Voter Primer: 5 Reasons to Never Vote Democrat Again

Voter Primer: 5 Reasons to Never Vote Democrat Again

Voter Primer: 5 Reasons to Never Vote Democrat Again

We’re just three weeks away from fundamentally transforming the Senate. Oh, never mind. That old, worn-out platitude is as empty as the suit who first professed it. Nevertheless, conservatives have a very good chance—barring Democrat chicanery—of firing the chief obstructionist, also know as Harry Reid, who does, well, not much other than frequently feeding his Koch habit on our Senate floor, as well as cleaning the House.

Now I know that the Republicans—who need a serious reboot of their own, having drifted too far from what Republicans are supposed to be—have a nasty habit of their own, that being shooting themselves square in the foot at crunch time, and losing an otherwise in-the-bag race, which could potentially leave said Obstructionist firmly rooted in his cushy taxpayer-funded station. But anyone who’s studied Democrat politicians for five short minutes knows that they are capable of doing anything to hold on to power. See the continued cover-ups of Benghazi, ObamaCare, IRS, Secret Service…it’s an endless list. And, yeah, I realize we have some soulless miscreants of our own over here on the Conservative side, but the Democrats have molded it, polished it, and perfected it into an art form. Now, I readily admit I’m a Recovered Democrat—please don’t lob rotten tomatoes my way!—who once bought into the illusion that said party reveres free speech, religious liberty, equality, tolerance, you get my point. Thankfully, it didn’t take me long to figure out…surprise! It’s all a big, fat ruse. So, with that, I give you My Five Reasons for never, ever, over my cold, dead hands, voting Democrat again.

1. National Security

  • The Obama Administration’s politically-correct foreign policy, lead by a Muslim sympathizing Commander-in-Chief, has allowed the rise of the terrorist army, ISIS, as well as an emboldened Russia, China, and Iran.
  • Ebola has reached our nation, and a very nasty strain of Enterovirus, as well as TB, is again rearing its heads. Meanwhile, Obama refuses to secure our borders and ban flights.
  • The Open Borders policy of the Democrats is hurting America. A full-blown invasion of illegals is occurring with the consent of the Democrats, along with various nasty diseases. Meanwhile, terrorists are trying to breach our borders, too.
  • We’ve witnessed numerous terrorist attacks on our soil on the Democrats’ watch. We’ve also seen a handful of lone wolf attacks, which we can expect more of in the near future. This administration refuses to acknowledge it, labeling them “workplace violence.”
  • All of which is connected to…

2. Economy and Debt

  • Under Democrat control, the national debt has exploded to an unconscionable number approaching 18 trillion dollars. What does that look like?
One Trillion
These pallets are double stacked, with $100 bills. Now multiple this stack by 18, and you get our national debt. The red spot on the far bottom left is an average-sized man. Photo credit:

3. ObamaCare and Common Core

  • ObamaCare, one of the biggest frauds ever perpetrated on the American public, is more unpopular than ever. Scores of duped Americans have lost the healthcare policies we were assured by Democrats we could keep. And more are coming this fall, along with an explosion in premium hikes. And now we have illegals demanding coverage, too.
  • Today’s Democrats are all about choice…well, when it comes to aborting pre-born babies. But that’s where choice and free will end. ObamaCare, and its education twin, Common Core, eliminates choice, and Common Core reduces teacher and parental involvement in the education of our children, enforcing a one-size-fits-all-system crushing individuality, and replacing it with purple-penguin collectivism, chock full of liberal indoctrination.
  • Both ObamaCare and Common Core have far overstepped the restraints set forth in our Constitution.

4. Continuous Attacks on our Constitutionally-Protected Freedoms

  • The Hobby Lobby case is not about birth control—howling feminists aside. It’s about Freedom of Speech and Religion. Our First Amendment rights have been attacked relentlessly under this administration, with the acquiescence of the Democrat Party. Further, there is a clear preference by Democrat politicians and the more rabid of their supporters for one particular religion, while continuing to attack and attempting to silence another. I’ll leave it to you to decide which ones are which.
  • By now we should all know the NSA and other domestic spying is out of control, violating our Fourth Amendment Rights.
  • Race-based “justice.” Most of America understands that Eric Holder’s DOJ is highly politicized, and anything but blind. In the current environment, our right to equal treatment under the law is a laughing stock.
  • State’s rights have been trampled unrelentingly by this administration. See voter ID, border security, education, healthcare, gay marriage, gun rights…the list is abundant.

And lastly…

5. Cheating, Lying, and Being Generally Vile

The contenders for this category are infinite, and one quick peek here will require an extra-long shower. So…here are just a few of my personal favorites:

  • When Mr. Obama can’t bully Congress to get his way—he never works with our democratically-elected representatives—he wields his imperial pen. While the number of Executive Orders under this president aren’t necessarily any more numerous than other presidents, it’s what’s in them that’s alarming. See DACA, ObamaCare changes, and a threat of amnesty for illegals for proof of a lawless POTUS.
  • ObamaCare is a fraud. Period.
  • Voter Fraud.
  • Lie of the Month: Accusing the GOP of cutting CDC funding leading to Ebola on our shores.
  • A complete lack of personal responsibility.
  • Treating certain groups of Americans as if they are assigned at birth to the Democrat Party, and pandering to same for votes. See women, minorities, and anyone who’s blue, purple, orange, or sports a third eye.
  • And finally, a sample of some of the most vile Democrat campaign ads, deceptions, and exploitations you may ever see:

It’s clear to me that Democrat politicians have nothing to offer America and have shunned our Constitution. They see women as nothing more than a collective uterus and our black communities and other minorities as little more than welfare recipients. Both messages presuppose an inherent inferiority, that women and minorities are, by their nature, incompetent and unskilled, the very definition of sexism, racism, and bigotry. Their policies, intentional or otherwise, further the very problems they purport to fight against. As a nation, we are more divided than ever. The poor have become poorer, while those evil one-percenters the hypocritical Democrats rail against have become wealthier. People have given up looking for work. Our freedoms are eroding by the day. Third world illnesses are spreading through our country. And our nation’s security is dangling by a thread. Consider this: If the issues the Democrats say they care about were actually resolved, who would vote for them? They held control of all three branches of our federal government for two full years. Did they pass the “immigration reform” they now insist is of utmost importance? Of course not. Because if they had, what could they possibly use as a wedge issue this year, in an effort to hoodwink Hispanic voters into supporting them? It’s a ruse. It’s always been a ruse. And we shouldn’t buy their snake oil any longer. They think we’re stupid. Let’s prove them wrong.

So that’s my short list. What’s yours? Feel free to list your own reasons to Never Vote Democrat Again in the comments below. Or maybe you’d like to take a stab at convincing us why we should. 🙂

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  • Claire Stevens says:

    Republicans aren’t going to save us. I think we should let the Democrats keep the White House and let them fail so thoroughly that they can never blame the conservatives again. We keep bailing the liberals out, only to have them blame us for the predicament that they created. Let’s let them see the true fruits of their broken beliefs. We’ll just have a larger mess to clean up but it will be worth it to never again have to hear about how great liberals are.

  • Dejah Thoris says:

    I already have my 5 reasons for never voting Democrat:

    Barack Obama
    Al Gore
    Hillary Clinton
    Bill Clinton
    Jimmy Carter

    Along with their views on: Unions, Gun Control, Free Speech, LBGT “rights” the “microagression” movement, hatred of the military, hatred of America, and always embracing what is wrong and evil over what is good and right.

    That ought to do it for election day.

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