Questionable Roots in the Grass: Parkland Students Anti-Gun Protests [VIDEO]

Questionable Roots in the Grass: Parkland Students Anti-Gun Protests [VIDEO]

Questionable Roots in the Grass: Parkland Students Anti-Gun Protests [VIDEO]

Student anti-gun protesters from all over the state of Florida have managed to organize themselves in record time. It has only been five days since the horrific shootings at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School that took seventeen lives. Hardly any funerals have been held, but students are climbing on buses to head north to the capital as early as Tuesday, and have their sights set even higher.

Throwing down the emotional gauntlet, they are starting with state and local officials, and then heading to Washington, D.C. on March 24th.

They’re also coming for the NRA and any politician who takes money from the powerful gun lobby. The NRA did not return CNN’s call seeking comment.
“My message for the people in office is: You’re either with us or against us. We are losing our lives while the adults are playing around,” said junior Cameron Kasky, announcing a March 24 demonstration in Washington.
They plan to converge at the nation’s capital next month and have asked supporters who can’t make it to stage marches in their own communities, according to a mission statement for March For Our Lives.
Legislators in Tallahassee were already working on proposed policy changes, funding shifts and bipartisan approaches to closing loopholes, etc.

Among the ideas the next Senate president, Bill Galvano, is floating: raising the age at which one can buy assault rifles to 21; creating a three-day waiting period for assault rifles as it is for handguns; and “identifying and closing background screening loopholes.”

Galvano also cited the idea of creating a sort of gun violence restraining order, similar to domestic violence restraining orders, that would allow family members and others to get a judge to order an individual not have access to firearms if certain criteria are met. And he floated the idea of banning bump stocks, a device that can make a semi-automatic rifle effectively fire like an automatic firearm — it was used by the Las Vegas mass shooter last year.

Galvano said he’s also looking for “gaps” related to school resource officers, considering how to possibly adjust funding to raise the number of officers.

Another idea Galvano said is “of great interest” is having a system to train teachers and other school officials to become special deputies and carry guns on school grounds after a 132-hour training program.

And he’s already called for doubling the Senate’s $40 million proposal for mental health services at schools. He credits Senate K-12 budget Chairwoman Kathleen Passidomo (R-Naples) with having the foresight to propose the idea early on in session, and even called it “eerie” that she happened to be discussing the importance of school mental health funding in a committee as last week’s shooting was taking place.

Now, you might want to color me a cynic, but I have a teensy bit of doubt regarding the grassrootsy-ness of all this. There’s been only five funerals in five days so far, but these grieving children have – on their own, all by their loneselves – organized a nationwide school walk-out, transportation to our own capital here in Tallahassee and then Washington? While suffering from the shock of the attack and mourning their friends?
They DO seem sincere, even if I find it grating in a Children of the Corn sort of way.

They also certainly seem to be chippered up by their new found celebrity, in spite of everything. As many ripped the president for a thumbs-up to the fantastic crew at the hospital, I’m kind of surprised no one thinks all this yukking it up for the cameras is in less than good taste, considering.

Leader Cameron Kasky even found time to thank Justin Bieber for his support. The Skolnik in the tweet below is the head of the Trayvon Martin Foundation. (Make of that what you will.)

What is “March for Our Lives“? In five short days since the horrific murders, it already has a professional website and an FAQ page which helpfully directs you to a donation tie in at GoFundMe (if you didn’t see the pop-up when you landed). It also contains an info@ just in case you decide…


Really. The kids have public relation scheduling. There’s more. If you still had one of the Weather Channel’s sophomorically named winter storms overhead, you could buy a cool sweat shirt for the cause on their Merch for the March page.

I kid you not.

This is accompanied by an Instagram page that has graphics the CDC would be proud of and messaging that’s as crisp as a Granny Smith.

TOO slick by half. And we’re supposed to believe that weepy, traumatized juniors in high school whipped this all up, while simultaneously seeing grief counselors and waiting on friends’ funerals?


Feeding suspicions is the fact that the usual Lefty hysteria suspects have all jumped on board—Moms Demand Action, Everytown, Hollywood—ad nauseum.

When one starts rooting around in the grass, the rally in Tallahassee turns out not to be so spur of the moment. Less of a STUDENT uprising. More one that might have just had a little…nudge…from folks in the community who had an agenda well beforehand:

Busloads of students from the Parkland school will travel nearly the length of the state to Tallahassee this week to make themselves heard by legislators, an effort being facilitated by Sen. Lauren Book of Broward County and former Florida Democratic Party chair Allison Tant.

Huh. Well, what about…oh. Never mind.

Tant announced in an email blast Saturday that a rally will be held at noon Wednesday at the Capitol, organized in conjunction with Florida Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence, the League of Women Voters, the Florida PTA, Equality Florida, The Campaign to keep Guns Off Campus and other organizations.

ALL ON BOARD THE OUTRAGE EXPRESS!! So the students are window dressing. It’s not about them at all. They are being used as the mechanism for entry for these groups. Which also explains the slick websites, the multitude of “organic/grassroots” protests suddenly springing up like carbon copy mushrooms all over the country. With the Women’s March types or insert-your-local-Lefty-org leading the charge. THIS tweet is from the Women’s March “artistic director” and read what she says about the organizers: the kids and EVERYTOWN.

Now follow the bouncing ball on her tweet. She ties in the Women’s March in the tweet itself, but her bio? Also mentions @WeAreSoze. M’kay, what is Soze? It’s a very hip ad agency that claims “We believe in triple bottom lines: people, planet and profit. Yes, in that order. We don’t chase money, we chase happiness…” Yeah, yeah, yeah. Sure.

Guess who co-founded Soze?

Michael Skolnik of the Trayvon Martin Foundation in the tweet at the beginning of this post. The same guy. They are ALL connected and ALL have their tentacles in milking this horrific tragedy for every propaganda drop they can squeeze out of it.

These students are being manipulated by masters of the game. They may very well find themselves center stage when tears are called for, but they will get the shepard’s hook when these paid pathos professionals make their move.

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  • SED says:

    Unfortunately, the sheep are following right along…

  • Beege Welborn says:

    Indeed they are, and their partners in the media are facilitating as best they can with mind boggling interviews like this:

    “Florida school shooting survivor Emma Gonzalez on President Trump’s tweet: “The FBI were some of the amazing first responders who were helping us get to safety and the fact that he wants to discredit them in any way… it’s not acceptable” ”

    It’s a full-court press, folks.

  • Kim Quade says:

    First, we have college students deciding which speech can be heard.
    Now we have high school students trying to dictate gun laws.
    What’s next? Grade school kids telling us they wish there was no school?
    Media: “You’re right! School causes too much stress. No more school.”
    Kiddos: “Yay!”

  • Kim Quade says:

    First, we had college students deciding which speech can be heard.
    Now we have high school students trying to dictate gun laws.
    What’s next? Grade school kids telling us they wish there was no school?
    Media: “You’re right! School causes too much stress. No more school.”
    Kiddos: “Yay!”

  • Scott says:

    Yep, emotional, traumatized teenagers are a great source of rational thought… They have an issue with an 18 y/o owning a gun, but they’re ok with an 18 y/o voting… I’d submit that they can do a lot more damage with a vote than a gun…

  • Jenny North says:

    It’s really disgusting and maddening. Another bit of information that supports this idea that the kids are being fed talking points is the mention by one of the girls in her speech of the case, Tinker v. Des Moines. I would seriously like to know how this high school student became aware of this case – none of my law school students knew about it until we had a problem based on it. Tinker is about whether students could wear black armbands in school to demonstrate against the Viet Nam war. The student mentioned how they are going to become just like the students in Tinker, apparently making their case all the way to the Supreme Court. They are being used.

  • Ted Hall says:

    Oddly, places that allow teachers who qualify for a concealed carry permit to carry on campus haven’t had “mass shootings”

    It seems that teachers don’t even need to be Gun Ninjas… just reasonably effective speed bumps to keep active shooters from wandering at will.

    The level of proficiency required is apparently the ability to put a bullet inside the door frame at across-the-room distances.

    Weird, isn’t it? That having a gun already on a teacher’s person can respond instantly to a threat whereas Police responses are measured in minutes, usually many, many minutes.

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