Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Raided By Partisan FBI

Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Raided By Partisan FBI

Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Raided By Partisan FBI

You have most likely heard the horrific news by now: Last night, the partisan hacks at the FBI, led by the feckless Director Christopher Wray and Attorney General Merrick Garland raided Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago in Florida. The cowardly twats waited until the former President was at Trump Tower in New York City. Fellow patriots, we have officially entered the Banana Republic realm.

Way back in those halcyon days of 2017, Newsweek published an article titled “Can Donald Trump Really Have the FBI Investigate His Political Enemies?”. After ranting about a tweet that Trump sent about Senator Elizabeth Warren claiming that Hillary Clinton had jiggered the Democrat primaries to box out Senator Bernie Sanders, the article concludes:

Brandishing orders or suggestions to Justice or the FBI “violates a core norm” that has guided the U.S. even in times of war or turmoil: “The president does not bend the rule of law to go after political opponents,” Eisen said. “We have never had a president in our history who made statements of this kind [in public]… Even Nixon had the decency to do it behind closed doors.”

Donald Trump never had home raided. Joe Biden’s regime has, a lot. Think Peter Navarro, Steve Bannon and Roger Stone. And, the Leftist are exuberantly cheering.

This is the day they have been waiting for and the Left told us the game plan six years ago.


The Deep State has been after us since the Tea Party days. Us, We the People. Donald Trump is just the representation of us. The partisan Deep State permanent class in D.C. has used every dirty trick in the book. The Steele Dossier made up from whole cloth. Trump has been accused of everything from sexual assault to Mafia ties. He was impeached twice for being Donald Trump.

Meanwhile, years ago Bill Clinton’s National Security Adviser Sandy Berger walked out of the National Archives with Federal documents stuffed in his pants and socks. Hillary Clinton, well, we’ll focus on the scandal before the Steele Dossier, deleted 30,000 emails. Joe and Hunter Biden have run a family criminal organization for decades and nothing. This is more than a judicial double standard. As the New York Post’s Miranda Devine asserted tonight, the FBI has become the secret police for the Democrat Party.

From the New York Times:

The raid on Mar-a-Lago came as former President Donald J. Trump weighs an increasingly likely third White House bid. He has considered making an unusually early announcement this year, a move designed in part to shield himself from a stream of damaging revelations emerging from congressional and criminal investigations into his attempts to cling to power after losing the 2020 election.

But there have increasing doubts about his viability as a candidate in 2024. A New York Times/Siena poll last month showed that while Mr. Trump maintained his primacy in the party, a significant number of Republicans said they would not support him in a rematch with President Biden. In that hypothetical matchup, Mr. Trump trailed President Biden, 41 percent to 44 percent.

That sounds like the Media/Democrat Industrial Complex is scared…and they should be. The 411 is that the White House (Biden) was not given a head’s up about the raid. That’s probably true given Joe’s dementia babbling. While Joe Biden stumbles and bumbles and has to have Jill help him put his jacket on, the Left is trying to rebrand “Let’s Go Brandon” into “Dark Brandon” complete with Nazi imagery:

Nevermind, the Nazi Imperial Eagle also used by some Ukranian forces. Hmmmm. It is starting to all make sense.

On Newsmax, Alan Dershowitz eviscerated the Department of Justice for the law and the optics of the pre-dawn Mar-a-Lago raid:

Trump was cooperating with the National Archives. Trump was at Trump Tower, not Mar-a-Lago and so it shouldn’t have been a raid, but a subpoena. People in the United States are being held with charges or bail now in the United States.

In his statement, President Trump says these are “dark times” for our country and he is so right. Here is his full statement:

It’s very bad, my fellow patriots. It’s going to get worse, especially leading up to November 8. They aren’t really after Trump. They are after us. And, by the way, the safe they broke into was empty.

Featured Image: Mar-a-Lago/Gage Skidmore/ Trump/Public Domain

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  • Cameron says:

    They will miss civilization when it’s gone.

  • Kevin says:

    tRump’s a fucking thief and liar. How about this? Let’s each bet are retirement accounts on who’s right? I doubt given TFG’s track record and being “transparent and honest” you’re going to jump at this opportunity. I can guarantee you that TFG (The F##king Genius) probably took the original copy of the constitution from the White House. If the country falls into a civil war, it’ll be over the lies, fake news, of an unstable and mentally ill man who as able to convince 35% of the population that he is the messiah. Here’s the one thing true about tRump … if you get within his orbit you’ll be sucked into the black hole and forever be tainted by his stench and criminal behavior. The fight is not between liberals and conservatives. The fight is between the “members” of the republican party to decide if they want to continue down the path of a mentally ill man or do what’s right for the nation and our democracy. The morbidly obese, pathological lying, vindictive, narcissistic imbecile with the emotional maturity of a toddler and now, the biggest loser, will only accomplish one thing for the republican party … total annihilation. With TFG there is no soft landing … it’ll be total destruction … and here’s the icing on the cake. TFG doesn’t give a shit about the people that support him. Hell, he wouldn’t allow 95% of the people that show up at his rallies to walk through the front doors of Mara Largo. Have a nice day.

    • Scott says:

      ooh, look, the troll is back..
      First we live in a Constitutional Republic, NOT a democracy, and if you don’t understand that, the rest of your arguments are pointless.
      Second, the right doesn’t worship politicians, we just recognize and support those that act in our best interests. If you want an example on uninformed zealots worshiping a politician as messiah, just look at the drooling morons who supported obama
      Third, I don’t recall you having any interest in the FBI / DOJ doing their job when they should have been looking into the crimes of hillary or hunter, or verifying that the Steele Dossier was a manufactured pack of lies paid for by hillary / soros.. But now that the political hack and butthurt partisan Garland is abusing his power( at the direction of biden, or whoever is controlling that dementia addled meat puppet) to intimidate those on the other side of politics just like in the third world leftist run shitholes you so revere, you’re now all on board with their aggressive tactics.

      So I have to ask, are you really that damn stupid, or are you just an America hating petty tyrant that thinks he’ll be one of the rulers when the left achieves their utopia?

      • Andrew X says:

        Have a nice November.

        I sure will.

      • GWB says:

        I will say that some on the right certainly do worship Trump. I do spend some time trying to pull those people back from their idolatry. Seeing Trump as the only possible way to achieve re-establishing the Republic is dumb and dangerous.

        As to “dementia addled meat puppet”, I think you might have a bad preconception if you think his puppet status is due to his dementia and not due to his lack of a brain long before dementia kicked in.

        Lastly, embrace the power of ‘AND’.

    • Cameron says:

      It must be horrible for you to need to come here in order to get the attention your family never gave you. I’d feel pity but I save that for human beings.

    • Andrew X says:

      Have a nice November.

      I sure will.

  • A reader says:

    Ok, but seriously, you ladies on this blog DESPERATELY need a real lawyer to explain legal proceedings to you because posts like this make you look beyond stupid. In order for this to have happened, a federal judge would have had to find probable cause to issue the warrant. And it would have had to be okayed by the higher echelons at the DOJ. Do you seriously think they would have risked the political and legal blowback without the goods? I mean, seriously?! I love how when it’s your enemies it’s glorious, but when it’s your god king dear leader, it’s the end of the world. If no one is truly above the law, then that should mean NO ONE, including dear leader. This is actually proof that we’re not a banana republic because it was done methodically and legally.

    I highly suggest you listen to actual lawyers with actual experience and actual understanding of the law. If you did, you would know that previous reporting has stated that Trump left the White House with documents he wasn’t supposed to take, including possible classified documents. That’s a crime. (See here for a good explainer of the timeline: There was earlier reporting that the National Archives had to get certain documents back and I read yesterday that the FBI visited Mar a Lago in the spring:

    Current speculation that I’ve read is that the likeliest reason this happened now is that there’s new information about the documents still there, either from someone flipping— Meadows?— or further investigation. It’s not a witch hunt. It’s legal and was done using full legal methods.

    So unless you truly feel that only those you support should be able to get away with crimes, you may want to stop your whining. Either the law applies to everyone or it doesn’t. (It not doing so IS a sign of fascism and banana republics and all that.)

    • GWB says:

      Do you seriously think they would have risked the political and legal blowback without the goods?
      You mean, like when they had “the goods” on that Russia Collusion thing? And what blowback? You mean the one that the media would gladly stifle? The one they would hold a pillow over until it stopped moving?

      And LOTS of stuff is “legal” in our topsy-turvy world that should not be.

      Either the law applies to everyone or it doesn’t.
      Well, yeah, that would be nice. And we’ve seen over the last decade+ that just isn’t so.

      You’re making a big assumption here that there is even a crime to be investigated. (And I’m assuming you’re naive and not dishonest.)

  • GWB says:

    Us, We the People. Donald Trump is just the representation of us.
    Not entirely. They can, to some extent, safely ignore us. We don’t have the organization and the resources to break their grasp. Trump is rich enough and has organization already in place. It was his ability to actually be the weapon for the people that scares the progressive church.

    People in the United States are being held with charges or bail now in the United States.
    I think you mean without charges.
    But those are only the dangerous people, doncha know. The mere criminals are let go without any bail – evidently so they can fill up their charge sheet before their trial.

    And, by the way, the safe they broke into was empty.
    I loved that. It was a brand new safe and the FIBIs brought a cracker just to get into that safe. Maybe they were looking for Al Capone’s vault?

    I will say that I am not assuming Trump didn’t do anything wrong. He was a little loose on some things, and got bad advice from some of his close people. And he tends to dig his heels in and fight, even when he’s wrong. So, there might be some legitimacy to this – but, a raid? Really?

    BTW, a claim you missed is that the FIBIs didn’t document the items contained in the boxes of documents they took from Mar-A-Lago. There are some legal and regulatory issues with that, that will possibly come back to bite the FBI – assuming they ever get an un-corrupted judge.

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