AMERICAN GOMORRAH™– WE MUST BREAK THEM Chapter 2: The Problem with Kurt Schlicter

AMERICAN GOMORRAH™– WE MUST BREAK THEM Chapter 2: The Problem with Kurt Schlicter

AMERICAN GOMORRAH™– WE MUST BREAK THEM Chapter 2: The Problem with Kurt Schlicter

The only problem with Kurt Schlicter is that he’s right. Paladin differs with him slightly in this only: whereas Kurt (may I call you Kurt?) hopes we break up with the Lib Prog Borg as if we were an estranged, tangled couple, Paladin fears it won’t be an uncontested divorce. And this divorce will leap from the realms of his novels into reality before anyone notices. Paladin believes that in order to free ourselves from the Blue City State tyranny, we must break them.

Paladin keeps coming back to this nub of reality, as KS says of the elite Eloi parasites: “You can’t grow food, transport it to hungry people, or drill for the fuel to make that happen. All you can do is code, blog and run your fool mouths.”

Paladin sees it another way:

We must Break the Blue City States where our Rulers live. What that means is, break our Rulers’ will to fight. Break them through an act so terrifying, it halts their totalitarian efforts for a generation. And we can do it without firing a shot. At least on our side.

What do they have? They have the megaphones of the lickspittle media, they have the goose-step of academia, and the Prog Borg of unessential government drones. They have Hollywood & Vine.

What do we have? We have the food. We have the guns. We have the trucks.

At some point we’re going to have to use the trucks, just to keep the guns.

There’s a Presidential Candidate, Andrew Yang, out there who gets one little piece of it right: he identifies driverless trucks that will send MAGA Americans into paroxysms of rebellion—but we’re not going to have to wait on bass drummer Injun Joe for that. It will come long before driverless trucks threaten to kill yet another American industry. Paladin cannot identify the flash point—yet—but the Lib Prog Borg have been striking matches over open casks of gunpowder for decades now.

Recall Nietzsche’s grotesque maxim: Madness is rare in individuals; but in groups, parties, nations, and ages it is the rule. Pick whichever nutso newsie news item walnut to crack, they won’t taste as good as these look.

Remember the Northam Virginia Koon Klux Klan Show? No, neither do I. It’s been wafted off the balcony by the Lickspittle Media like a fart in a crowded movie theatre, at the panicked cry of “Border Emergency!”

Northam is the worthless, corrupt governor of the state of Inviolate Vagina. He exists to tax the precious lucre out of redundant, incompetent, over-paid government employees—their Lords and Ladies in various Virgin Counties—who vote socialist. And like good Venezuelans, they’ll eventually be forced to sell the gold in their teeth so their children can take turns fighting DC Rats in the dumpster down by Dean & DeLuca.

Here’s an incident that sank into the bowels of history under the howls from Bedlam: Turnip-Assed Bureaucrats with guns arrest a Clinton Whistleblower. Before the Roger Stone FBI amphibious assault raid…there was Nate Cain. Somehow the Federal Bureau of Instigation let this photo be taken. Dig the Evidence Response Team shirts. Too lazy for suits and ties.

Photo Credit: Bing

As for you Bureau Rutabaga Butts: make sure you test for Post Seizure Premature Ejaculate so as not to contaminate your haul of evidence swag. Another struck match that died before it hit the powder.

The Nate Cain item may have vanished from our irrational consciousness but fear not: there’ll be another rough beast slouching along any minute now. Another frantic hand striking matches over three open gunpowder barrels, their faded labels fraying at the edges: Food. Guns. Trucks.

A final cultural observation:

Are you tired yet of that man-scruff look on every TV show or movie actor, every sports figure, every snivel-drip journo and 7/11 clerk? How come every one of these twinks seem to have a three-day shadow?

Photo Credit: Bing

Guess the only guy in America still shaving his face every morning is Caitlyn Jenner.

Image Credit: Wikipedia

Just sayin’…


Paladin is an Entertainment/IP Warfare Rōnin and self-identifies as a Y-chromosome Victory Girl.
Feature Image credit: Screenshot via Kurt Schlicter’s The Rebel Youtube channel.

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