Berlatsky Has Mommy Issues: Calls Parenting Oppressive

Berlatsky Has Mommy Issues: Calls Parenting Oppressive

Berlatsky Has Mommy Issues: Calls Parenting Oppressive

Noah Berlatsky, writer for The Atlantic, took to Twitter this week to give his (unbiased) opinion on parenting and the “endemic parent/child relationship”.

Take it from the guy who wrote about Wonder Woman, bondage and feminism. Parenting is the pits. Of course there was pushback and Berlatsky did not like this.

Parents are charged with indoctrinating children into an abusive and unjust society. How do they do that? in part by teaching them to stay in their place and accept injustice without question. again, these are not particularly new insights. does anyone read shulamith (sic) firestone?
If someone had the right to beat you unconscious, imprison you for using a cell phone, prevent you from going to college, prevent you from seeing friends…you’d see that as tyrannical, even if they didn’t do any of those things. and rightly so.”-Noah Berlatsky

There are some crackpots who actually agreed with Berlatsky:

Yep. All of us parents only procreate for our own gratification. Take that from a self-identified “lesbian trans female”. Parenting does not benefit children. We are slave-drivers and make our kids work soooo hard. And all we wanted was that child credit. That’s the only reason we put a child on this earth. What is failing our youth? Parenting is. The root of all evil lies within one’s mother and father. How dare we teach our children to know their place. How dare we exercise boundaries with them! We have been wronging our children all along, you see. How can I repent when I have failed my teenage son so miserably?

Do people just not know how kids are treated? Parents routinely prevent children from speaking to friends, leaving the house, identifying as queer. parents regularly hit kids and emotionally abuse them. The mechanics of the family and of capitalism are not separable.”-Noah Berlatsky

There it is. Family and Capitalism go hand-in-hand. Yay for Marxism and disbanding of the family unit. No more pater or mater. We have the village to raise this child. Bonus points of our child goes to see the family with the virtue-signaling lawn sign and spends his days there. We parental units are figures of oppression. I’d venture to argue that the only figures keeping kids from leaving the house right now are the governors in some of our states. Guess that leaves us mothers and fathers to our own devices and “indoctrinating” our kids.

The sad truth is that Berlatsky does not see the difference between beating a child senseless and “imprisoning” a child for use of a cell phone. The so-called “parents” who beat their kids senseless are NOT parents. They are merely vessels and I feel for these children because they will grow up with a distorted view on the family unit. If nothing else, these kids need love from friends with good parents. Berlatsky, while defining parenthood as being the key to the oppression of children, does not even address the concept of abortion. No, the unborn do not get a say in this matter. The parents-to-be are exercising their “freedom” and not oppressing or stifling another heartbeat in this case, are they? A non-issue in this argument, apparently.

Noah Berlatsky has entered the room, all. And he’s here to tell us that we are doing it wrong. I am such a bad parent for asking my son to scoop the poop out of our cats’ litter boxes. Call me Joan Crawford. And how dare I tell him to say “please” and “thank you”, brush his teeth and wear deodorant like he’s my prisoner. And, man, oh, man. I should have let him go and hang out with that friend back in third grade whose father had a known stash of pornographic material in the household. I prevented him from seeing a friend. And, damn. I should have encouraged the friendships between those boys who would go behind the school (when school was in session) and smoke pot. I, the Capitalist, have unjustly imprisoned and repressed my child. How dare I tell him that he needs to be competitive, work hard and get good grades if he wants to go to medical school. I should just give him the free will to coast. I’m oppressing him. He can be anything he wants to be. If he can think Johns Hopkins, he can do it. So, who needs a cap on the electronics usage during the week? How ever will I forgive myself for turning my home into a prison? Maybe because I want to contribute to society and not raise a child who becomes a grown-ass adult who acts like this? Just throwing out a spitball here.

Thank you, Noah Berlatsky, for empowering We, the parents everywhere. Yeah, our kids don’t have to listen to us, their oppressors. But they also don’t have to listen to you guys, either. Now excuse me for a moment. I need to be Wonder Woman and ask my able-bodied-man-child-slave to take out the trash.

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  • Scott says:

    That mouth breather Berlatsky is proof that it really doesn’t take all that many braincells to support life.. (or be a liberal).. Obviously, it’s not much more than what pond scum requires..
    One more emotional eunich that needs to be castrated to ensure “he” doesn’t pollute the gene pool any further…

  • GWB says:

    Take that from a self-identified “lesbian trans female”.
    Yeah, there’s someone who’s not vitally focused on their own gratification, AT ALL. *eyeroll*

    What is failing our youth? Parenting is.
    Well, I’ll agree with this. But I’m gonna point my finger at these people’s parents….

    Do people just not know how kids are treated?
    This person seems to have a very broken brain.

    He can be anything he wants to be.
    Yes, parenting is so oppressive. So, once you drop them out of your womb, just leave ’em on the hillside, right? I mean they should be perfectly fine without your patriarchy, right? OW, that eyeroll hurt.

    I think Berlatsky read A Brave, New World as a how-to manual, not a warning.
    I also think s/he/it should be institutionalized.

  • NTSOG says:

    I have always believed that parenting is a form of benevolent dictatorship and that adults must be in charge until children are old enough and mature enough to cope on their own. Though I have no children one thing I learned over 50 years teaching and working with children and their families is that children crave the security of strong, directive adults, knowing that such adults will keep them safe when they cannot control themselves. As one fourth grade lad in a primary school in Virginia in 1980 said to me after a student teacher taught a very poor lesson and the children took advantage of her: “We hate student teachers … they let us do anything. You [he stood and pointed at me] make us do things.” In other words he and his peers enjoyed the safety of the structure I set for them and knew I would not allow them to come to harm through their own immature impulsiveness. Children hate weak adults and do not trust them.

  • Brian Brandt says:

    “I am such a bad parent for asking my son to scoop the poop out of our cats’ litter boxes. Call me Joan Crawford.”

    Yeah, it’s practically the Holocaust. Doesn’t Berlatsky realize that if if he got his way people would stop having children?

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