WaPo: Overturning Roe Is A 9/11-Style Attack

WaPo: Overturning Roe Is A 9/11-Style Attack

WaPo: Overturning Roe Is A 9/11-Style Attack

The journalists at The Washington Post (WaPo) are at it again likening a memo leak to a terrorist attack. No joke. Cue the hysterics on this one from yesterday: Overturning Roe Would Be A 9/11 Attack on America’s Social Fabric.

Honestly, I could not have summed my thoughts up better than Matt Vespa at Townhall‘s comment that the Biden Administration is doling out the crack pipes. And WaPo‘s Dana Milbank seems to be hitting that pipe hard, man. From his latest and greatest (sarcasm on the word, greatest):

Assuming little changes from the draft, overturning Roe would be a shock to our way of life, the social equivalent of the 9/11 attacks (which shattered our sense of physical security)…”-Dana Milbank

To be fair, Milbank also mentions the crash of 2008 but the left would not want to point fingers now at the economy because that would be focusing on a real issue that points to the utter failure that is the Biden Administration. They would much rather focus on how Conservatives are out to ruin American’s lives, likening them to the atrocious terrorists who aimed planes into buildings on that dreaded day and killed thousands of innocents in-air and on the ground. Why? Because to the Tide-pod-eating journos at WaPo, this logic draws parallels and makes sense. Breathe in the chemicals, Dana, and take another hit:

I hope voters punish Republicans in November for this assault on Americans’ freedom, and there’s evidence they will.”-Dana Milbank

So much to unpack here, folks. First off, women are not as obsessed with abortion as the left likes to paint things. Most pro-choice individuals actually oppose late-term abortion when it comes to viable newborns. The opposition to late-term abortion (and abortion in general by most sensible Conservatives) is largely fueled by extreme liberal groups whose support base flaunts the amount of abortions (looking right at ya, Shout Your Abortion) they’ve had for just being wanton and just damn irresponsible and selfish. But Milbank and WaPo want to draw this parallel to the reversal of Roe to a 9/11-style attack.

But, they’re the smart ones. Hey guys and girls and guys who think they can get abortions because they identify as girl geniuses, it was a draft opinion, leaving decision-making up to the states. No one is outlawing abortion. But honestly, if you think terminating an otherwise healthy pregnancy for mom and child or using abortion as birth control, or asking me to fund your irresponsibility and selfishness is an “attack on our social fabric of The United States”, you’re smoking the same crack Milbank is hitting.

Democracy dies in the darkness and this is some really dark stuff. Lights out, completely. Seems WaPo and the collective left have forgotten what happened on that dreadful day. Some people did something, right? Some people killed off families, some people (children) were left without a mother, a father, or sometimes completely orphaned. One parallel Dana Milbank and his fellow crackheads can draw and this is a stretch? Some children did die on 9/11:

In truth, many more children in America are killed at the hands of abortion, so, I ask, who really are the terrorists here? To liken the reversal of Roe to the 9/11 terror attacks is a preposterous notion. But the morally superior, intellectual journalists on the left, WaPo‘s Milbank being one of them, would like Conservatives who value life and other options before the killing of an innocent child, to know that we are the “terrorists”. Hell, we’re just like Mohamed Atta coming after our 72 virgins in the hadith corpus. I have two words for Dana Milbank and, you’ve guessed it, they are not “Happy Birthday”.

At least someone can actually say that to Dana Milbank. To those of you who made the brave choice of becoming a parent, hug your children and love them extra hard today. Urge them to not grow up and be journalists. And tell them crack kills.

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