Parkland MSD Students Whine About Security: Clear BackPacks Violate Our Rights [VIDEO]

Parkland MSD Students Whine About Security: Clear BackPacks Violate Our Rights [VIDEO]

Parkland MSD Students Whine About Security: Clear BackPacks Violate Our Rights [VIDEO]

The Parkland MSD student activists are definite fans of taking away our Constitutional rights, specifically the 2nd Amendment. However, when it comes to dealing with the new school security protocols that Broward County has put in place? Suddenly the Constitution is back in favor.

“Going to school is really so hard, and now it’s going to be so much worse,” said Isabelle Robinson, a senior. “A lot of the people I’ve talked to are dreading going back.”


“It feels like being punished,” Robinson told CNN. “It feels like jail, being checked every time we go to school.”

Jail? Punishment? Good grief. Do you need some cheese with that whine?

Oh, but there’s more. You see, being wanded, having increased law enforcement presence on campus (provided they stay awake) and carrying clear backpacks infringes upon their 1st Amendment rights and stuff.

Some students, like senior Demitri Hoth, recognize the need for new security policies, but think the clear backpacks cross a line. “I get it,” he said, but, “it feels like we are losing individualism. I understand why they are doing it, but if a person wants to bring a gun on campus, they just aren’t going to put it in their backpack.” Bishop said he would support metal detectors, but called the clear backpacks “an invasion of privacy.” He believes the increase security measures will make students “safer,” but that doesn’t mean they’ll be “safe.”

I had absolutely no idea that a clear backpack was so threatening to one’s individualism and an invasion of privacy! Oh wait, according to David Hogg it sure is.

Yes, he said that. Yes, David believes this violates our 1st Amendment. Yes, he’s ludicrous. Especially as I’d be willing to bet the district will have work arounds in place for privacy issues involving menstrual cycles.

The MSD student activists absolutely refuse to understand that it was the essentially the non-existent security on campus that allowed Nikolas Cruz to get onto campus that day. They also fail to realize that restricting access to one point of entry for each building on campus and requiring ID is something that has been in place in many schools across the United States for years!

In regards to young Bishop’s comment that these security measures won’t help the students be safe. Perhaps he hasn’t been informed of Broward’s dangerous Reverse Jail-to-School pipeline program. Well over 2000 violent juveniles with track records of assault, sexual assault, rape, attempted murder, felony burglary and firearms related offenses, have been mainstreamed back into schools such as MSD even when they clearly indicate they’ll be repeat offenders.

So, I’d say running around school with a clear backpack is a small price to pay for YOUR safety.

Young lady, you want to focus on helping fix the real problems? Then instead of whining about clear backpacks and blasting the NRA – why not go after that reverse jail-to-school program? Because guess what? Nikolas Cruz was part of that program!

Yes, exactly. In other words, they want to have it both ways and throw tantrums when reality smacks them upside the head.

For weeks, these student activists have been marching in lockstep with anti-gun grabbers all over the country screaming that our 2nd Amendment rights need to be yanked from us all in order for them to feel safe. But when measures are put in place to try and ensure THEIR safety, measures these kiddies deem inconvenient then SUDDENLY those 1st Amendment rights become important again!

Let’s hope, that with time and maturity, these students will be able to look back and understand something that is clear to the rest of us. Increased security comes with a price. A price these student activists demanded. But now that it’s in place, they are finding the price tag is super inconvenient. Reality sucks doesn’t it?

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  • GWB says:

    David believes this violates our 1st Amendment.
    And this shows the ignorance of students at this school. It’s not a 1st Amendment issue at all. It might be a 4th Amendment issue. But these kids don’t know any amendments exist beyond the 1st and 2nd, I’m guessing.

    these security measures won’t help the students be safe
    Well, they really won’t. But they will help inure them even more to being mindless drones in the technocratic future.

    Ignorance and compliance – both ultimate goals of the technocrats.

  • GWB says:

    BTW, if there’s some contrarian kid who actually grasps the difference between the 4th and 1st Amendment, he (or she) might try this:
    Take your clear backpack and cover it on the inside with political bumper stickers (facing outward, duh). Cover the entire inner surface.

    Now, this will depend on how the policy is written, and it will probably be re-written in short order, but this would be a way to defy the violation of your 4th Amendment rights (which are actually pretty minimal, according to SCOTUS, as a student) by turning it into a 1st Amendment issue.
    Just make sure the bumper stickers meet school policy (“Don’t Tread On Me” instead of “Go Trump!”, and don’t use the Gonzalez flag – ’cause ZOMG! Cannon!, etc.), and that they are on the *inside* of your backpack (though taped in place, perhaps to prevent shifting).
    Or perhaps, simply a copy of the Constitution, printed out in large print, with various bits cut to shape.

  • Scott says:

    These whiny little idiots are the intended consequence of the leftist control of our “educational” system. a legion of useful idiots, completely clueless about the Constitution, and other foundations of this country of ours. This is most definitely a FEATURE, not a bug! and you’re right GWB,i doubt seriously that they have a clue about the 4th amendment, and totally fail to understand their own hypocrisy..

  • Gridlock says:

    Prison-to-School Pipeline

    The purpose of the students at this school was to dilute the criminal class to bring average gross crime statistics down to a reduced level. If a few get killed in the service of this great calling, that is a price we, as a society, must be willing to pay.

    If the government is running your school, the school is going to be fun to fulfill the government’s agenda. The government doesn’t give a can about educating students of even keeping them alive. But it does care a great deal about average crime rates and racial disparities in sentencing.

    Just wait and see, next year Broward County will show this shooting of 17 as a songs criminal act, and will break their arms patting themselves on the back about their reduced crime incidence rate.


    This again demonstrates the “qualities” of a public education, aka “indoctrination center”. First, the parents give the care of their children to the State and this ignorance is what you get. Either home school your children or send them to a good private school you approve of with your time to ensure they understand your expectations.

  • SDN says:

    What is she going to tell them?

    Well, she could tell them what I tell my nieces and nephews: when discipline was administered according to behavior instead of Official Govt Minority status, and with a paddle instead of time outs, we didn’t have school shootings while being allowed to bring guns for hunting.

  • JT Kurtz says:

    I was struck by his last comment, that what he wants are ‘more policies that make sure these students feel safe’. Apparently, he doesn’t understand that “policies” don’t equate to safety. (I just had a thought, why not a policy that states, ‘students shall at all times feel safe from the moment they leave for school until they return home from school’. Voila!) Unfortunately, criminals break policies (and “laws” too). Just like Cruz who broke the law against murder! Imagine that! Mr. Hogg, and apparently his sister, want policies (and laws, I guess) that they don’t find personally irritating or confining. Such policies and laws should only affect others. (I think he’s in for some surprises as he grows up, … provided he does grow up.)

  • kzen says:

    Well, Hogg and all his buddies can start(continue?) carrying tampons and pads around all the time, as well as non-menstruating females. If everyone is carrying them, then it’s nothing right.

    Normalize having a period (isn’t that what feminists want?)

    Denormalize social embarrassment and stigma about having a period.

  • kzen says:

    What I told my son about high school…

    High school may seem like the most important thing in your life right now, but it won’t be the most important thing in your whole life. Learn what you can, make friends, don’t make enemies, and move on. People who think high school was the B E S T T I M E O F T H E I R L I V E S, obviously didn’t amount to much or don’t think much of the rest of their lives.

    College was way more fun and gave me a decent, relevant degree. My twenties were more fun than high school.

  • Pete says:

    I like the clear backpack idea but would suggest going one better, let’s get TSA checkpoints to check for bombs. Nothing like a good cavity search to start the school day.

  • Doug Purdie says:

    Students against these new security measures have blood on their hands.

  • Timmy says:

    Shouldn’t these have been done before the shooting?

  • harleycowboy says:

    “We want more safety!!!” Granted. “More safety violates our rights!!!” Too late. You got what you asked for. Now you can’t get rid of it. A lesson that should last a life time or until they decide they’re liberals.

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