Biden Shows Up For Democracy And You Know The Thing

Biden Shows Up For Democracy And You Know The Thing

Biden Shows Up For Democracy And You Know The Thing

Joe Biden, showed up to a (small) crowd of supporters for Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe last night. McAuliffe also brought in the likes of Barack Obama, Dr. Jill and Stacey Abrams. But he saved the best of the “big guns” (or is it, “Big Guys” for last, we guess.

In fact, so many supporters showed up, they packed them in like sardines in a smaller, confined outdoor space to make it look as if there were more people there to support McAuliffe (and, of course, see the President).

Seems like Terry needs all the help he could get. Why not ask the president who got the most votes in history? President Pudding Pop made his journey across the Potomac in the name of “democracy”:

Virginia, you can’t take anything for granted. Show up for democracy, for Virginia, for the United States of America.”-Joe Biden

Just like you “showed up” during your campaign for the Presidency, right, Joe? Show up for democracy, Virginia!

Biden also painted McAuliffe as a “key ally” to his economic and social agendas, saying the former governor has already proven his track record in areas like veterans affairs, childhood development and social services.

Childhood development, eh? A “proven track record” that will eventually involve taking parents out of the equation with regard to their children’s education? Make no mistake, this is where McAuliffe is going. A government-knows-best approach on childhood development. What could possibly go wrong here? This is the same “childhood development” approach that condones children changing their pronouns and their gender identity whichever way the wind blows them on a particular day, at a young age. These policies conform to Biden and the Democrats’ social agenda. The very same social agenda that got a young woman raped in the girls’ bathroom of her high school.

Policy 8040 was passed by the school board in Loudoun County, Virginia. This policy allows transgender students to use restrooms, locker rooms and be called by names that correspond with their gender identity. This was the policy that allowed a young man identifying as a trans-female to wear a skirt, enter the girls’ bathroom and sexually assault a young woman.

The same voters who showed up for McAuliffe and, apparently voted in droves for #46, Joe Biden, seem to embrace this social agenda. They also blissfully ignore Terry McAuliffe’s flip-flopping on Incumbent and fellow Democrat, Ralph Northam. Take a look:

These voters will just shrug it off. So will our President, for that matter. Joe Biden’s appearance stumping for Terry McAuliffe is yet another illustration of his state of oblivion. While McAuliffe can blame Northam’s blackface on a “youthful mistake“, Biden blissfully glosses over it, or perhaps does not even realize that any of this happened over the past few years of hiding in his bunker. Biden himself is a white guy and has been known to say and exhibit some racist behaviors himself. After all, if you are a black person in America and you did NOT vote for him, you ain’t black!

First of all, it goes without saying how much I appreciate your current governor, Ralph Northam. Where’s Ralph? There you are, pal!”-Joe Biden

Ahh, yes. Old buddy, old pal! Birds of a feather.

I will say one thing for Joe Biden and his mental capacity last night. While some may think he has nothing inside of that head of his, he most certainly is letting Donald Trump live there rent-free. According to this, from The New York Post, Joe Biden mentioned Donald Trump 24 times in his stump speech for McAuliffe.

When your numbers look as dismal as Dementia Joe’s, it’s time to use his oldest trick in the book…distract from the incompetence coming from within and bring up the evil, orange guy again and again and again. Trump this, Trump that. Tell everyone how bad he was/is for this thing you call “democracy”. This will for sure get votes for Terry McAuliffe. And pfft. McAuliffe’s opponent, Glenn Youngkin, he’s just a clone of big, bad orange man, citing a rape of a teenage girl that is nothing but a murky case of rape. (What happened to believe all women, boys?) Where in the world is the democracy in these murky waters? But show up for democracy, Virginians and vote for Terry McAuliffe. And don’t worry about showing up to advocate for your children in schools. McAuliffe and the Biden Administration will take great care of your precious babes. It’s none of your business anyway. Keep swimming in the sludge.

Photo Credit: Feature Photo Credit: Grandpa Plantation Joe original artwork by Victory Girls Darleen Click

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  • Cameron says:

    Joe’s handlers* had him bring out how Youngkin “Has not disavowed Trump nor allowed him to campaign with him.”

    Let’s be honest: If Trump had showed up, Joe’s handlers would have had him blab about Trump being there.

    *Yes, handlers. I have my doubts that the man can string thoughts together without someone writing things out carefully and drugging him to the gills.

  • GWB says:

    Seems like Terry needs all the help he could get.
    Just one thing to consider: loads of people have already voted in Virginia. Don’t get seduced by small turnout when the event doesn’t matter to some large portion of the electorate. (I wonder if there are numbers by district on early voting? Yes, the do, and NorVa isn’t as far out there as I would expect.) I’ve gotten numerous texts about getting out and voting early.

  • American Human says:

    Its rich when a socialist from Chicago shows up and tells Virginians that he knows what is best for them.

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