Dear America: Iran’s Ayatollah Khamenei Would Like You to Please Hand Over Your Guns

Dear America: Iran’s Ayatollah Khamenei Would Like You to Please Hand Over Your Guns

Dear America: Iran’s Ayatollah Khamenei Would Like You to Please Hand Over Your Guns

When he’s not busy arming Islamic terrorists all over the Middle East thanks in part to the plane-loads of cash a certain former president gave him, or oh-so-gently encouraging his oppressed citizenry to take to the streets chanting “Death to America,” Iran’s Ayatollah Khamenei is doing his best Social Justice Warrior impression. And, not ironically, it echoes the battle cry from the media-hyped Parkland teens who share a similar goal: he wants us, pretty please with a cherry on top, to hand over our guns. And he wants our democratically-elected reps to prohibit gun ownership in America:

That first bit sounds like a call for a national Morality Police force.

I’ll wait whilst you finish lol-ing.

But wait, there’s more:

Bliss? Like under Sharia law? Like the love-fest Iranian women have with their own Morality Police?

We’re happy to discuss police brutality if you’d like. But I suspect that’s not a conversation you really want to have.

Just your typical weekend in Khamenei’s Iran, burning our American flag and chanting “Death to America!” (Photo Credit: Times of Israel)

Now, if I recall correctly, this is the same guy who oversees a group of Islamic “Moderates” who—under Sharia law—hang young men from cranes for the “crime” of being born gay:

In 2014:

Stefan Schaden, a LGBT rights activist and spokesman for the European ‘STOP THE BOMB’ campaign, told The Jerusalem Post on Thursday, “Consensual homosexual conduct remains illegal under Iran’s Sharia law and is punished with public flogging or even execution. While the Islamic State throws gays from rooftops, the Islamic Republic [of Iran] hangs them.”

And in 2016:

Four Iranian gay men are due to be executed for sodomy under their nation’s Shari’a laws, Pink News is reporting.

The four men — identified by the Human Rights Activist News Agency in Iran as Saadat Arefi, Vahid Akbari, Javid Akbari and Houshmand Akbari — are set to be hanged after their guilty verdict was approved recently by high court judges.

“I am horrified and saddened to have heard the news about these four men,” London-based Iranian human rights lawyer Mehri Jafari is quoted by Pink News and LGBTQ Nation as saying. “Not only with regards to the execution which is about to take place, but the fact that is beyond our control.”

The news comes just two days ahead of the release of a new report on lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people in Iran, which will highlight the problems they face in their own country and when they flee into exile, according to Gay Star News.

This is also the same misogynist pig who allows jailing of women—where they face brutal torture—for the sin of removing their compulsory hijabs as we saw in the video above:

More than 35 women have been violently attacked and arrested in Tehran alone since December 2017 for taking part in ongoing peaceful protests against the discriminatory and abusive practice of compulsory veiling. In an official statement on 23 February, the police warned that women would now be charged with “inciting corruption and prostitution,” which carries a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison. One of the protestors, Narges Hosseini, was today put on trial before an Ershad (Moral Guidance) court in Tehran on charges that include this new charge.

“This is a deeply retrograde move by the Iranian authorities in their ongoing persecution of women who dare to speak out against compulsory veiling. It places many women at serious and immediate risk of unjust imprisonment while sending a chilling message to others to keep quiet while their rights are being violated,” said Magdalena Mughrabi, Deputy Director for the Middle East and North Africa at Amnesty International.

And how do Khamenei and his thugs get away with this barbaric oppression? Well, an unarmed citizenry, that’s how. Coupled with a Revolutionary Guard that crushes any and all dissent.

And, oh, by the way, the missile-happy Khamenei—who’s oh-so-concerned about murder rates in America or something—oversaw this abomination under the “leadership” of our spineless former president:

Now multiply that atrocity times 300-plus million disarmed American citizens, and you’ll arrive at Khamenei’s ulterior motive: all of America, on our knees, begging for mercy while he and his well-upholstered North Korean BFF lob nuclear-armed missiles at us.

Two words: Yeah, no. And social media users weighed in on Khamenei’s disarmament suggestion:

What she said.

Yeah, you’ll excuse me, Ayatollah Assahollah, if I hang on to my firearms. You see, Americans won’t be oppressed by a dictator like you. Nor by the gun-grabbing, increasingly-totalitarian Leftists who dream a similar dream. Not now. Not ever. But here’s a participation trophy and an “A” for effort.

Molon Labe.

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