Biden Calls A Lid On Foreign Policy

Biden Calls A Lid On Foreign Policy

Biden Calls A Lid On Foreign Policy

Let’s just call a lid on U.S. foreign policy shall we? After all, that’s what the Biden Administration is doing.

The latest involves appeasing the European Union and handing Russia a huge gift. You see, the Keystone Pipeline is bad because green New Deal REASONS! However, the underwater Nord Stream 2 pipeline? Stupendously awesome!

Putin sends thousands of troops to the Ukraine border and the U.S. says Russia will get a stern lecture. What does Blinken do instead this week? 

“It also came the same day that Blinken waived sanctions on a German firm and its executive, building a Russian-backed pipeline called Nord Stream 2, despite saying the administration would do all it could to block its completion. The decision to waive sanctions, while targeting several Russian vessels and firms working on the pipeline, enraged Republican and Democratic lawmakers, who mandated such sanctions in a law on Jan. 1.

Now isn’t that one helluva gift to Russia! The only thing missing was a blingy gold bow with tassels! Quite the turnaround compared to what Blinken said during his confirmation hearing. 

SEN. CRUZ: Now, worryingly, there have been suggestions out of Moscow and out of Berlin that the Biden administration would reduce pressure and reduce efforts to stop Nord Stream 2. Can you commit to this committee today that the Biden administration will hold the line, will keep the sanctions, and will prevent the Nord Stream 2 pipeline from being completed?

MR. BLINKEN: Two things, if I may, Senator. First of all, the president-elect strongly agrees with you that Nord Stream 2 is a bad idea and he has been very clear about that. I need to look at the actual legislation. I am determined to do whatever we can to prevent that completion, the last hundred yards, I very much agree.

Evidently, that was then…

Given that Russia was also credibly accused of taking part in the hack that shut down the Colonial Pipeline and has sent gas prices climbing around the country, this move is jaw-dropping. Calling a lid on foreign policy means not holding bad actors to account apparently. 

The Biden Administration isn’t just calling a lid on Russia foreign policy. Nope, the lid has been called across the entire spectrum. 

Iran: Let’s hand Iran MORE cash and reignite the Iran deal. One key result of this move thus far? Hamas has been shelling Israel for over ten days now.

What is the Biden Administration’s response? Chats, pearl-clutching over the Associated Press offices getting leveled, and calling lids even when Hamas coldly says it’s ok if children die. 

China: Please, whatever you do, don’t make it public that Surprise! there really was a leak from the lab in Wuhan! Biden will call a lid on that, while the Democrats will leap into the coverup fray with the media’s help. Blaming President Trump is their chosen tactic. 

What does Joe Biden have to say about China? Who knows, because he keeps calling lids. Well, I take that back. He calls a lid after playing with electric trucks and mock-threatening to run over fawning reporters. 

Evidently, according to Grandpa Joe, China is winning the war to get electric vehicles on the roads. 

Which is really funny when you consider that one of China’s new electric trains runs on virtual tracks…

Yeah, that’s right. It’s a freaking BUS driving on a regular road. But go ahead China, you do you. 

The problem with Joe’s foreign policy is that he doesn’t HAVE a foreign policy. Instead gifts to Russia are handed over, China is telling the U.S. how high to jump, the Squad is out and proud of their Anti-Semitism while Israel is getting shelled, Iran says gimme and Joe asks how much?

Russia wanted to finish its pipeline and wants to stomp all over Ukraine. President Trump stopped all of that cold with very good reason. Biden just handed Russia a cash and geopolitical win. And now Russia wants more. 

“Lavrov said Monday that the Biden administration’s remarks on wanting a more stable relationship may be just empty rhetoric. “Apparently, a decision was made to promote stable, predictable relations with Russia,” he said at a news conference in Moscow. “However, if this includes constant and predictable sanctions, that’s not what we need. Our attitude towards the U.S. includes the hope that normalized relations will be based on specific actions rather than words — of which we have heard too many.”

What will Biden do in response? Probably say yes to the demands and then totter off to take another nap. 

Calling lids on our foreign policy is bad for the United States and bad for the world. Our allies and enemies know this. The Democrats and leftist media know this, but do not care. Instead they celebrate the lids while working to push critical race theory in our schools, and our military goes woke instead of staying battle ready. 

For all of those who sniveled about Trump’s mean tweets, Biden calling a lid on foreign policy will have far worse repercussions for America and the world than it did on your widdle hurt feelings. 

Feature Photo Credit: Biden campaign at office by Matt A.J. via Flickr, cropped and modified

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