Violence At The Protests, Who Is Responsible

Violence At The Protests, Who Is Responsible

Violence At The Protests, Who Is Responsible

As soon as the video of the police murder of George Floyd went viral, the people of our nation were united as we have not been since September 11, 2001. Then, the peaceful protests broke out in horrible violence. Police stations and businesses destroyed, fires set. People lost their livelihoods and life’s savings. Who is responsible for the violence?

The marches began on a righteous note. If you watched the video or read about the police murder of George Floyd, you felt rage at the callous indifference displayed, not just by the animal who knelt on the neck of Mr. Floyd, but by the other police officers who did nothing. They did nothing! I have met some really bad cops in my life. I have also interacted with some very good ones. I have never suspected that any of them could do what the cops did to Mr. Floyd. Or, in the no-knock warrant, police murder of Breonna Taylor. The marches were righteous and justified.

The marches quickly devolved into violence, destruction and looting. Victory Girls’ Kim wrote about how the marches became riots and George Floyd was forgotten.

Where is the violence coming from now? Neil MacFarquhar of the failing New York Times asked this question in his article, “Many Claim Extremists Are Sparking Protest Violence. But Which Extremists?”. He wrote:

Numerous political leaders, starting with President Trump, have leveled accusations at various groups, asserting that some radical agenda is at play in transforming once peaceful protests over the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis police custody.

“We have reason to believe that bad actors continue to infiltrate the rightful protests of George Floyd’s murder, which is why we are extending the curfew by one day,” Gov. Tim Walz of Minnesota tweeted on Sunday, after previously suggesting that white supremacists or people from outside the state fomented the unrest.

While President Trump was in Florida celebrating our triumphant return to space, he spoke about “antifa” and the anarchists who he believes are behind the violence:

Mr. MacFarquhar does not believe that antifa is involved because they don’t have world headquarters and member cards:

Antifa is not an organization, and it does not have a leader, membership roles or any defined, centralized structure. It is a vaguely defined movement of people who share common protest tactics and targets.

More important, even if antifa were a real organization, the laws that permit the federal government to deem entities terrorists and impose sanctions on them are limited to foreign groups. There is no domestic terrorism law despite periodic proposals to create one.

In his article, MacFarquhar admits that there is something going on:

“The truth is, nobody really knows,” Keith Ellison, Minnesota’s attorney general and a former Democratic congressman from Minneapolis, said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

“There’s been a lot of videotape taken by demonstrators of people who are very suspicious, who really did start breaking windows,” Mr. Ellison said. “There have been other photographs of cars with no license plates. Very suspicious behavior.”

You don’t have to watch the nightly riots for long before it becomes clear that there are malefactors agitating the crowds. The reporters on the ground at the riots talk about how the crowds in front are used as human shields as bricks, M80’s and other items are thrown from the back. Fox News’ Lawrence Jones wrote a great post about this:

“Just by my experience of reporting on protests and being in the thick of Baltimore, Ferguson, that the bad actors were people that weren’t from the area,” Jones said. “This wasn’t something that I just made up. It’s just a matter of experience and being there on the ground.

“And as you know, the [Minneapolis] mayor and the [Minnesota] governor, after records are starting to come out, they told us that all the people that they arrested were people from out of state. That’s what’s going on right now. You have people that have their own agenda that are anarchists, that are part of Antifa, that are professional paid protesters.

It is a fact that 86% of those arrested had local addresses. That means that 14% of those arrested were not from the area. This tells me two things. (1) It doesn’t take a huge percentage to wreak violence on a community. (2) The groups behind the violence are more organized, with bike scouts and the like, than your average protester.

What if, stay with me here, this is one of the greatest intersectionality moves in the history of intersectionality. The Social Justice Warriors think they can do intersectionality? Bah! Antifa has been getting away with violence for a decade because of the weak Western states governments. They have practice at this. White supremacists would love to see this country torn apart, although they don’t have enough gas to power a moped. The more radical parts of Black Lives Matters would love to see a war. And, Occupy Wall Street has been looking to find relevance again. And, let’s not forget the criminals set free so they wouldn’t catch Covid-19. They are out there too. I think that people who don’t see this as a possibility don’t have any imagination.

We need to stand together or we will surely hang separately. I apologize to Ben Franklin for that. But, it is true. We must stand together. We are one people and one nation. “We must learn to live together as brothers, or we will perish together as fools.(Martin Luther King, Jr) Remember George Floyd and Breonna Taylor.

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  • GWB says:

    Neil MacFarquhar
    That’s a pseudonym, right? A ‘nom de plume’?

    Antifa is not an organization
    The same is said of various islamic terror groups (and especially all the known lone wolfs). It doesn’t make them any less terrorists.

    it does not have a leader, membership roles or any defined, centralized structure
    It certainly does have agitators, though. And people who send directions, etc. And it certainly does have those who fund it.

    the crowds in front are used as human shields
    More evidence of them being terrorists.
    And, BTW, if those front ranks refuse to disperse after attacks from rear ranks, they are now COMPLICIT in the attacks. And I wish the cops would simply start firing non-lethal rounds until that front rank goes down. Then the next. Then the next. Until they’re knocking down those actually committing assault with a deadly weapon.

    I’m really sick of this crap. I think Anti-Fa will discover they are not the winners in the war they’re trying to bring.
    Ammo up, everyone. It’s about time to show the anarchists what good order and discipline can accomplish.

  • Jim says:

    They ceased being protesters once the first rock was thrown.

    • GWB says:

      Well, let’s specify a little more clearly than “they”.
      See, the large group of protesters early in the day were NOT the same folks (though there is likely some overlap) who went looting and pillaging later in the evening. The protesters who didn’t go off looting and pillaging stayed protesters. The rioters – no matter where they were during the peaceful protests – gave up any moral connection to Floyd’s death the moment they participated (or continued to participate) in the riots.

      Let’s make this distinction. Because the progs would love to incite that race war by getting your* comments to drive more animosity and group-identity heat and friction.

      (* “Your” is rhetorical there. I know what you meant with that, but let’s try to deprive the other side of ammunition and oxygen by reminding folks that we all generally agreed with the protests. NOT trying to be a concern troll.)

      • Gretz says:

        This isn’t about Floyd. This never was anything more than the barest pretense to “protest”, claim all sorts of grievances, demand free stuff and some list of Republicans’ heads on pikes, and pretend that ORANGEMANBAD is Literally Hitler!!1!!

        There is not any honest, sincere attempt to have any kind of discussion about race. That discussion would involve having some personal accountability regarding said group’s personal decisions and due diligence, and the moral hazards created and compounded since the creation of the welfare state and the field of grievance mongering. They don’t want a dialog, they want to state their world view and have us accept it without question.

        It would also involve a frank discussion of the Marxists’ use of race as nothing more than a wedge, (much as the whole discussion of Russian collusion, etc. has been for the last 3 years.) The purpose of it isn’t any kind of legal reform or cultural enlightenment that could be achieved and the problem resolved, but a never ending dumpster fire that wastes time and resources, and does little else beyond creating hostility, corruption and propaganda opportunities for Marxists, both domestic and abroad.

        This isn’t about police reform, either. BLM has done more to undermine serious efforts to reform the police or hold bad actors accountable than any knucklehead you can conjure out of central casting, and there’s some bad ones. The people championed by BLM, and others, are the worst of the lot, and typically NOT the case where someone’s abused by the police. *Those* cases are pushed aside. My guess as to why is the same as it is for most Marxist Lies: If they can get compel you to accept that lie, knowing it’s false, you’ll accept anything from them.

        They don’t want equality in the rule of law, any more than Feminists want equality. This is the racialist version of college rape statistics, Blasey Ford, and “Believe all Women.”

        • GWB says:

          You’re wrong. The original protests the first day were certainly about Floyd and his demise at the hands of a problematic cop. And there have still been some protests directly related.

          Are some large number of protesters stuck in an everything-is-racism mentality? Probably. They’ve been heavily indoctrinated into it.

          THIS case is most assuredly one where the police did wrong. We should work to keep it front and center, instead of letting the rioters run amok.

  • Scott says:

    “The marches were righteous and justified.”
    Slight disagreement here Toni. The stated reason for the marches was to fight racism, NOT police brutality (a misnomer in itself, as it suggests that all police act that way, instead of a very small number of bad actors). As always, those on the left, and all those sheep that blindly follow / vote for them see nothing more than the fact that the man who died was black, and the cop was white, and for them, that is all they need to say that racism is the cause of what happened.
    With all the information coming out about the cop (who as we all know has been charged with crimes) and his background, the picture is becoming clear that this is a person who had no business being a cop. He had obvious anger issues, and a long history of complaints against him. He definitely seemed to enjoy the “power” of being a cop. NOTHING in his past indicates that racism was a factor in this or previous incidents he was involved in, he was just a thug who should not have been wearing a badge.
    In light of those facts, protests revolving around racism are therefore based on false premise, and not righteous or justified. I say this because adding the element of racism erroneously inflames passions in all involved, and acts as a further incitement to violence, even if that is not the intent of the peaceful protesters.
    Just as the fact that protesters embraced the lie of “hands up don’t shoot” in Ferguson, leading to riots and destruction, their willingness to embrace “racism” in a situation where it was not a factor is having the same result.

    Sorry for the long winded response, these riots are hitting a little too close to home, and threatening my family and friends, above and beyond the damage being done to our nation. With exception to my points above, I agree totally with you and GWB

  • Mary Anne Borg says:

    Policeman’s name = Chauvin. The term chauvinist I presume is an ugly macho man. This term certainly applies to all bullies..

  • Cameron says:

    Antifa is not an organization, and it does not have a leader, membership roles or any defined, centralized structure.

    Gee….when we Tea Party members said the same things about ourselves, the press insisted that we were part of teh Great Koch Conspiraciez!

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