Meltdowns And Tantrums Ensue After Ilhan Omar Ousted

Meltdowns And Tantrums Ensue After Ilhan Omar Ousted

Meltdowns And Tantrums Ensue After Ilhan Omar Ousted

Ilhan Omar is no longer a member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, and believe me that’s a good thing for this country. However, the meltdowns on the House floor…WOW. I had no idea such childish antics would ensue.

To recap: Ilhan Omar was put on the House Foreign Affairs Committee by Nancy Pelosi, DESPITE Omar’s well-known penchant for uttering anti Semitic tropes, advocating for Muslims and Palestine, and slamming Israel. And NO, the resolution brought against Ilhan for her atrocious “all about the Benjamins” remark didn’t even mention Ilhan Omar nor did she ever outright apologize for those remarks. 

Instead, when seeing her committee assignment in danger, she went on CNN last week with Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell and flat out lied. 

Just hours before the floor vote, suddenly Ilhan Omar is a fan of Israel. 

Ilhan Omar has had MANY opportunities during her time in Congress to declare her friendship for Israel, and she didn’t. But NOW, with her seat on the committee in danger?? A desperate yet bold move for sure. And…it didn’t work. 

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) was kicked off the House Foreign Affairs Committee in a party-line vote that followed a contentious debate on the House floor Thursday morning that included yelling and Omar defending herself, on the verge of tears.

House Republicans had set their sights on removing Omar after she had made what Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) recently described as “repeated antisemitic and anti-American remarks” throughout her time as a member of the House. The resolution passed 218-211 on party lines, with only Republican Rep. David Joyce (R-Ohio), voting present. He cast a similar vote when Rep. Paul A. Gosar (R-Ariz.) was removed from his committee under Democratic leadership, citing then that his service on the House Ethics Committee could pose a conflict of interest.

Before I get into the Democrat meltdown, let me point out one thing. When the Pelosi crew removed Gosar and Taylor Greene from their committee, it wasn’t just ONE committee, it was ALL the committees. In this instance, Omar can still serve on other committees, just not THIS one. 

Democrats, meanwhile, blasted the move as political revenge and are set to unanimously back Omar against the effort to remove her from the panel. She was set to become the top Democrat on a subcommittee on African policy.

“There has been accountability — Ilhan Omar has apologized. She has indicated that she’ll learn from her mistakes — is working to build bridges, because we believe in building bridges, not walls,” House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries told reporters Thursday. He said later that Omar would promptly join the Budget Committee after her Foreign Affairs Committee eviction.

Meanwhile, the meltdown was just incredible to behold. 

Eric REALLY needs to look in his own mirror and then shut up. Oh, but the other meltdowns were truly spectacular. Rashida Tlaib cried, literally.

Cori Bush tried to blame white supremacy, because that’s how she rolls. 

I’m literally surprised that AOC didn’t pound the podium with her shoe, her meltdown was that spectacular. She invoked the racism AND 9/11 references all that the same time. 

Oh, so this is targeted racism against Ilham Omar because she’s Muslim? That’s how they’ll spin it, and Ilhan is ALREADY running that spin with all her might. 

“This debate today, it’s about who gets to be an American. What opinions do we get to have, do we have to have to be counted as American?” she asked. “That is what this debate is about, Madam Speaker. There is this idea that you are suspect if you are an immigrant, or if you are from a certain part of the world, of a certain skin tone or a Muslim.”

Try harder because this debate isn’t and never was about who “gets” to be an American. The entire debate was about Ilhan’s overt animosity towards Israel (which includes saying Israel isn’t a democracy because Jews), towards Jews, and her advocating for Muslims while staying silent on acts of terrorism committed by Palestinians and other Muslim terrorists. Because, whether she likes it or not, far too many of the terrorists around the world ARE Muslim. Her stance, while serving on the House Foreign Affairs Committee was problematic for our foreign policy and national security. Period.

Democrat meltdowns and cries of racism, white supremacy, and Islamaphobia notwithstanding, Ilhan Omar is still a member of Congress and has other committee assignments. 

This wasn’t payback. This was removing someone from a committee that is supposed to promote foreign policy and stand up for our allies. Ilhan didn’t want to do that, going as far as comparing the U.S. to Hamas, so therefore she was a detriment and needed to go.

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