Andrew McCabe On 60 Minutes: The Deep State Lives [VIDEO]

Andrew McCabe On 60 Minutes: The Deep State Lives [VIDEO]

Andrew McCabe On 60 Minutes: The Deep State Lives [VIDEO]

Former acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe has a book to sell. So it’s time to throw people under the bus and reveal the inner workings of the deep state, all in the name of profit.

McCabe appeared on 60 Minutes last night, interviewed by Scott Pelley. Unfortunately for McCabe, he has the speech mannerisms of William Shatner without an ounce of Shatner’s talent for delivering a line. This results in an interview full of stammers and “uhhhs” delivered in an absolutely charisma-less manner. Pelley, who walked a weird line of egging McCabe on with his “OMG NO WAY” attitude, and then handing him more rope to tie himself up with, did not try for an adversarial interview. However, he clearly wanted to see just how far McCabe would go.

His patience was rewarded when Andrew McCabe – who was the number two man under James Comey – threw Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein under the bus, and then backed over him a few times for good measure.

Andrew McCabe: I can’t describe to you accurately enough the pressure and the chaos that Rod and I were trying to operate under at that time. It was incredibly turbulent, incredibly stressful. And it was clear to me that that stress was— was impacting the deputy attorney general. We talked about why the president had insisted on firing the director and whether or not he was thinking about the Russia investigation and did that impact his decision. And in the context of that conversation, the deputy attorney general offered to wear a wire into the White House. He said, “I never get searched when I go into the White House. I could easily wear a recording device. They wouldn’t know it was there.” Now, he was not joking. He was absolutely serious. And in fact, he brought it up in the next meeting we had. I never actually considered taking him up on the offer. I did discuss it with my general counsel and my leadership team back at the FBI after he brought it up the first time.

Scott Pelley: The point of Rosenstein wearing the wire into a meeting with the president was what? What did he hope to obtain?

Andrew McCabe: I can’t characterize what Rod was thinking or what he was hoping at that moment. But the reason you would have someone wear a concealed recording device would be to collect evidence and in this case, what was the true nature of the president’s motivation in calling for the firing of Jim Comey?

Scott Pelley: The general counsel of the FBI and the leadership team you spoke with said what about this idea?

Andrew McCabe: I think the general counsel had a heart attack. And when he got up off the floor, he said, “I, I, that’s a bridge too far. We’re not there yet.”

Scott Pelley: That it wasn’t necessary at that point in the investigation to escalate it to that level.

Andrew McCabe: That’s correct.

Now remember, this story was already broken by McCabe months ago, and Rosenstein vehemently insisted at the time that he was being sarcastic. Andrew McCabe continues to insist that Rod Rosenstein was dead serious. Who do you believe?

How is the view under that bus, Rosenstein?

But McCabe says Rosenstein raised another idea. The 25th Amendment to the constitution allows the vice president and a majority of the cabinet to remove the president.

Andrew McCabe: Discussion of the 25th Amendment was simply, Rod raised the issue and discussed it with me in the context of thinking about how many other cabinet officials might support such an effort. I didn’t have much to contribute, to be perfectly honest, in that— conversation. So I listened to what he had to say. But, to be fair, it was an unbelievably stressful time. I can’t even describe for you how many things must have been coursing through the deputy attorney general’s mind at that point. So it was really something that he kinda threw out in a very frenzied chaotic conversation about where we were and what we needed to do next.

Scott Pelley: What seemed to be coursing through the mind of the deputy attorney general was getting rid of the president of the United States

Andrew McCabe: Well—

Pelley: One way or another.

Andrew McCabe: I can’t confirm that. But what I can say is the deputy attorney general was definitely very concerned about the president, about his capacity, and about his intent at that point in time.

There are two options here:
1) Rod Rosenstein and Andrew McCabe actively discussed and colluded to remove the duly-elected President of the United States because they didn’t like him (remember, firing Comey was well within the president’s purview), or
2) Andrew McCabe is a known liar (remember, the Inspector General’s office said so) and is embellishing the story of this “unbelievably stressful time” and throwing Rosenstein over in the name of selling his book. (The Justice Department issued a statement to CBS essentially saying this.)

The problem? Both options are totally plausible. Welcome to the Deep State. And of course, we know now that the firing of Comey led to the hiring of Mueller, because McCabe and company simply could not get over the election results were concerned that Trump may be a Russian puppet.

Whoa whoa whoa, Andrew McCabe, the 1980’s are calling and they want their foreign policy back! (Thanks, Obama.) Snarking aside, this is huge. McCabe is taking the credit for the Mueller investigation and all the hoopla that has followed – you know, because of his “deep concerns.” Not because Trump had dissed his wife and her taking PAC money from Clinton crony Terry McAuliffe, oh noooooo, that didn’t have ANYTHING to do with McCabe’s deep-seated worries that President Trump was a Russian agent.

Let’s just say that Andrew McCabe’s personal reasons for distrusting and disliking Donald Trump objectively outweigh the professional ones, given the evidence.

Will McCabe sell some books? Undoubtedly. Will he sue to get his pension?

I don’t think he wants a lawsuit. Discovery swings both ways, of course. And given that McCabe is essentially admitting to planning a coup – and that Senator Lindsey Graham wants some answers from McCabe, and isn’t ruling out subpoenaing him to appear before the Senate Judiciary Committee to get those answers – I don’t think Andrew McCabe is going to be pursing his full pension in court. Plus, he already got money via a GoFundMe – he isn’t hurting for cash.

What McCabe is hurting for is some credibility without looking like a petty tool of the deep state. Too bad this interview didn’t help him out in that category.

Featured image: Andrew McCabe on 60 Minutes (via 60 Minutes YouTube channel), screenshot, cropped

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  • George V says:

    McCabe is now saying there had to be an investigation of the Trump campaign based on evidence of Russian collusion. The evidence is the Steele dossier, which some basic reporting (by actual investigative journalists) showed to be simply fantasy created by the Clinton campaign through a number of cutouts, and fed into the media and Justice Dept. by various partisans and political operatives.

    If this very sketchy evidence justified an investigation it means means either the Justice Dept. investigators were partisan hacks who wanted to take down the President by any means, or the investigative branches of the Justice Department are totally incompetent, lacking the skills to determine the evidence they used was invalid.

    Mr. McCabe should be asked which case is true.

    • Scott says:

      “If this very sketchy evidence justified an investigation it means means either the Justice Dept. investigators were partisan hacks who wanted to take down the President by any means, or the investigative branches of the Justice Department are totally incompetent, lacking the skills to determine the evidence they used was invalid.

      Mr. McCabe should be asked which case is true.”

      Spot on.. in EXACTlY those terms!!

  • J. S. Bridges says:

    Andrew McCabe is both a clearly-evident, purely-self-serving serial liar, on numerous “official” occasions and to varying effect(s), AND one of the basic originators – if not the PRIMARY originator (which seems quite-likely, at this point) – of an attempted total-coup to remove (or at the very least to impeach, and THEREBY-remove) the duly-elected new POTUS, Donald J. Trump. His lies – and partial-“truths” – in various directions, at various levels and to various officials, including (doubtlessly) the FISA Court – and his likely-“leaks” (perhaps via other people, such as Peter Sztrok and/or Lisa Page) to the WSJ, (with some assistance, “knowing” or otherwise, from people like Brennan, Rosenstein and Sztrok) set the whole “Russian collusion” thing in active-motion, caused the whole Mueller-headed “investigation” piece of abject bulls**t to come into existence (via Rosenstein, of course), and started the whole “Deep State” anti-Trump ball rolling.

    Too bad he wasn’t fired long before he was – he was the nexus of the whole horrid mess! He’s deeply-deserving of whatever nasty s**t can be dumped on his ugly head!!

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