AP Slams Youngkin For Citing of “Murky Case” of Rape

AP Slams Youngkin For Citing of “Murky Case” of Rape

AP Slams Youngkin For Citing of “Murky Case” of Rape

The Associate Press put out an article ostensibly covering Glenn Youngkin’s campaign for Governor of Virginia. You would not be wrong to mistake it as a pro-McAuliffe campaign ad.

From the liberal (heh) use of editorialized adjectives to dragging in the specters of former presidents Trump and George W. Bush to frighten potential voters, the analysis-as-propaganda piece is pretty blatant.

Glenn Youngkin wants voters in Virginia to hear an urgent message: Your children are in danger.

In a speech in Northern Virginia’s suburbs last week, the Republican candidate for governor highlighted the murky case of a student who allegedly committed sex crimes in two area schools.

Murky? Murky? While it is proper for an alleged news organization to report charges that have not reached final adjudication as “alleged”, the word murky implies that there is something suspicious or dishonest about those charges.

So much for “Believe All Women”, amirite? It took the first victim’s dad insisting to the school that their “We are going to handle this in-house” was not good enough for many parents to suddenly realize Woke Politics is more important than their children’s safety.

However, according to AP Glenn Youngkin is, like all Republicans, “pouncing”

“What other tragedy awaits Virginia’s children?” an atypically grim-faced Youngkin asked (snip)

Youngkin’s final-days focus on sexual predators in schools, hardly a widespread issue, will test the limits of his suburban outreach and provide lessons for Republicans aiming to retake control of Congress next year.

See? Youngkin isn’t sincere in his concern at all. He’s focusing on something trivial only to advance his campaign. Republicans don’t care about child safety in school either as this is just a lesson to be learned for the 2022 campaign season. Pay no attention to McAuliffe’s demand of parents to sit down and shut up.

Don’t you worry your tiny little heads about these things. Just remember, Republicans Bad, Democrats Good.

Indeed, the AP reaches back twenty-odd years to wave the red flag of GW Bush —

George W. Bush focused on education to portray himself as a “compassionate conservative”.

And what Republican candidate could ever be covered without copious amounts of column space devoted to OrangeManBad™?

In the Richmond suburbs, Alsuin Preis, a member of the Henrico County Democrats executive committee … has noticed a surge of Youngkin yard signs in her neighborhood, a swing district that shifted blue after Trump’s election.

“Glenn Youngkin has given them permission to not be ashamed anymore,” she said of her Republican neighbors.

Isn’t that special? How dare you Republicans shed your leper’s bell!


Democrats and their pets in BigMedia and BigTech hate you. Vote accordingly.

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  • GWB says:

    “Glenn Youngkin has given them permission to not be ashamed anymore,” she said of her Republican neighbors.
    I’ve never been ashamed. I’ve always been proud of being a Constitutionalist – in good times and bad. I’ve always been proud of my nation as it was founded and as it strived to be – in good times and bad. While I did sometimes facepalm over Trump’s tweets and such, I never viewed any of them as badly as the everyday lies and slander the Democrats have spoken for the last 40 years.

  • Oh yes, “murky.” The perp was just convicted on ALL charges in this case. Sentencing is only held up until the trial is over for the OTHER rape.

  • FenelonSpoke says:

    And the new leftist line is that the teen had previously had consensual sex with the guy in a dress who just got convicted, so it isn’t really “rape, rape.”

  • Cameron says:

    You remember the screeching from the left when it came out that the Catholic Church moved gay pedophile priests around that had been preying on kids? It’s amazing how their outrage has a selector switch.

    “Glenn Youngkin has given them permission to not be ashamed anymore,” she said of her Republican neighbors.

    Darling, we don’t need your permission to feel anything. And you deserve nothing but contempt for that viewpoint.

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