Adam Schiff Clinging To His Tinfoil Trump Collusion Conspiracy No Matter What

Adam Schiff Clinging To His Tinfoil Trump Collusion Conspiracy No Matter What

Adam Schiff Clinging To His Tinfoil Trump Collusion Conspiracy No Matter What

While the majority of rational Americans out there weren’t surprised by the Barr summary of the Mueller report, there are quite a few conspiracy theorists who just can’t let it go. One who can’t but really should jump off of the collusion bandwagon is Congresscritter Adam Schiff (tinfoil hat – CA). Instead, as we see today, he’s clinging to Trump! Russia! Collusion! with all his might.

He so badly wanted Mueller to find corruption, collusion, and obstruction of justice, that he announced he was going to keep digging!

‘Undoubtedly there is collusion’: Trump antagonist Adam Schiff doubles down after Mueller finds no conspiracy

Dude! Mainlining tinfoil is really not a good look for you! And to unequivocally state there is collusion in there somewhere? Has someone from the Mueller team already shared the 300 page report with you? Or is it that you determined your truth well over two years ago, and have decided to stick with it even as the ledge you’re on is crumbling all around you?

Understandably the Republicans on the committee have had enough of Schiff’s shenanigans.

At the outset of a House intel hearing on Thursday morning, Rep. Mike Conaway (R-TX) called for Schiff to step down — a call which he said was supported by all nine Republican members of the committee.

“Your actions, both past, and present are incompatible with your duty of the chairman of this committee — which alone, in the House of Representatives — has the obligation and authority to provide effective oversight of the U.S. Intelligence community,” Conaway said. “As such we have no faith in your ability to discharge your duties in a manner consistent with your Constitutional responsibility and urge your immediate resignation as chairman of the committee. Mr. Chairman, this letter is signed by all nine members of the Republican side of the committee, and I ask unanimous consent that it be entered into the record at today’s hearing.”

You can read the entire letter here.

Of course, Schiff was unamused by the letter and Conaway’s commentary this morning. He went on quite the diatribe.

And when Conaway wanted to respond? Schiff cut his mic off. Very childish in my opinion. But then again, Schiff clinging to his conspiracy collusion obstruction stance by his fingernails is childish and needs to stop.

Russia trying to meddle in our elections and poke holes in our cybersecurity apparatus IS a big problem and should be addressed. 

“Those who continue to push the false collusion narrative are the ones inadvertently assisting Russia. The intelligence community report noted that Russia’s objectives in 2016 included undermining “public faith in the US democratic process . . . faith in the US Government and fuel[ing] political protest.” In this sense, it worked like a charm. Instead of helping Russia further divide us, we should be uniting to push back against Moscow’s continued efforts to interfere in our democratic process as the 2020 elections approach.”

Pelosi defending his tinfoil stance isn’t a good look either.

No, we aren’t scaredy-cats. We are just tired of our elected officials wasting time and resources (money) chasing after imaginary issues.

An empty envelope completely describes all that Schiff is still peddling. If Schiff really wants to stay on this tinfoil road of his, then he’d better be prepared to fully answer as to why he spent 10 hours meeting with Michael Cohen prior to Cohen’s testimony on Capital Hill.

Here’s the thing, EVERYONE should be highly concerned with what Schiff has been peddling for the last two years. Why? Because his statements gave everyone the impression that he was privy to highly classified information that no one else was. Furthermore, Schiff would make those statements and then leaks regarding similar information would suddenly show up in the media.

Schiff has been playing fast and loose with facts and information for the last two years because he hates Trump that much.

Schiff’s clinging to his tinfoil collusion conspiracy theories is a detriment to his constituents, to the work of the U.S. House, and to the Trump Administration. The House Democrats have a major problem on their hands and it’s not Trump.

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