask? Honestly, I am fatigued beyond imagination because I have had my intelligence insulted one hundred times over by the Hillary Clinton campaign and the reopening of the e-mail investigation by the FBI was the straw that broke the camel’s back. How long will Hillary Rodham Clinton and her cronies insult the American people?

We haven’t just been insulted during this campaign season. We have been insulted for years. The Clintons bring a long list of offenses to the American people resting under them but continue to hold captive devoted followers who cling to every word they utter as the gospel truth. Before Benghazi https://benghazi.house.gov/NewInfo and WikiLeaks, we’ve been through Whitewater and Travelgate. We’ve endured Hillary Clinton “standing by her man” after he did the unthinkable–time and time again. We’ve had our national security compromised, have been shown her true colors after she left four men to perish in Benghazi and yet, we are ignorant “conspiracy theorists”. Just the other day, the FBI dropped another bombshell providing insight of Bill Clinton’s 2001 pardon wealthy Democrat donor, Marc Rich. Rich, if you recall, was one of the FBI’s most wanted indicted on federal charges of tax evasion and was considered a fugitive from the Department of Justice. He was found in Switzerland at the time of his indictment and died there in 2013. Bill Clinton pardoned him yet we hear this from Clinton campaign spokesperson Brian Fallon:

Absent a (Freedom of Information Act) deadline, this is odd. Will FBI be posting docs on Trumps’ housing discrimination in `70s?”

Deflect, deflect, deflect. Let’s zone in on the opposition without taking any accountability for our own actions, right? This has been the modus openandi of the whole Clinton campaign. We may even argue that this has been the way Bill and Hillary Clinton operate in general.

Quite frankly, I’m tired of it all. I have seen the wool pulled over the eyes of people who mean the world to me this season. All the while, Hillary Clinton claims that she has earned this “right” to the presidency because she has girl parts. Hillary Clinton has threatened other women who get in the way of this goal and dream of hers despite the deplorable and wrongful actions of her partner-in-crime, Bill instead of taking the stand she claims she will take for others. Hillary Clinton alters her language when speaking to minorities and it’s insulting but white Democrats don’t seem to pick up on this nor seem to care for that matter. Hillary Clinton has displayed poor judgement and management with our national security, feigning ignorance in obtaining a home-brew server and wiping it clean with BleachBit. She was downright callous in her treatment of the Benghazi four and their families. Hillary and Bill Clinton are racketeers with degrees from prestigious universities who have been extorting money and stealing from the American people for years for their benefit and self-interests, not ours. It has become and is their business and business has been good. Of course, they are going to fight to keep it all and next week’s decision on behalf of us Americans will either help or hinder them in this process.

Again, I’m no conspiracy theorist but I’m willing to bet that a diehard Hillary supporter will call me one and attempt to insult my intellect between now and next week because that’s what they do. The “delicate, innocent flower” act that Hillary Clinton has given the American people time and time again in juxtaposition with Donald Trump throughout this campaign does not get past me. Her dirty, two-faced tactics are what she claims is wrong with the world and humanity in general. Clinton is not for me as a woman, nor is she for future generations or our retired mothers and fathers or our military service members. (In fact, I have some friends in circles who will claim that she was by far the rudest of all when flying aboard military aircraft). As far as racial equality goes, just look at our inner cities and crime rates. Look at our inner-city schools. How many were killed and wounded on Halloween night in Chicago? And if people who live in a sheltered bubble-in mansions and are paid to pretend (AKA big money Hollywood celebrities) are telling individuals to vote for Hillary Clinton, something’s amiss. Let’s take this one step further…if Barack Obama is telling us to vote for her…do we really think this is a good idea, folks? Take a look at the climate of our country and the political unrest that has cropped up and become exceedingly worse over the past eight years.

Eight years of a liberal, Democrat as a president at the helm. They wanted change and change is what we got. All the while, they point fingers at the other side in schoolyard bullying tactics that even third graders can recognize but grown adults of voting age seem oblivious to. “She said this.” “He’s a racist.” “They’re a bunch of hypocrites“. “That person stole from the American people“. Ahh…projection is a wonderful thing, isn’t it? But we’re the ones who are intellectual “peons”. Let’s put an an end to the insults next week once and for all. I don’t care how we do it (that’s your personal decision), let’s just do it. After all, hasn’t it been long enough?

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