Biden Has Major Covid Test Problems

Biden Has Major Covid Test Problems

Biden Has Major Covid Test Problems

Those Covid tests that the Biden Administration is sending out via USPS? There are major problems.

We were all supposed to cheer when the test website went live and it seemed that it wasn’t going to crash like the Obamacare site did. HOWEVER, when people living in apartment complexes were left stranded because of address issues. 

The U.S. Postal Service said the issue stems from buildings not being registered as multi-unit complexes and affected only a “small percentage of orders.”

The issue raises concerns about access for the millions of Americans who live in apartment buildings and other multi-unit dwellings. Equity, and particularly health equity regarding Covid-19, has been a priority for the Biden administration. A planned phone hotline for people without internet access wasn’t yet available on Tuesday. The administration official emphasized that the site hasn’t been officially launched and the call line would be ready by week’s end.

One would THINK that this would’ve been factored in from the very beginning, but no, it was not.

Furthermore, we are talking four tests per address per month is all anyone can order. What if there are more than four people living at that address? What should they do? Draw straws to see who DOESN’T get the lucky test?? Yeah, that’ll work out GREAT!

Oh, but that’s not the only problem with these tests! 

First, most people reading the labels on the tests are discovering that they are made in…CHINA. You know, the place where that bat flu virus came from? Yes, the tests everyone is ordering were made in China.

That sure as hell doesn’t give me any warm fuzzies, what about you?

Secondly, there’s a major temperature problem with these tests. Yes, you guessed it, the tests only work if kept at a certain temperature.

The instructions on the box and on the enclosed instruction booklet say the tests must be stored at temperatures between 36-86 °F.

Read that again. The tests are only effective if the temperature is maintained at that level, and then carefully warmed up to the appropriate range before using. 

Have the tests been warehoused in temperature controlled conditions? Possibly. But what about transporting the tests around the country by the United States Post office, run through the mail sorting facilities, sent to various hubs, and then loaded on the carrier’s little delivery truck? 

Mail truck via Pixabay, cropped and modified

Here in the Rocky Mountain region the temperature has been below 35 multiple days, at night the temps have been below freezing. Those trucks are definitely NOT temperature controlled! What about the south? Southern California, south Florida, the Gulf Coast? Is humidity a factor? 

Third, how many tests are there? Only 50 million tests. When asked about the tests and if there were more forthcoming, the tap dance ensued. 

Just prior to the website launch, Health and Human Services revealed the administration has no new contracts with test manufacturers, only warehouses where just 50 million tests sit in storage. There are no plans in place for the development of new tests.

“Why should we have any confidence in these contracts if, in fact, we are dealing with companies that don’t manufacture anything, and can you assure me that the tests are coming in, are not coming from China?” Ranking Member of the Senate Health Committee Richard Burr asked HHS Assistant Secretary Dawn O’Connell.

Fourth, as was asked, the government officials wouldn’t answer if the tests come from China. 

Fifth, the rollout is going SO WELL that test orders being filled are…backlogged due to supply chain issues. 

Millions of at-home COVID-19 tests are being left untouched and unable to be distributed inside a warehouse in Monterey Park due to massive supply chain issues.

According to an ABC News report published last week, some 17 million tests — including some earmarked by the California Department of Public Health for schools, nursing homes, homeless shelters and childcare centers – have been sitting backlogged on giant pallets for days.

OH. So, while the website didn’t crash, the rollout has as many glitches as the Obamacare site did. Things are going GREAT! 

Here’s the other thing about these tests. Not only are they supposed to be kept within a certain temperature range, to be used correctly, it helps to ensure they don’t arrive broken in transit.

Yes, all of this is totally fine. Biden doesn’t have a Covid test problem. What we are seeing is all in our imagination…right?

Yes indeed, given the Biden Administration’s covid test problem, how long will it take before announcements of N95 shortages start happening? As for getting monoclonal antibodies if your test DOES show positive correctly? Good luck with that. 

Feature Photo Credit: Original artwork by Victory Girls Darleen Click

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  • American Human says:

    The government proposed, funded, and designed the test kit rollout, what could go wrong?

  • GWB says:

    how long will it take before announcements of N95 shortages start happening?
    Which is funny, since the whole reason they claimed for the original “masks don’t do anything” was to prevent a shortage of N95 masks……….

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