Biden Lawyers And FBI Are Covering For Him

Biden Lawyers And FBI Are Covering For Him

Biden Lawyers And FBI Are Covering For Him

When it comes to the Biden classified documents scandal, it doesn’t take much to see the hand of the Department of Justice and the FBI trying to do a Jedi mind trick on the media and the public.

The media, of course, is weak-minded enough to fall for it – unless they are in the White House press corps and having to listen to Karine Jean-Pierre correct the lies from the previous day with a new set of lies. And it’s not the fact that she’s lying that has most of the press corps up in arms and asking uncomfortable questions – it’s that she’s so bad at her job and her spin is getting trashed as new information just keeps coming out.

Jean-Pierre could not run away fast enough yesterday.

Now, thanks to the Wall Street Journal, we have learned that the DOJ let Biden’s personal lawyers – who don’t have security clearance – conduct the search for classified documents at the Wilmington home WITHOUT SUPERVISION because hey, they like Biden and he’s trying to be helpful, so let’s just let them do that and we don’t need to watch.

After Mr. Biden’s lawyers discovered documents marked as classified dating from his term as vice president at an office he used at a Washington-based think tank on Nov. 2, the Justice Department opened an inquiry into why and how they got there. Mr. Biden’s legal team prepared to search his other properties for any similar documents, and discussed with the Justice Department the prospect of having FBI agents present while Mr. Biden’s lawyers conducted the additional searches.”

Instead, the two sides agreed that Mr. Biden’s personal attorneys would inspect the homes, notify the Justice Department as soon as they identified any other potentially classified records, and arrange for law-enforcement authorities to take them.”

Those deliberations, which haven’t previously been reported, shed new light on how the Biden team’s efforts to cooperate with investigators have thus far helped it avoid more aggressive actions by law enforcement.”

Um, call me crazy, but wasn’t the Trump team negotiating with the National Archives before the FBI raided Mar-a-Lago and took their infamous picture of all the documents spread out on the floor? That picture that conveniently got released to the public, proclaiming how AWFUL and HORRIBLE and DANGEROUS it was to have classified documents in an unsecured location.

Biden has classified documents in his “office” at the Penn Biden Center, his Wilmington garage, and in the Wilmington house, and the DOJ and FBI simply say “meh, let the lawyers without security clearance go looking, because we like Biden.” Conveniently, that means no pictures of documents spread out all over the floor for the public to see. Wow, I am shocked, SHOCKED, that the FBI has suddenly become so lazy that they are willing to not actually do their jobs if it hurts someone they like.

Law professor Jonathan Turley points out that having the lawyers do the searching adds in extra protections for Joe Biden.

The initial use of lawyers is notable. While it seems a fairly pricey moving crew, Biden could argue a trove of documents might require a judgment on where they should be sent and whether they belong to Biden, the Penn Biden Center or the government.”

After the fourth batch of documents was discovered this week (the third found in Delaware), Richard Sauber, referred to as the “special counsel to the president,” stressed that he has a clearance. Sauber admits the lawyers who found the first batch at the residence didn’t have clearances but says he found the later documents.”

It remains unclear which lawyers were involved in which discoveries, whether they had clearances and (if so) at what level. In fact, it seems to suggest Biden continued to use uncleared lawyers after his team found highly classified documents Nov. 2 in the Penn Biden office closet in Washington.”

That itself could be viewed as gross mishandling of classified information.”

It’s strange Biden did not use security officers or the FBI to conduct further searches. The president has a host of people who regularly handle classified material. So why use the lawyers?”

The answer appears the same as in the case of Hillary Clinton’s emails: control. Using private counsel allows Biden to raise attorney-client privilege. Trump also used counsel, but eventually the FBI raided his home to search and remove not just classified material but documents found in boxes with that material.”

While that attorney-client privilege can be overcome under a “crime/fraud exception,” it adds a level of initial protection. It also allowed Biden to control the discovery and initial record of the discovery of classified information.”

The key to any investigation will be the chain of custody extending back to the documents’ removal in 2017 when Biden left office. How these documents appeared in their discovered locations is known only to his lawyers. It’s a link in the chain of custody that Biden effectively controls.”

Turley also highlights that with no pictures of the documents, as the FBI took at Mar-a-Lago, we have no idea if the documents were in their “top secret” folders, or just lying around, waiting for Hunter to read them again or snort a line off them. Their condition upon discovery would tell us something about how they were accessed. With the lawyers involved, we get none of that.

Which means, yet again, this is another giant protection racket by the FBI to protect one side of their aisle over the other. And don’t think that Donald Trump hasn’t noticed. The former president posted on Truth Social to air his complaints.

“Biden is being treated so much [sic] better than me, I’m shocked (not really!). Why aren’t they raiding his house, & how come his representatives and lawyers are allowed to work together with the Gestapo [sic] in looking for documents, when my lawyers & representatives were not allowed anywhere near the search,” Trump posted on Truth Social on Tuesday morning. “We weren’t even allowed to know what they took when they raided my home. ‘Please leave the premises,’ they said, & then lugged out everything they could, including my Passports & Med Recs.”

He’s not wrong. And while Attorney General Garland has appointed a special counsel to deal with the Biden documents, Robert Hur hasn’t even started yet. According to the Wall Street Journal, he will likely begin at the end of this month, as he wraps up his work in the private sector. In other words, there’s still time to “mysteriously” find and/or clean up classified documents by Biden lawyers.

Again, how conveeeeeeenient.

And again, Karine Jean-Pierre is not having a good day.

Too bad Biden is staying far, far away from the press right now after his “Corvette” flap. You could almost feel sorry for Jean-Pierre. Almost.

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  • Theo says:

    “The media, of course, is weak-minded enough to fall for it”

    When only one side has the task of attempting fairness then that side has the necessity of saying things such as that. When ‘Reporters’ Prefer Their Role as Propagandists to Journalists then they sigh in relief when someone tells the lie for them. “Being the Press Means Never Having to Say You’re Sorry” as long as they can find someone else to say the lie instead of them. We are to the point when most “Journalists” would be quite happy to call Martin Luther King Junior a liar if someone else would cover for them. It is not just a National embarrassment but a National disgrace.

  • DEEBEE says:

    Trump’s biggest mistake, like an outsider, was that he dissed the FBI by not negotiating with them and DOJ. Who is this piisqueak-y outfit called National Archives?

  • Scott says:

    Damn KJP reminds me of “side-show Bob” from the Simpsons… and now that I think of it, she looks like him too…

  • Kevin says:

    Just because TFG (the F*%king genius) spent 18 months blocking, ignoring, lying to the National Archives, the Justice Department and the American People, doesn’t mean that Biden is doing the same thing. You’re projecting his criminal behavior on Biden. At least Biden’s attorneys had the ethics, morality, decency to notify the National Archives where TFG’s attorney’s would have just lie … through their teeth and even would have signed a sworn statement there was “nothing there, there.” Stop projecting … just because republicans do it doesn’t mean everyone else does it.

    Hey, here’s an article for the VG’s … How TFG has to pay close to $1,000,000 in fines and attorney’s fees to Hillary Clinton.

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