Biden Needs A Democratic Senate To Govern

Biden Needs A Democratic Senate To Govern

Biden Needs A Democratic Senate To Govern

Why? Because the GOP wants to block the Biden agenda. Of course, that’s the point. Or is it really Biden’s agenda? Or Kamala’s agenda? Or Chuck’s? Or Nancy’s? Or “Sandy’s”, even?

Biden campaigned alongside Jon Ossoff and the Rev. Raphael Warnock as they try to unseat Republican Sens. David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler in the January 5th runoff elections, saying he “needs two Democrats from the state of Georgia” to flip the Senate and “he wants to get something done”. It’s so cute that Joe Biden now wants to “get something done”, isn’t it? What does he want to “get done”? Well, confronting the Coronavirus pandemic, for starters. Then, Joe Bidenleap “all other national challenges” in one single bound.

What does this mean?

But, Biden won fair and square, right? And Joe Biden is all about healing as he coughed through Monday night’s speech practically hacking up a lung.

We can get so much done, so much that can make the lives of the people of Georgia and the whole country so much better.”-Joe Biden

How can Georgia make lives of Americans so much better? By voting for Jon Orsoff-err-Ossoff. Jon Ossoff, the man who wants to verify wages and working conditions for individuals here in our country illegally. The very same Jon Ossoff, who states that he “supports the second Amendment while banning the possession and sale of assault rifles and “not taking a dine from the gun lobby“. For the love of God, though, lets make sure illegals don’t have any of their freedoms taken away. They are entitled to decent wages and working conditions even if some of them are part of MS13. What happens when one of them breaks into your home? Wait, where’s that weapon?

Then, there’s the radical Reverend Raphael Warnock, with “an arm as big as (Joe’s) thigh“. You know, the Reverend who said that Americans cannot serve both God and the military. The Reverend who characterized the opening of the US Embassy in Jerusalem as a “tough week“. The Revered who twists Biblical scripture around to justify abortion. Can you serve both God and your political campaign, Reverend? And, let us not forget how the Reverend Raphael Warnock idolized the man who called white Christians “racist” and white Christianity “the antichrist”, James Hal Cone. Want more Marxist-loving, BLM-type “peaceful protests” that will give way to riots? Look no further.

Biden may be clueless in this but his puppet masters are not.

Ossoff and Warnock have gone on the defense in Georgia against Republican incumbents, Senators David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler. In all honesty, it’s time for the kid gloves to come off over the next few days in Georgia. Perdue’s and Loeffler’s campaigns alike need to smack and smack hard. But they cannot just leave it at Warnock and Ossoff. No, they must pay homage to Biden, the new “Big Guy” on campus. Because two Senate seats mean so much more than the ideologies of those who fill them. These two seats will dictate an agenda for the next four years at the very least. What agenda? Try The Green New Deal, which is directly quoted as being a “crucial framework” by Biden (even though he said he had another “plan”). Get ready to be taxed to armageddon for these programs. Try more top-heavy unions supported by Democrats. And move over, ladies, for The Equality Act where men who feel like women and want to be called “women” because it makes them feel good can take your place (and your college scholarship) on your high school sports team. Justice. Equality. Healing. Thinking of embracing the entrepreneurial spirit? Think again because here comes the PRO Act. And as more lockdowns loom, the lives of Americans lost to a global pandemic, the jobs lost, the local economies that have tanked and the fact that our children would have lost almost, if not, a whole year’s worth of in-school learning will be all for naught. Because Joe Biden will indeed cozy up to China to do the country’s bidding once again. Because cozying right up to the country that brought the Wu-Han Flu to our soil is a great move in combatting Biden’s first bullet point-the Coronavirus pandemic, don’t you think?

All he wants for Christmas are his two Georgia Senate seats. C’mon, man! “We can get so much done”, Biden says. So much more damage to be had. You know who “got something done”, Mr. Biden? President Donald Trump and his administration. They fast-tracked a vaccine in less than a year’s time while you hid out in your basement. You and your Democrat cronies didn’t build that, Joebama. Don’t even pretend that you did.

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  • Ted says:

    May I assert my copyright on Joebama Bin Hidin (c 2020)? 😉

  • Bucky Barkingham says:

    Why should we believe that the RollOver Party Senate leadership will actively oppose Beijing Biden the way the Lefties opposed Trump? Cocaine Mitch has already thrown in the flag on electoral college challenges, congratulating Beijing Biden on his theft er win of the election.
    This is a moot point since the 2 Lefties in GA will each get 81 million votes just Beijing Biden. After all they will be using the same algorithms to steal er count the votes.

  • Aussie Supporter says:

    The Democrats have already stolen Georgia senate races.

    Of course they would have planned all this 10 moves in front, especially after having 500 million to assist them to do it.
    Of course any proper audit of Georgia would show that, but Republican leaders there have refused it. Obviously something very smelly and sneaky is going on, there must be some sort of massive pay off at the end of this somehow for the players.

    At no stage has anybody asked if Observers are going to be allowed anywhere near the tables either.

    At no stage has anybody suggested that all ballots at table are done under horizontal camera either. A way to stop fraud.
    At no stage has anybody suggested a supervision of Postal services since they backdated postal votes before.

    Is there going to be a live feed of camera at drop off boxes? What happens if a camera goes down? One can of spray paint can help that along.

    The fix is in, again, and in the future.
    America is in the throes of a Coup.

    And there is very little Americans can do about it i am sorry to say.

    Big Tech, Big Media, Deep State and Democrats have deemed your Political choices as “Incorrect” and have to be “modified” to make it acceptable to them.

    Please make yourselves safe from the revenge of the Left

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