Bill de Blasio Heckled At Own Rally

Bill de Blasio Heckled At Own Rally

Bill de Blasio Heckled At Own Rally

Mayor Bill de Blasio really wants to run for president. There’s just one small problem: no one likes him.

Sure, he has a small grouping of loyalists, but New York City has so many problems that the average person sees the mayor not making the effort to fix. Not to mention his really bad relationship with the NYPD over the course of his administration.

It’s obvious that de Blasio is testing the waters for a presidential run. So, he decided to hold a little “Green New Deal” rally for himself. Get a little good publicity, get a few good staged photos for the eventual announcement, blah blah blah. AND he decided to hold said rally in Trump Tower, because he’s totally sticking it to Trump, man!

Well, it didn’t go as planned.

Speaking in front of the same escalators where Trump launched his 2016 campaign, de Blasio blasted the president’s rollback of Obama-era environmental policies, his move to pull the United States out of the Paris Climate Agreement and his appointment of climate change skeptics to the Cabinet.”

“His buildings are one of the biggest polluters in New York City,” de Blasio said. “Cut your emissions or we’ll cut something you really care about.”

De Blasio, who is mulling a Democratic presidential run, added: “We’ll take your money.”

The mayor, though, was forced to shout for much of his speech amid jeers from a crowd of about a dozen protesters inside the lobby of Trump Tower, which also had music blasting over the speakers. A number of protesters rode up and down the escalator behind de Blasio carrying cardboard signs with slogans like “Worst Mayor Ever,” “Failed Mayor,” and “Trump 2020.”

De Blasio said he did not mind the protesters and added that it was “so nice for them to serenade us.”

“They’re scared of the truth,” he said. “Anyone that has a problem with saving the planet, I have a problem with them.”

Oh my. These optics. My sides. Notice how tightly this video is cropped? And you can still see the signs going up and down the escalators!

Mayor de Blasio is a joke, but apparently no one has let him in on that fact. Go ahead and let him become the 21st 22nd 23rd Democrat running for president. Why not? If the rally is any indication, at least a de Blasio run would be highly entertaining.

Featured image: screenshot via PIX11 News on YouTube

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  • Joe in PNG says:

    The Dem race is turning into a “worst of” clip from the old American Idol.
    You know, when the tuneless warblers with more ego than talent would get up and screech/ bellow/ monotone/ otherwise slaughter some song, and Simon would cut thier egos off, and they would rant about how talented they really were- pretty much that, but with politics.

  • Richard C Youghn says:

    Ha, ha!

  • David Byler says:

    Dang, “Blue Bloods” come to life?

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