Vanderbilt Admits Gender Clinic Is Cash Cow

Vanderbilt Admits Gender Clinic Is Cash Cow

Vanderbilt Admits Gender Clinic Is Cash Cow

Vanderbilt University Medical Center allowed their true motivations to be spoken out loud, videotaped, and then posted on their website for all to see, but the left and those protecting this racket want everyone to believe that Matt Walsh, who dared point out what was in plain sight, is “inciting violence” when he reports on it.

Let’s start with what Vanderbilt University Medical Center did. They opened up a transgender clinic, and assured the hospital that 1) it would bring in a ton of money, because transgender “care” literally creates patients that will need medical care in perpetuity, and 2) anyone on staff who disagreed with them for “religious beliefs” would be punished.

Leave aside that the promise of retaliation on the basis of religious beliefs is a MASSIVE civil rights lawsuit waiting to happen (and after this, I bet some lawyers are getting phone calls), and realize what Dr. Shayne Taylor just admitted. The gender clinic was opened solely because Vanderbilt wanted in on that sweet, sweet transgender surgery money. She talks about how thanks to Obamacare, trans surgeries are covered and each surgery adds up to a LOT of dollar signs. Why shouldn’t Vanderbilt get a piece of that action, especially when a “top” surgery alone could bring in a quick $40,000, followed by several thousand dollars in follow-up appointments alone? KA-CHING!!! “These are huge money-makers,” Dr. Shayne Taylor insists, noting a few times that some of these figures have to be “underestimated” because hospital stays ALWAYS add up to being more expensive. The phalloplasty surgeries alone could end up supporting the entire transgender clinic because they are so expensive, and STILL make money for the hospital!

And having worked in medical insurance myself, where so many things that are a “covered benefit” must still be “approved” by the insurance company or you, as the patient, will be completely financially liable for your treatment, my guess is that these transgender conversion surgeries, both “top” and “bottom,” are simply being rubber stamped. After all, who wants to be the insurance company who tells a trans person “no” and end up being excoriated in the media? These insurance companies are just signing the checks to the doctors, who are making a tidy profit off their new cash cows.

This is not ethical, medical care designed to “do no harm” to a patient. This is explotation of human psychological problems in order to mutilate and sterilize people, including children, and MAKE ALL THE MONEY while doing so. This is not about “saving lives” (as the left claims that if trans kids don’t get these surgeries, they will just kill themselves). This is Vanderbilt University Medical Center, and so many other “gender affirming” clinics around the country, padding their bottom lines by creating patients for themselves. These surgeries take healthy, functional bodies, and then perform extreme plastic surgery on them for no other reason than the patient’s emotional state – and the doctor’s wallet.

Ask any woman who has had a mastectomy for medical reasons, like breast cancer – it is not an easy surgery to go through, nor is the recovery process quick or simple. The aftereffects of a phalloplasty are not as well understood by the general public, but the details of how a woman must prepare for one includes laser hair removal, a hysterectomy, and then a skin flap is removed from either the arm, the leg, or the back – which means permanent tissue loss and scarring. And every single procedure is dollars in the pocket of the surgeon, the medical team, and the hospital itself. And each subsequent “treatment” feeds in on itself to create the next procedure that the patient will be charged for. Vanderbilt University Medical Center simply said the quiet part out loud.

Which means, of course, that the left has gone back to their playbook of “THIS IS GOING TO GET SOMEONE KILLED” and “CALL THE FBI.” And Matt Walsh is the bad guy for pointing it out. Vanderbilt left all these videos in public view, but Matt Walsh is “inciting violence” for noticing.

With this logic, no one should have reported on the sex abuses within the Boy Scouts or in certain Catholic dioceses because it would have been an “incitement for violence.” After all, WHO KNOWS what will happen if you point out bad actions or bad behavior???

It’s also fascinating to see how the left assumes that the FBI will just jump when they tell it to, as if the FBI was heavily politicized and has been acting as the attack dog for the Democrats. Hmmmmm.

Vanderbilt knows that they got caught. If they weren’t trying to hide it, they wouldn’t have blown away their entire transgender clinic webpage. But the internet is forever, and Matt Walsh kept the receipts.

What happens now? Tennessee Governor Bill Lee wants some answers from Vanderbilt.

“The ‘pediatric transgender clinic’ at Vanderbilt University Medical Center raises serious moral, ethical and legal concerns,” Lee said in a statement to The Daily Wire. “We should not allow permanent, life-altering decisions that hurt children or policies that suppress religious liberties, all for the purpose of financial gain. We have to protect Tennessee children, and this warrants a thorough investigation.”

While there are undoubtedly true trans believers out there in the medical community, there are a whole lot of doctors who simply see dollar signs when it comes to the entire transgender “movement.” Vanderbilt just got caught admitting it on camera. How many other hospitals are not admitting it on camera?

This will only stop when it costs the doctors more to do the surgeries than to not do them. And that day is coming, and the lawsuits will be filed. We have already seen the beginning of it in the United Kingdom at their Tavistock clinic. When those class-actions lawsuits come, from patients who were children when they were drugged, sterilized, cut open and sewed shut, especially those who got those surgeries without parental consent, just how fast do you think the doctors and insurance companies will run?

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  • Cameron says:

    This will not stop until the dollars paid out from the lawsuits exceed the dollars they take in for this mutilation. And yes; it’s adorable how leftists hate authority figures but demand that the FBI swoop in and save child butchers.

  • Lloyd says:

    Nothing new here….Carnival sideshows with freaks always brought in money. Sadly, the sideshow has moved out of the carnival to every day life. Shame on any/all medical professionals who participate in this trendy freak show!

    • Cameron says:

      Here’s the thing: What medical professional is going to risk their career by telling someone “No, we are not going to perform the surgery.”?

      • Pete says:

        We need to stop referring to the gender butchers and hormone poisoners as “physicians” or “doctors”. They are neither. Sure, they graduated from medical school, but once they start pushing the insanity of butchering the bodies and screwing up the internal hormone schematics in order to enable someone’s severe mental illness, such degenerates no longer deserve to be considered valid ethical practitioners of medical science.

  • SeedtickinOhio says:

    As with any corporate take over of an industry the profit motive prevails. While I don’t abhor this when there is a system that allows for choice for example in deodorant or toilet paper when it comes to personal services this paradigm can be destructive. In the last 15 years the acceleration of the corporate take over of the medical field has been exponential. When your doctor is told to push a shot because the pharmaceutical industry provides a kick back your doctor patently exhibits that he/she no longer views you as the decision maker in your own healthcare. You are converted from that doctor’s patient to a consumer of products that provide profit for the doctor’s employer. I saw this years ago in its infancy and now you see the cancerous rot of it. Hospitals and doctors are now corporate entities and players that simply view us as widgets to be exploited. We need to view them in that lens in order to protect ourselves from them. Find yourself service providers that own their own businesses, and do not work for a corporation. Although these people also must strive to and make a profit their ability to do so is based on customer service and your satisfaction that they have your best interest at heart. They are not removed or insulated from such considerations by the volume business of the corporate model.

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