Biden: Women Are Women…Or Are They?

Biden: Women Are Women…Or Are They?

Biden: Women Are Women…Or Are They?

It’s true there has been a lot of malarkey going on in the world of Joe Biden these days. First, he’s leaving papers he shouldn’t be leaving all over the place. all all over the place. Then, his crackhead son is trying to run damage control on that laptop of his.

As President of Our Nation, Joe Biden has a lot to keep straight. And we’re not even talking about how hard it is for him to set his VCR to record Matlock every night. There are those appearances he has to make every now and again. In fact, he made one yesterday to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). And, he made this stellar revelation:

More than half the women of my cabinet, more than half the people of my cabinet, more than half the women in my administration are women.”-Joe Biden

How does he know? Did he sniff them all?. More than half the women are actually women, he says. Really, Joe? Like this guy?

More than half the women of his cabinet are not Rachel Levine. Nor are they that Vera Bradley-luggage-stealing, dog-role-playing fetishist who likes to dress up in heels? Scratch Sam Brinton. HE is no longer a Biden official. So, yes…perhaps presently, more than half of the women in Biden’s cabinet are, actually biological women.

Since we’re now defining women as women, and America as “Asufootimaehaehfootbw“, it’s no wonder we’re a shambles and the Chinese are flying their balloons over us.

Oh where, oh where is KJP when we need her to come to the rescue of the senile fool in The White House today? Crickets on that one.

Honestly, this statement may be the truest of all statements JRB has thrown at the American public. “More than half of the women who work for him are women”. Less than half of them are men who claim to be women. Wait a second…what is a woman, anyway?

Perhaps, Ketanji Brown Jackson would like to take a shot at the definition:

I can’t…I’m not a biologist.”-Ketanji Brown Jackson

With all of this ambiguity of what is a woman exactly, it’s amazeballs (ahem) that Joe Biden can make the observation that more than half of the women in his cabinet are women. But is he a biologist? How does Joe Biden define a woman? And, what of this third gender he spoke of? There are “at least three” genders, right, Joe? Only three, Joe? You sure you can count? Or are there 81 million genders? That sounds more like it.

I guess the other question would be is, what percentage of men in Joe Biden’s cabinet are actually men?

Rachel Levine, you here? I know, Rach. You were nominated by USA Today as “Woman of The Year”, so, obvs, that makes you a woman. (Not.)

Let’s add more confusion to this the hot mess Amtrak express. What if Joe Biden were to appoint Dylan Mulvaney to his cabinet? Will the percentage of women being women still hold true? Oh, Dylan is a girl. Silly me.

Joe Biden is proud of himself for hiring more than half the women who are women, for sure. The rest of ’em? Maybe a few men here and there, and some more men who are delusional enough to think they are women.

The sad reality is that the walking vegetable who is now our president was not saying this for comedic impact. He was dead serious and not batting either of his wee, beady, little eyes while giving this speech.

So let’s look at these factors here. We have a president who can’t keep his genders straight and thinks “there are at least three”, an appointee who “is not a biologist” and cannot define gender and a staff of women who are mostly women. We’ve got a crappy economy, Chinese spy balloons spying over our nation, an eroding educational system and eroding American morals and morale. We realize our President has a gross inability to talk, think and function. China? Russia? Move on. Nothing to see here. Our president got a little confused yet again. Offer some grace and a pudding cup to poor Joe Biden. After all, he really may not truly know what is a woman. Who can blame him? Some of the folks in his cabinet still don’t have a clue.

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