Meghan McCain and the #DeadDadsClub

Meghan McCain and the #DeadDadsClub

Meghan McCain and the #DeadDadsClub

Happy Father’s Day to all the Fathers out there and especially to the men and women who stood up to be Dad when no one else did. For those of us whose Dads have “shuffled off this mortal coil”, the day brings a swirl of emotions. Meghan McCain, is feeling all the feels on this first Father’s Day without her Dad, the late Senator John McCain.

To honor her Dad and all of the “passed on” fathers, Meghan has asked her Twitter followers to share their thoughts using the hashtag Dead Dads Club. Mother Jones reported:

“Anyone else out there who is dreading Father’s Day this Sunday – I feel you, and have been trying to come up with something positive to do Sunday,” she wrote. “Maybe we will all feel less alone?” What the co-host of The View may not have expected, perhaps, is the outpouring of support and personal stories thousands of her followers shared in response to her tweet.

The responses, especially in the age of the feminists’ screeching about “toxic masculinity”, are heartwarming:

I encourage everyone to go to Meghan McCain’s Twitter account and read the tributes. They will lift you up. However, #DeadDadsClub is a very off-putting way to honor a man you love, in my opinion. Some Twitters agree with me.

My Father left me, physically three years ago, this July. I believe he is now standing a Heavenly post, as promised in the third verse of the Marine Corps Hymn. I would like to suggest another hashtag for Meghan McCain, #DadIsAlwaysThere.

I have proof that my Dad is always there. Although my son chose the Army over the Marines, watching my son I see so many traits that he got from not only my Dad, but also my husband’s Dad who was Production Manager for the Y-12 Nuclear Facility. Please watch this video:

I cry with pride every time I watch this video. It makes me think how proud my Dad and R.D. Williams, my husband’s Dad, are watching their grandson. My Dad may not be here physically, but he is always with me because of the fact that he was always there for me.

Honor those men who are Dad today, no matter how they came to be Dad. And, remember #DadIsAlwaysThere.

Photo Credit: Rona Proudfoot/ Commons by SA 2.0

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