Cities Brace For Riots, Liberals Wonder Why

Cities Brace For Riots, Liberals Wonder Why

Cities Brace For Riots, Liberals Wonder Why

U.S. cities are preparing for riots. This is surprising too many on the left, but not surprising to those of us who’ve been watching this build since 2016.

“Across the country, there are growing concerns that the bitterness and animosity over the presidential election will not end when the polls close Tuesday night. From coast to coast, cities are preparing for possible protests, civil unrest and violence, regardless of the election’s outcome.”

So, according to NPR, we will have riots even if Biden wins? Who would be rioting if there is a Biden win? Why it would be those very same thugs who’ve been rioting and burning down Democrat cities since May. In Dallas, businesses from downtown to Deep Ellum are boarding up everything. 

“Haddad lives in an apartment building near the Nieman Marcus store located off Main Street. The department store was among several businesses heavily damaged during protests in May sparked by the death of George Floyd.

According to city of Dallas, protests resulted in about $5 million in property damage, including three police cars that were burned and others that were vandalized. DPD says it spent just shy of $3 million responding to the protests.

Haddad’s building was vandalized in May. She says management boarded up this time as a precaution.”

In Denver, downtown businesses are already boarded up, and tagged with graffiti. Business owners have told their employees to exit the downtown area by 5pm as a precaution. What the downtown restaurants that are struggling to survive will do this evening is anyone’s guess. 

It isn’t just Denver and Dallas. Cities all over the country are preparing for the worst case tonight and for the foreseeable future. Why would we need to? Why are law enforcement officials concerned about violence? 

From prior to President Trump’s inauguration on, violence and calls for violence has been the go-to for anyone who doesn’t like President Trump and anyone in the Trump Administration. Democrats from Maxine Waters to Eric Holder to blue-check liberals have consistently called for conservatives and Trump Administration officials to be kicked or worse. 

Shouting down and driving people from restaurants is fine as long as it is against Republicans. Screaming invectives until you are blue in the face is fine as long as it is against Republicans. Making videos showing President Trump’s severed head (Kathy Griffin) is fine because Trump ORANGEMANBAD. 

NPR is surprised that people are taking precautions regarding potential rioting. Meanwhile, NPR is also planning to shelter the public from results that might trigger them. 

That’s so very helpful isn’t it? 

Wolf Blitzer was surprised the other day about riot protection preparations. He shouldn’t be. Nor should anyone else. 

Guess what? President Trump is correct. The leadership in all of those cities is and has been incredibly weak. They’ve told our law enforcement to stand down. They’ve let the looting thugs walk away scot free without even having to pay a fine. Kamala Harris stands by her call for people to donate to rioters bail funds. If she didn’t, she would’ve taken her tweet down, but months later, it is still up. 

The riots are a definite possibility. Scratch that. I honestly would be surprised if riots DIDN’T happen.

Washington D.C. is also preparing for worst. Specifically because of the plans from Shutdown DC.

“On Wednesday morning, according to its website, the group is inviting people to gather at BLM Plaza and Union Station, from where “we’ll step off to disrupt business as usual for some of the institutions that are most complicit in [President] Trump’s attack on Democracy.”

“Trump will only be able to successfully launch a coup if his donors, the media and the Republican Party establishment goes along with his attack on democracy,” Shutdown DC says. “We’re going to put Trump’s enablers on notice: We hold you accountable for facilitating Trump’s historic attacks on democracy.”

Demonstrators then plan to target the White House on Thursday, the website says. “A combination of cars, bikes, and on-foot demonstrators will jam traffic around and block access to the White House.””

There is no other way to look at the above and not believe that all will be peaceful in Washington D.C. or elsewhere tonight and over the next few days. But if Joe Biden wins, all will be fine. Right??

Not ONE SINGLE Democrat mayor or governor has ended ANY of the chaos that started this May. This timeline shows the riots through the end of July. As we all know, there has been additional violence and chaos since then. Northwestern University for example. How about Vox?

That was a “mostly peaceful” tweet if I ever saw one. 

I don’t like the fact that riots are a distinct possibility tonight. But what I don’t like even more is that the Democrats, the media, and blue-check liberals are A. pretending to be surprised at this, B. wonder why this is happening, C. attempt to gaslight and blame President Trump, and D. tacitly encourage the violence. 

The liberals have only themselves and no one else to blame for the riots and the destruction. 

Feature Photo Credit: boarded up building from George Floyd riots RJA 1988 via Pixabay, cropped and modified

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  • Scott says:

    I can say with complete certainty that there will not be any riots in my neighborhood tonight… (where I work, that’s a different thing…) Where I live EVERYONE owns firearms, and many own tractors and backhoes… not an environment conducive to leftist shitbaggery…

  • Andrew X says:

    “….to protect NPR listeners from that news”

    just…. let that phrase roll around in your head for minute.

    “….to protect NPR listeners from that news”

    That, friends and neighbors, is your brave new world, Democrat style.

    Voted yet?

  • NTSOG says:

    A heading in an Australian newspaper this morning in relation to US elections: “Riots expected if the ‘Party of civility’ doesn’t get their way”.

    • GWB says:

      Ooooh! Nice one! It wasn’t the Bee?

      • NTSOG says:

        The author of the article in the Melbourne Herald Sun was Rita Panahi, a conservative writer/columnist who is of Iranian descent, but does not subscribe to the current woke theories about race or gender.

  • GWB says:

    What the downtown restaurants that are struggling to survive will do this evening is anyone’s guess.
    I know what I’d like them to do: offer free meals to patrons who come armed and prepared to assist with countering any violence or looting.

    has been the go-to for anyone who doesn’t like President Trump and anyone in the Trump Administration
    I think you worded that poorly. I think you meant they were targeting people IN the Trump administration.

    NPR will not report election results being tallied or projected by news outlets that are not The Associated Press. We rely on the AP in large part because it has a track record of precision and caution.
    Here’s my question: Why are you reporting numbers before they’re finally (accurately) totaled AT ALL?
    Other than horse racing, what possible civic benefit is there to the incredible amount of news attention paid to elections when you don’t know the facts on election night? (Oh, there’s also the benefit of making you feel like kingmakers, I suppose.)

    The leadership in all of those cities is and has been incredibly weak.
    Oh, I disagree. They know exactly what they’re doing. It’s called a communist revolution, and those of us who study history have been watching it come. They’re not afraid of these people, they’re using them.

    historic attacks on democracy
    They used that phrase THREE times in three sentences. And it’s so blatantly, absolutely, deceptively wrong. *smh*

    The liberals have only themselves and no one else to blame for the riots and the destruction.
    Well, we could go back and throw Marx in there, too. And the Soviets. And China. But we probably want to stick to proximate causes.

  • TheGreatFoo says:

    ShutdownDC also decided if Biden wins, they’ll just change their demands. It’s not so mucn moving the goalppsts as putting the damned things on a rocket sled.

    • NTSOG says:

      “ShutdownDC also decided if Biden wins, they’ll just change their demands.”

      Does any one in the Biden camp have the spine to call an end to the extremists and their demands? If they are typical leftists they will keep back-stepping, negotiating and uttering mealy-mouth platitudes while the rioters keep taking more and more ground and hurt the general population – all without any grand plan save gain power so as to steal TVs and designer clothing from stores.

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