Cyberattacks On Russia, NYT Reports, Trump Livid

Cyberattacks On Russia, NYT Reports, Trump Livid

Cyberattacks On Russia, NYT Reports, Trump Livid

On Saturday, the New York Times reported that the US has stepped up cyberattacks against Russia. These attacks, made against that country’s power grid, also placed malware inside their systems. The depth of that penetration remains classified.

U.S Cyber Command ordered the cyberattacks, since it now has more power to “deter, safeguard or defend against attacks or malicious cyberactivities against the United States.” Moreover, last summer both Congress and President Trump granted Cyber Command greater power so it could launch such attacks without Presidential approval.


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But there’s a problem. While Trump gave such permission to Cyber Command, under Gen. Paul Nakasone, they apparently didn’t brief him in any detail about the planting of the code. That’s because, according to two administration officials, they didn’t want a repeat of 2017.

At that time, Trump spilled some secrets with the Russian ambassador and foreign secretary during an Oval Office meeting. What’s more, Trump’s slip of the lip may have put an ISIS source at risk.

So the administration kept Trump largely in the dark about the cyberattacks.

Needless to say, the President was not a happy camper about the story. Not so much about being kept in the dark about the details, but he was livid at the New York Times for reporting it. In fact, he called the NYT’s story a “virtual act of Treason.”

Naturally, he expressed his frustration and anger on Twitter, and he tweeted this Saturday night:

The New York Times fired back, noting that they had cleared their story with the government before publishing.

So here we go again with another donnybrook between Trump and the NYT. Is he angry at them for reporting the cyberattacks? Or for claiming that his own people gave him minimal information?

Frankly, in the war between the President and the media, I’m not sure whom to believe anymore.

But back to the cyberattacks: actually, they are not new; they’ve been going on since 2012. However, these new aggressive actions serve as a warning to Russia and to lay a groundwork in case of conflict between the U.S. and Russia.

These cyberattacks are a good move; Russia seems only to understand force and projection of power. As for President Trump’s reaction: I just wish he’d think more before he tweets.


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  • GWB says:

    I just wish he’d think more before he tweets.
    Amen to that.

  • Mark Gist says:

    It wasn’t Trump that exposed the Israeli source, it was the NYT reporting on it. It was the same as printing transcripts of his first two calls to foreign leaders, They were proving that they had deep sources. Then, after reporting confidential meetings to the world they tut-tutted over what was said in private.

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