Hamas Ice Cold To Israeli Bomb Warning To Save Lives

Hamas Ice Cold To Israeli Bomb Warning To Save Lives

Hamas Ice Cold To Israeli Bomb Warning To Save Lives

The Marxist-Leninist Left here in the United States is strongly anti-Semitic. They make no effort to hide their hatred for Jewish people. If you EVER had any question about the Left, you only need look at the latest Mid-East battles to get your answers. They blame the Jews for everything. But, Hamas is a group based in cowardly evil. More proof comes in by the hour.

The latest proof is a shocking phone call from the Israeli Defense Forces to a building owner in Gaza warning the owner the building is going to be bombed and that personnel should be evacuated:

Here is the transcript from TownHall.com:

“I can’t get all of the people out I need at least two hours to get them out,” the Palestinian says.

“Listen, we are going to bomb the building,” the member of the IDF replies.

“You want to bomb? Bomb whatever you want,” the man responds.

“No, brother, we need to do everything we can so you don’t die,” the IDF member says.

“We want to die,” the Palestinian answers.

“But you have a responsibility for children’s lives,” the Israeli pushes back.

“If the children need to die then they’ll die,” the Palestinian counters.

“God forbid, God forbid, what do you want, to die?!” the soldier asks.

“This is how we reveal your cruelty,” the man responds.

Ice cold culture of death.

Let me get this straight. Hamas places rocket launchers in Palestinian residences, schools and hospitals in order to lob them into Israel. The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) wants to mitigate the chances of death and injury so they warn Palestinians to evacuate the buildings. The Palestinian/Hamas answer is go ahead and bomb the building, we want to die to show your cruelty. Cowardly evil.

Hamas has been hiding the rocket launchers and intelligence gathering equipment in civilian buildings for years in order to up the body count, but the AP incredibly claimed they didn’t know about Hamas being in the building. The building AP occupied for 15 years. Nina wrote about this alleged news organization and you can read it here. So, um, the AP isn’t into investigative journalism?

Let’s play connect the dots again, shall we? President Trump upped the sanctions against Iran. Iran can’t afford to fund Hamas. Joe Biden sends $90 billion to Iran. Shazam! Iran has the money to send missiles to Hamas again. Joe Biden is, therefore, funding the bombs flying into Israel.

As early as 2012, PIJ leaders are on record stating that the group’s missiles were provided by Iran. In recent years, the Gaza terror organizations have significantly upgraded their rocket capabilities, primarily with help from Iran, which has provided them with weapons and also helped them to boost their own rocket-manufacturing capabilities. Gaza officials have often highlighted the importance of this Iranian assistance and stressed the direct involvement of Qassem Soleimani, the former Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) Quds Force, who was killed in January 2020 in a U.S. airstrike in Baghdad.

Thank God that Israel has the Iron Dome Aerial Defense System. It stops the missiles flying in with about a 90% success rate, From the Jerusalem Post:

Iran’s media has bragged that Israel is facing its highest ever rate of rocket fire from Gaza. This is a message to Hezbollah that in a future war, a large number of rockets fired at Israel might tip the conflict in Iran’s favor. This is also the narrative pushed by Hamas.
But is it true? How many rockets have been fired and how fast?
What we know is based on IDF statements about the number of rockets fired. On the first day of the conflict, May 10, 150 rockets were fired from Gaza and dozens intercepted by the Iron Dome defense system. Some rockets fell short in Gaza and some fell in open areas, so they did not all need to be intercepted.

That was the first day. Can you imagine how we would react if our friendly neighbors to the North in Canada aimed 150 missiles in one day at the United States? How would we react?

The Squad led by Rashida (or Rashid, according to Joe Biden) Tlaib is virulently anti-Semitic and cannot see Hamas’ hand in any deaths in Gaza.

Spare me your tears, Rashid. I don’t believe them. The IDF pleaded for the evacuation in Gaza. The culture of death is so strong that even children aren’t spared. Indeed, dead children make better photos to sell to the other anti-Semites on the Left. If you want to know how many deaths it takes before their lives matter, ask Hamas. Tlaib stands there in her keffiyeh showing her support for Palestine. She should wear a Star of David to show her thanks to Israel for trying to mitigate the deaths of Palestinians that Iran and Joe Biden care nothing about. Cry somewhere else, anti-Semites. Ice cold, cowardly evil.

Featured Image: IZ designer photo/flickr.com/cropped/Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

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  • Taylor says:

    If Hamas supporters here in America are calling for a ceasefire that means that Hamas and Islamic Jihad are getting the **** kicked out of them. All the more reason for Netanyahu to double down with the bombing.

    • GWB says:

      Concur. I actually think they should simply steamroll the whole place and kick out all the survivors (put ’em on a boat to Iran). Bring them the sort of peace they crave – the peace of the grave.

  • Ralph Robert Jaeger says:

    There is one thousand and one ways to die in the Middle East, and they all start with “ Allah whose snack bar! Let us f##k with Israel! “

  • Taylor says:

    Anybody catch Geraldo Rivera last night with his meltdown over Gaza/Israel on the Hannity Show? The guy is mentally challenged and should’ve been fired a long time ago with his foul mouth. Actually the real reason why he should be fired is because he’s a supporter of Hamas.

  • […] Importantly, in the rebuilding of Gaza, the world will work with the Palestinian Authority and not Hamas. I hear you out there. That’s like working with the Crips rather than the Bloods. The problems of the people in Palestine lay directly at the feet of the leaders in Palestine and their culture of death. […]

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