Adam Schiff Sinks Deeper into Trump Derangement Syndrome

Adam Schiff Sinks Deeper into Trump Derangement Syndrome

Adam Schiff Sinks Deeper into Trump Derangement Syndrome

First the Democrats promised the Steele Report would bring down Donald Trump. When that failed, they swore the Mueller Report would vindicate their hatred for the President and drive him from office. Then that failed. Now, with Adam Schiff leading the latest charge, they are scraping the bottom of the barrel in an attempt to find something, anything to throw at the President in an ill-conceived attempt to retake the Oval Office before the 2020 elections. Not only are they investigating the Justice Department’s handling of police shootings, Dems have subpoenaed Donald Trump, Jr., and are now probing to see if Trump’s lawyers had anything to do with Michael Cohen’s false statements in 2017.

Leading this latest attempt is Adam Schiff, chair of the House Intelligence Committee. Mind you, I’m not sure “intelligence” is a descriptor that can reasonably be applied to Schiff, at least not when it comes to his obsession with bringing down Donald Trump. Of course, maybe he wanted to grow up to be that alien from outer space probing the poor humans it came across. Heaven knows, Trump probably feels like Schiff is trying to crawl up his ass to rip out his heart.

According to Politico, Schiff sent a letter to four of Trump’s legal team, demanding certain documents pertaining to Cohen’s 2017 testimony about the possibility of a Trump Tower being built in Russia. The attorneys–Jay Sekulow, Alan Futerfas, Alan Garten and Abbe Lowell–refused to hand over the documents, proving they understand much better than Cohen what attorney-client privilege means.

‘Instead of addressing important intelligence needs, the House Intelligence Committee appears to seek a truly needless dispute — this one with private attorneys — that would force them to violate privileges and ethical rules,’ Sekulow’s attorney Patrick Strawbridge said in a statement on behalf of the four attorneys. ‘As committed defense lawyers, we will respect the constitution and defend the attorney-client privilege — one of the oldest and most sacred privileges in the law.’”

Cohen has proven time and again that he has no problem violating attorney-client privilege. Nor does he have any qualms about, at least apparently, lying under oath.

Nor do House Democrats, many of them lawyers themselves, have a problem with violating certain aspects of the law–at least not when it serves their political agenda. They want the unredacted Mueller Report even though it contains grand jury testimony, testimony that is, by law, secret. But they want it and, by golly, they will stomp their feet and hold their breath and act the victim until they get it.

And if that doesn’t work, they will keep digging and digging in an attempt to find something, no matter how tenuous, to hold against Trump.

According to CNN, Schiff isn’t going to accept the attorneys’ claim of privilege and is ready to subpoena the documents he wants. Not only that, he claims the four attorneys  “coordinated, reviewed, shaped and edited” Cohen’s 2017 statement about the negotiations surrounding the possible Trump Tower in Russia.

‘Material in the Committee’s possession, as well as Michael Cohen’s Committee testimony and admissions to the Special Counsel’s Office, raise serious, unresolved concerns about the obstruction of our Committee’s investigation that we would be negligent not to pursue,’ Schiff said. ‘If any individual is allowed to lie to our committee or encourage others to do so, hide behind inapplicable privileges, or otherwise fail to provide anything less than full cooperation, other witnesses will be emboldened to similarly obstruct, both now and in the future.'”

So, the Mueller Report didn’t answer the question the way the Dems wanted, so they will continue to harass and harangue the President, waste taxpayer money and all for what? For egos and agenda. And on whose word? That of an admitted liar, a man who violated his oaths as an attorney to uphold the law, etc.

“In addition, certain of your clients may have engaged in discussions about potential pardons in an effort to deter one or more witnesses from cooperating with authorized investigations,” he said.

This, dear readers, is what is called a fishing expedition. I’m beginning to wonder if the House Dems took that infamous three hour cruise on the S. S. Minnow. With Nancy “the Skipper” Pelosi and “Gilligan” Schiff, is it any wonder they have shipwrecked on an island of their own making? One built of delusions and conspiracies. Now all they can do is continue digging, never realizing that they could be rescued if they put all that effort into building a raft to get off the island.

Hmm, that really might explain it. Schiff really does make a better Gilligan than an alien.

Missing from some media reports on this latest fishing expedition is that Sekulow has denied he changed Cohen’s testimony in any way. After all, that would surely weaken the Dems’ narrative that the attorneys had a hand in trying to obstruct not only the investigation but justice as well. Mueller knew about contact between Cohen and Sekulow and chose not to press the issue. Considering how long the investigation took and how many rocks were turned over and looked behind, if the Special Counsel thought there was smoke, he would have investigated.

The Intelligence Committee isn’t the only Democrat-led panel working to corroborate allegations made by Cohen. The Oversight Committee issued subpoenas seeking Trump’s financial records after Cohen told lawmakers that Trump artificially inflated and deflated the values of his assets in order to benefit financially, including when he applied for a loan from Deutsche Bank to place a bid on the Buffalo Bills NFL team.

This obsession the House Dems have with bringing down Trump has moved beyond farce into the realm of being dangerous.

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  • GWB says:

    unresolved concerns about the obstruction of our Committee’s investigation
    Well, it’s not really obstruction if the investigation is illegal due to a lack of jurisdiction, a lack of standing in the law, or a Constitutional prohibition. So, you can take your concern and put it the same place your head resides.

    or otherwise fail to provide anything less than full cooperation
    Sorry, but the founding ideals of this country say otherwise. I love Sarah Hoyt’s phrase, “Americans, we don’t listen well.” We don’t cooperate with the gov’t unless there’s a good law and good gov’t behind it. None of which describes Schiff-for-brains’ fishing expedition.

    other witnesses will be emboldened to similarly obstruct
    Good! At least when it comes to baloney fishing expeditions.

    I’m beginning to wonder if the House Dems took that infamous three hour cruise on the S. S. Minnow.
    Egad, if only! We wouldn’t have to listen to them for, what, 3 years?

    The Oversight Committee
    Trump artificially inflated and deflated the values of his assets
    I’m failing to see how those are connected in ANY shape, form, or fashion. Not your lane!

    The image has been manipulated.
    You need to put a Gilligan hat on him, along with that beautiful chartreuse tint. 🙂
    (Though, honestly, that’s an insult to Gilligan.)

  • David Byler says:

    stupid democrats !

  • Kathy says:

    I didn’t think Schiff could get any deeper in TDS. Apparently he found a basement level even lower.

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