Antifa Better Know The Suburbs Are Armed

Antifa Better Know The Suburbs Are Armed

Antifa Better Know The Suburbs Are Armed

There’s a reason that people leave large cities. Invariably, it’s because the lure of easy access to stores and events get outweighed by the need for breathing room, better schools, and Antifa not rioting near where your children sleep.

However, in this run of recent riots and looting, the anarchists and Antifa are moving their way into the suburbs. Right now, they are focused on looting and smashing. But while local governments seem okay with giving them “space to express themselves” by committing theft and arson, the odds of that happening in the suburbs are very low. As Brandon Morse on Red State put it, the suburbs are a completely different world.

Rioting in a city is, for all intents and purposes, safe for the rioter. Even if you do have a confrontation with police, you’re more than likely going to get a few bumps and bruises. At worst, some blood might be drawn from superficial wounds. The worst that may befall you is if your fellow rioters turn on you for any reason. Then you’ll really face serious injury, though more than likely, you’re just going to riot, loot, destroy, and go home.”

The rules change in the suburbs. You’re not robbing a private store and destroying public property anymore. Now you’re in home territory. The house is full of valuable possessions and luxuries, yes, but more than that, this location has family members in it. Wives, children, and even beloved pets.”

You’re in a different playing field now. Here the stakes are a lot higher for the victims of rioters, and as such, the stakes will rise for you. You’re no longer just facing an arrest charge or a few bumps and bruises. You’re now playing with your life.”

In the greater Puget Sound area, where I live, the rioting and looting has spread from the downtown core of Seattle (where Antifa has flourished under the rule inept and woke city government) to the highly racially diverse suburb of Bellevue. Lake Washington separates the two places, so Antifa and the anarchists had to actually make the effort to go to Bellevue.

There was plenty of smashing and looting, but there was also a very different reaction from store owners and police. The police chief engaged in a dialogue with the peaceful protestors.

The looters – who look to be college-aged, if not younger, and of all races – were not allowed to get nearly as violent as they had in Seattle, even though they did cause plenty of destruction. And the downtown Bellevue area is not that far from actual residential homes. Those neighborhoods, once they got word of what was happening, took matters into their own hands.

THAT is what Antifa, gangs, anarchist groups, and other random opportunists will face should they start rioting and looting in the suburbs. If there was one thing that the suburbs came away from during the COVID-19 lockdown, it was that when seconds counted, the police were minutes away. THAT is why so many people who had never thought about owning a gun were suddenly stunned that they had to wait to walk out the door with one, and why gun stores defied lockdown orders to stay open.

Suburbia has been watching these riots with growing horror, knowing that as Antifa grows bolder, they will move out to where they are – and Antifa might be organized, but it wants to be armed. (Click on image to see full tweet.)

Until the local authorities can pull themselves together, and legitimate protestors start casting out the rioters, the average American citizen has to know that they are on their own.

And if Antifa thinks the suburbs are a soft target, they are wrong. Don’t try it. It will not end the way you think it will. Remember why you never mess with a mama bear with cubs. It’s the same principle.

Featured image via Kelly Lacy on Pexels, Pexels license

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  • Joe R. says:

    shhhhhh, they’re getting closer. . .

    We’ve set decoy electronics and shoe stores up on our block, and have been playing crowd noises, with intermittent shouts of “JUSTICE”, for almost a week. . .

  • GWB says:

    Now you’re in home territory.
    And I, personally, would love to see “home territory” expanded to include even those urban areas.

    THAT is what Antifa, gangs, anarchist groups, and other random opportunists will face should they start rioting and looting in the suburbs.
    It’s what they should be facing everywhere.

    All across the country, police are running out of crowd control ammunition and getting surrounded by protesters who outnumber them in magnitudes.
    Which is why they shouldn’t be using “crowd control” ammunition at this point.

    Those police are finding out there’s a lot more of us than there are of them.
    Not more than US, b****. And in each neighborhood, we have more ammunition than most infantry battalions. And it’s NOT non-lethal.

    the average American citizen has to know that they are on their own
    Not on their own. Just in the smallest units of community there is: neighborhoods and families. That is where citizenry has always flourished. It wasn’t a police force from a megalopolis that stood on Lexington Green, but a small town’s neighbors.
    THIS is why I always rail against the “Thin Blue Line” malarkey. If you rely on the protection of others, you will be beholden to them, and you will be ruled by them. Ensure your own protection, and you can then reliably appoint others to help you.

    the suburbs are a soft target
    Some will be. Some will not. I’m betting there’s a lot of “liberals” who will simply hide under their beds. And, the funny part is… it will be the kids coming home to party. Because that’s where the anti-fa thugs are from – middle class and above suburbs, living the good life, indulging their toddler fantasies of gimme knocking-over-the-blocks because mommy has more money than she knows what to do with. So, some of them will reap exactly what they’ve sown.

  • CJ says:

    Tonight my home town in the western suburbs of Chicago was a target for agitators. With small protests scheduled, it was clear that law enforcement had received word that outside groups were targeting our community after other communities near us had been targets the previous two evenings.

    Our response: preemptively close and board up businesses, closed highway exits that lead to our town and many of my friends and I making sure we had our firearms at the ready if things moved to our neighborhoods from our downtown area (which had salt trucks diverting traffic). The result? The few agitators that showed up were promptly chased out by the local residents and, so far, no trouble. Hopefully other communities in our area that are targets will look at the result and take action.

  • GWB says:

    BTW, that top picture is nice. It’s a nice firearm.
    But I would hope that isn’t the weapon of choice for anyone defending their family/home/neighborhood. It’s a .22LR. It might work nice for a tap to the back of the head, but it isn’t going to do much against an enraged mob or someone intent on doing you harm.

    Just saying. 🙂

    • Scott says:

      Aim small, miss small. For someone that can’t handle a larger caliber, and especially one that takes the time to become very proficient a high velocity .22 between the eyes can be quite effective, with less muzzle blast / sound signature to give away ones position..

  • Sabre22 says:

    Keep it down we need to play it down and lure them in. Then set a U-Shaped ambush and take them all out at the same time

  • nomen nescio says:

    I want to keep them away. I intend to salt the perimeter with work boots, job applications, books that contain no pictures, and soap. These things are like kryptonite to certain people.

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