Desperate Leak of SCOTUS Roe v. Wade Opinion

Desperate Leak of SCOTUS Roe v. Wade Opinion

Desperate Leak of SCOTUS Roe v. Wade Opinion

Late Monday, Politico put out a desperate leak taking apart Justice Samuel Alito’s proposed draft opinion that would overturn Roe v. Wade.

“Justice Samuel Alito’s draft opinion, which would overturn Roe v. Wade, wages a frontal assault on the reasoning of the landmark 1973 opinion that found a federal constitutional right to abortion…Alito’s draft is labeled as a proposed majority opinion, though the wording of the court’s ultimate ruling and the line-up of justices who support it could change before final release, expected by late June or early July.”

Politico reporter, Josh Gerstein, gives a link to a scanned copy of the draft opinion. In that link, Gerstein states,

“The Supreme Court has voted to strike down the landmark Roe v. Wade decision, according to an initial draft majority opinion written by Justice Samuel Alito circulated inside the court and obtained by POLITICO.”

Gerstein goes on to highlight ten reasons why he sees Roe v. Wade going down. It’s as if he had a lot of time to read the 98-page document…or something. Like someone gave it to him much earlier than when his piece came out. The date on the draft is from February, after all.

Silly me, as I read his desperate leak, the lawyer in my household said, “This was leaked. This does not happen. This isn’t legislation put out for public comment.”

Hold the damn phone, Politico. Right off the bat, the statement “the Supreme Court has voted to strike down” cannot exist in the same sentence as “according to an initial draft majority opinion.” The ambiguity is maddening–almost intentional.

For left pro-abortion progressives, they are losing their ever-loving minds right now. Gerstein’s confusing language whether Justice Alito’s opinion has truly been ruled on is just enough to send the left into apoplectic shock. For those on the right, it just gave a false sense of hope. News agencies aren’t sure what to think either.

Politico just dropped a nuke on the already inflamed partisanship the abortion issue already is. The left has now rearranged their calendars to riot, protest, stalk, dox, squawk, harass and embarrass anyone within ten blocks of the Supreme Court. You thought the riots of 2020 were bad? Late into Monday evening, the Supreme Court building seemed to be preparing for, uhhh, violence.

Try taking women’s right to health care abortion away—the left won’t be peaceful about it. One bit.

One of Politico’s key passages from the opinion centers on the fact that our founding fathers did not lay out abortion as a right.

“We hold that Roe and Casey must be overruled. The Constitution makes no reference to abortion, and no such right is implicitly protected by any constitutional provision….”

Lock your doors and stock up on riot gear. I am not alone voicing concern over Politico’s desperate leak. Someone within the Supreme Court, and their staff, just took the sacred trust amongst justices and staff—and screwed it up royally. The barricades are a good idea.

The news isn’t so much the legal opinion itself, but the desperate leak. Pro-lifers are excited to think this opinion could be the law of the land. Be completely honest with yourself right now– this desperate leak could be the “spark” the left has been provoking.

Pro-abortion progressives want to poison the political environment so grotesquely that the court will feel such political pressure to punt or swing their opinion in some way. It has already done, in a few short hours, irreparable damage amongst the court.

“…this decision is an enormous win for the pro-life and conservative movements and should be celebrated as such. But it is also an unprecedented violation of the Supreme Court’s notorious privacy — one that will have massive ramifications inside and outside the court… The court has always prided itself on being leak-proof…Whoever leaked this has violated not only the trust of the justices but the integrity of the court itself… It is fair to assume that the leaker wanted news of the court’s decision to create enough political pressure that one or more of the justices who have allegedly decided to buck Roe feels the need to change his mind.”

The nimrod who leaked this, coupled with Politico publishing it, has laid bare the left’s desperation. It is mind blowing. Let’s hope someone can keep the peace long enough for the Supreme Court to publish a meaningful opinion on this draft opinion and not be swayed by all the garbage the left will literally throw at them in coming weeks.

It is a hill conservatives and pro-lifers are willing to die on. This desperate leak just showed the unhinged mentality of the progressive left. They haven’t seen the unwavering resolve of those on the right.

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  • GWB says:

    wages a frontal assault on the reasoning of the landmark 1973 opinion
    Well, thank goodness someone finally did!

    Look, even if you’re pro-choice, you have a vested interest in striking down Roe v Wade as an egregiously “reasoned”, horribly written, constitutionally unsupported opinion lacking any foundation even in common law. If you’ve never read the whole decision, go do so. It’s one of the longest decisions ever written, I think, and that’s primarily because they go to great lengths to try and bolster the idea that the unborn child is no person. They throw a bunch of poo at the common law to try and bury that. They pull quotes out of context. They quote people as decisively authoritative who deny the basic requirements of life you learned in your high school or middle school biology class. They basically did everything in their power to arrive at the pre-conceived notion that abortion was included in the 4th Amendment – and really failing to do so.

    I read the thing until my eyes glazed over. Then I read some more. Until I had read the whole thing. It is a travesty of science, reasoning, research, law, and basic logic. It should have never been upheld at all if you care about actual law in any way.

    The ambiguity is maddening–almost intentional.
    It’s called CYA. They are attempting to protect themselves if this turns out to be bogus (like it’s already OBE). But they need it to generate the outrage necessary to get all the freaks to the ballot box in November. (Which is weird, since the decision would have to come out before the election, anyway.) Or, maybe the vote isn’t final yet, and they are trying to pull off one of those scare-the-judge moves that they have done with Rittenhouse and Chauvin and others recently. (Or, maybe, the vote is already 4-5, and they’re going to claim they flipped the vote with this?)

    I hope the court returns to law and the Constitution on the matter. It would be a victory for life and for freedom.

  • Andrew X says:

    One can surmise that the entire purpose of the leak was to throw a bombshell onto the 2022 political field, by someone who saw that they are down 35-7 at halftime, and that their team was playing like garbage.

    Thing is, I am far from certain that this will have near the effect that the leaker (and his/her grateful party allies) thinks it will. NBC News, of all people, has polling data that shows that this may have minimal effect on the numbers. Meanwhile, what this does do is galvanize the most lunatic elements of the Left to ever greater lunacy. This in front of an electorate that saw what happened with George Floyd, and my sense is, with that all done, people are really looking back and internalizing what a political scam that was from top to bottom, one that has cost hundreds of urban lives and more in the aftermath.

    At the same time, that kind of Leftist lunacy about the court (AT the court!) will be Kavanaugh all over again, including to people who do not consider themselves activists or the like, who are just getting doubly and triply fed up with the neverending bull$4!t.

    It’s said about the Chinese concept of the ‘Mandate of Heaven’, when the Leader (or ruling party) loses it, a major symptom is that they keep doing what they have always done, but start getting opposite results. Watch for that.

    • GWB says:

      The dumb thing of it is… if they wanted to influence the mid-terms, they’re way too early… and the SCOTUS would have released their decision long before then, anyway! (They usually release their decisions in the summer, I think.)

  • CycloneSteve says:

    What’s frustrating is that this is a big nothing burger.

    In 87% of the counties there is no abortion clinic.
    If you want an abortion you drive to where the clinic is.
    Blue states will still have legal abortions.

    All that has changed is how far some need to drive.

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