Will Liz Cheney Investigate Insurrection At Interior Department?

Will Liz Cheney Investigate Insurrection At Interior Department?

Will Liz Cheney Investigate Insurrection At Interior Department?

There was an insurrection at the Interior Department on Thursday. Will Liz Cheney add that to her January 6 witch hunt? It’s a fair question given what happened the other day.

Police and climate activists clashed Thursday during protests at the Interior Department, with security personnel sustaining “multiple injuries” and one officer being taken to a hospital, agency spokeswoman Melissa Schwartz said.

Climate demonstrators were attempting to occupy the Interior Department, with dozens entering the Stewart Lee Udall Main Interior Building on C Street NW. Those who remained outside clashed with police as they tried to keep the one unlocked door open. At times, protesters attempted to push past the police line.

Let’s break this down. These are anti-fossil fuel activists. They BROKE INTO the Interior Department building. Security personnel were injured. People were forcibly arrested and hauled off to jail. 

If we are to stay consistent, then Liz Cheney and her Jan 6 committee members need to investigate the Interior Department insurrection. 

Liz Cheney wants people held accountable for what they did on January 6. Notably she wants President Trump impeached again. Meanwhile, folks who entered the U.S. Capitol on that day have languished in jail while their Constitutional due process rights are completely ignored. Which led to a judge issuing contempt of court orders. 

A federal judge found the warden of the D.C. jail and director of the D.C. Department of Corrections in contempt of court Wednesday and called on the Justice Department to investigate whether the jail is violating the civil rights of dozens of detained Jan. 6 defendants.

U.S. District Judge Royce C. Lamberth of Washington acted after finding that jail officials failed to turn over information needed to approve surgery recommended four months ago for a Jan. 6 Capitol riot defendant’s broken wrist.

Here we are, ten months later, and we find out that not only are Jan 6 defendants not afforded due process, some have been refused necessary medical treatment for MONTHS. Will Liz Cheney investigate that as well? I doubt it because it ruins her anti-Trump narrative. 

Back to the Interior Department insurrection. Anti-fossil fuel activists physically broke into the building. They actually assaulted security personnel. Which led to injuries and security personnel deploying tasers against the protestors. 

I’m trying to recall if any of those involved in the January 6 event vandalized the U.S. Capitol in the same manner? Oh they didn’t? Huh, how about that. 

This week it was totally fine for protestors to block traffic on multiple days, throw things at police officers, and break into federal buildings. It’s for climate change you see. Therefore, these protestors evidently get a pass. 

Here’s the thing. Liz Cheney set the rules. She’s emphatically stated that everyone involved in the January 6 insurrection needs to be held accountable. She even went on 60 minutes to defend her stance, even as her polling in Wyoming continues to tank, and she received a coveted endorsement from Occupy Democrats

Therefore, by the protocols she and Nancy Pelosi set, all the insurrectionists who broke into the Department of Interior and injured multiple security officers should be held to the same standards as the January 6 rioters. 

As Kim noted here, Liz wants to be the nanny of the Republican Party. Well, that’s all fine and dandy. But in order to be a good nanny, consistency is a must. Therefore, Liz needs to expand the January 6 commission and include this week’s riots at the Department of Interior. 

Then again, Liz Cheney is all about Liz and power. The riots, vandalism, and destruction that have taken place across the country since May 2020 aren’t worthy of her attention. Instead, she wants heads on pikes for daring to walk through the U.S. Capitol and going into Nancy Pelosi’s office. 

Will Liz help the Joint Chiefs craft another statement, this time condemning the assault on the Interior Department? No, she won’t because it doesn’t fit her chosen narrative. 

What happened on January 6 was wrong then, and it was wrong now. What happened this week at the Interior Department was equally wrong. Yet Liz will stay silent rather than anger her Democrat pals by speaking out.

Feature Photo Credit: Liz Cheney via Wikimedia Commons, cropped and modified

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  • ROP says:

    The ‘activist ” are indoctrinated idiots. I bet most of them drove fossils fuel cars to the riot. Also most of the clothing they were wearing is from petrochemicals.

    Liz chenzy is really a disappointment to society. ( of course all on the left are, but thats another story. Why any of them can have anti-American sentiments and hold office should be and was illegal , but I digress)

    She and here “friends” on the left are taking a wrecking ball to this country and the Constitution and that amounts to treason! Don’t expect them to hold these useful idiots accountable.

  • Wfjag says:

    Let the protesters live the lives they advocate – go live in a cave or wigwam and have a dirty, painful, brutish, chronicle sick, life expectancy of 29 years.

  • Blackwing1 says:

    With regard to literally everyone with whom I have spoken, Liz Cheney is toast here in Wyoming. Every single man and woman with whom I’ve discussed her behavior agree that she has betrayed her oath of office, and betrayed the trust that the people of Wyoming granted her to Represent (note the word…it’s the House of Representatives) the people of this State.

    Unless there is massive overwhelming fraud in the Rep-wing primary, she will NOT be endorsed as the candidate for re-election. About the only county in the State that might hold for her is Jackson County, home of the collectivist, statist, authoritarians isolated there in Wyoming. Everyone else will reject her, utterly and completely.

  • Joe R. says:

    Shi7-princess gets a photo shopped pic and victimgirls huts and modifies the derpiest pics of PDJT they can possibly contrive. What a pant load.

  • John says:

    Were there multiple deaths at this insurrection? Also “Victory Girls” ?? Will that name be changed?

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