Controlling Behavior: Ain’t Gonna Happen

Controlling Behavior: Ain’t Gonna Happen

Controlling Behavior: Ain’t Gonna Happen

Dear Gun Grabbers –

Let’s be honest. You are a fail. You’ve been a fail for years. Gun control is a losing issue, especially in election years, and no amount of hysterical kiddies, propped up by statist liars at billionaire-funded gun control organizations, will make it a winning issue at the polls.

It’s not because the EEEEEVIL NRA has cowardly politicians by the balls (but Planned Parenthood apparently is perfectly justified in grasping hard its own set of political testicles); indeed, the NRA is actually more than willing to compromise our gun rights away, and has done so numerous times. It’s because anyone with half a brain understands that taking guns away from law abiding citizens because your FEELZ tell you to do so is moronic.

You don’t want to take away “assault weapons.” You have shown again and again you have no idea what they are.

You don’t want to take away those evil “semi-automatics.” You have shown little comprehension of how firearms work.

You don’t want to implement commonsense gun control laws and background checks. Those are already in existence – both at the federal and state levels.

You don’t want to close the “gun show loophole.” It doesn’t exist, and precious few firearms used in criminal activity are purchased there.

What you really want, precious children, is to control people’s behavior – to make them stop committing violent acts – and guess what! Taking away the tools that they use to commit those acts is not going to make people intent on committing them any less likely to do so.

A recent report says that the homicide in London, England has overtaken that of New York City for the first time.

For the most part, the criminals in London are not using guns to commit murders. They’re using knives, and calls for banning knives in Britain began as early as 2005.

The cities have similar population sizes, and the Met police in London say they’re working hard to understand what is going on over there. After all, guns have been all but banned in the UK post the Dunblane massacre, and yet, there are “concerns” about illegal firearms in the country.

You don’t say!

Nowadays, the Brits are also “concerned” about the rash of stabbings.

City Hall says it is “deeply concerned” by knife crime in the capital, but, along with the Met Police, insists London “remains one of the safest [cities] in the world”.

See, you gun grabbers fail to think. Maybe it’s a matter of confirmation bias – you just really want to believe that banning the tool will somehow reduce violent crime, and you use doctored statistics and outright lies to prove your case. Maybe it’s a failure of imagination – you just can’t believe that violent criminals, who are willing to commit unimaginable crimes, will not be deterred by just one more law!

But whatever your analytic failure is, here’s the bottom line: bad people intent on committing bad acts will do so regardless of the availability of the tools with which these acts will be committed. Violent criminals who are more than willing to violate prohibitions on murder and other violent crimes, will have no problem violating gun control laws prohibiting them from owning a firearm. Thugs who engage in violent behavior will do it with firearms, sticks, knives, hammers, and fists.

So by advocating disarmament, whether gradual – through the prohibition on certain firearms – to outright (see: John Paul Stevens’ screed against the Second Amendment), you’re lazily reaching for the low-hanging fruit, and in the process working to leave the rest of us defenseless and vulnerable to armed predators.

What you’re really after is stopping the behavior, and that’s where you will have a problem, because you’re not willing to acknowledge certain facts.

You will not acknowledge that single-parent households have a higher rate of poverty, criminal activity, and lack of education. Barack Obama outright said it in 2008, and PolitiFact rated it as true, but you still insist that single mothers don’t need no man, because WYMYN POWER or something.

You will not acknowledge that raising mean bullies, who torture other kids, and unleashing them on American schools has anything to do with school shootings, with ostracized, defeated, and bullied children seeing no way out other than to rid their lives of their torturers.

The boy’s parents say their son had been bullied since starting school at Paw Paw High School, and that things escalated when a picture of the teen in his underwear began circulating.

“Since that point, it’s just been relentless,” the stepfather said, adding that bullies would push the boy into lockers and punch him in the throat.

Over the weekend, the boy told his parents he had stolen guns from his grandfather and planned to kill the students who had hurt him.

You refuse to admit that illegal aliens violent crimes at a rate way disproportionate to their population, and while the majority of those here illegally do not engage in violent criminal activity, fact remains that a vast number of violent crimes is committed by these people.

The U.S. Department of Justice and the U.S. Sentencing Commission reported that as of 2014, illegal immigrants were convicted and sentenced for over 13 percent of all crimes committed in the U.S.

That’s pretty significant, considering there are allegedly only 11 million illegal aliens present in this country. The fact that 3.7 percent of the population commits 13 percent of all crimes is telling.

In short, you don’t want to admit that criminal behavior is really the problem, and instead try to blame the implement, and you refuse to acknowledge that fixing behavior starts at home. It starts with fixing the culture. It starts with raising children to be kind and respectful. It starts with instilling in them a love and pride for their country, and the willingness to become an American – here legally, here working, here assimilating and making friends outside your small circle of people who are just like you.

A Swiss supporters poses as he watches the Euro 2016 football tournament match Switzerland vs Poland on a giant screen at the fan zone near the Eiffel tower on June 25, 2016 in Paris. / AFP PHOTO / MATTHIEU ALEXANDRE

One thing that struck me when I visited Switzerland a few years ago was how calm and peaceful that country was! It’s not that they don’t have immigrants, and it’s not that they don’t have diversity. They do. But they make it difficult to immigrate for a reason: they want you to really want it. They want you to love that country so much, that you’re willing to become SWISS. Not Afghani-Swiss, or Syrian-Swiss, or *insert whatever shithole you escaped from*-Swiss. And if you don’t like the culture, and won’t assimilate, they bid you a fond “adieu.” You need to want it enough and love it enough to become a citizen.

So until you fix the root of the problem…

Until you address behavior and the roots of it…

People will continue killing one another, and once you ban guns, they will kill each other with knives, homemade explosives, rocks, sticks, fists and feet, and hammers.

But in order to fix the root of the problem, you need to recognize it as a problem, and you would much rather direct your intellectually lazy, cowardly focus on guns and laws to infringe on the rights of millions of people who did NOT commit crimes. You’d much rather have mommy government fix your problems through additional laws and regulations, than make the effort to work together as communities to address the root causes of violence.

Politicians will not fix your problems.

That is why you fail year after year, and we’re all grateful that you do.

Yours in Liberty,

Those of us who get it.

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Marta Hernandez is an immigrant, writer, editor, science fiction fan (especially military sci-fi), and a lover of freedom, her children, her husband and her pets. She loves to shoot, and range time is sacred, as is her hiking obsession, especially if we’re talking the European Alps. She is an avid caffeine and TWD addict, and wants to own otters, sloths, wallabies, koalas, and wombats when she grows up.

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  • GWB says:

    you just can’t believe that violent criminals, who are willing to commit unimaginable crimes, will be deterred by just one more law
    I think you forgot a “not” in between “will” and “be”.

    The fact that 3.7 percent of the population commits 13 percent of all crimes is telling.
    Hmmm, just like another demographic that commits an outsized proportion of crime… It must be racism!

    once you ban guns, they will kill each other with…
    Guns. Once you ban guns, they will import them (like Europe with all those Kalashnikovs or their foreign knock-offs) or they will simply make their own. They really aren’t *that* hard to make. Neither is ammunition.

    But, honestly, they don’t want to fix the problem. At least, not those actually leading the anti-gun movements. No, they simply want to disarm the populace so they can then enact whatever statist solutions they desire without worrying about the peons.
    Well, this peon is never giving up his fangs.

    • Marta Hernandez says:

      Yep, forgot a “not.” Thanks!

      I think the kids want to fix the problem, but they really don’t know how to approach it, and they’re easily led and manipulated by the “leaders” of the anti-freedom movement.

      • GWB says:

        Hogg doesn’t. Nor does Gonzalez. I think they’re both willing participants in the charade.
        The crowd behind them? Perhaps.

  • Jim says:

    ” … guns have been all but banned in the UK post the Dunblane massacre, and yet, there are “concerns” about illegal firearms in the country.”

    For legal or law-abiding gun owners in the UK the restrictions are clear and honest people work within them, but as happens disgruntled or those of criminal intent find other weapons to use. Knives being common, but acid thrown in the face is reportedly a weapon of choice for criminals in London and, undoubtedly, will spread to other cities and countries. [I understand it is popular and often used in countries like Pakistan and India.] One must always consider the behaviour of the perpetrator, not the tool used. We await the ‘importation’ of acid in Australia as the next ‘gift’ of multi-culturalism; knives have already ‘arrived’ here.

    • GWB says:

      [I understand it is popular and often used in countries like Pakistan and India.]
      And Iran and the UAE and Yemen and Somalia…….
      Gee, I wonder what might ever possibly link all those to England……..

  • pohjalainen says:

    And when it comes to comparing the numbers between England and United States there is this:

  • Flannelputz says:

    Good article, but with one glaring omission . Motor vehicles are used when guns, knives and bombs are not. The families of the people killed In Nice, central Park,and Santa monica etc.etc. are not demanding gun legislation.

  • Oldav8r says:

    I wonder how many Parkland kids use pot. It’s illegal on the federal level and other than medicinally is illegal to buy, sell or possess in Florida. How ever would they get it then? I guess there’s a pot-show loophole that needs to be closed.

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