Kidnap Plot Trial Shows FBI At Its Most Corrupt

Kidnap Plot Trial Shows FBI At Its Most Corrupt

Kidnap Plot Trial Shows FBI At Its Most Corrupt

The story sounded like the plot of a bad Hollywood movie: a group of men concocted a scheme to kidnap MI Gov. Gretchen Whitmer because of her Covid lockdowns. But on Friday, a jury in Grand Rapids found two men not guilty in the kidnap case, while deadlocked on charges against two ringleaders. The judge also declared a mistrial.

The verdicts came as a shock.


FBI Agents Were the Bad Guys

Certainly the defendants were no choir boys. But at the same time, the real villains in the kidnap case were the FBI, who developed strategies to entrap the defendants.

During the three-week trial, the prosecution trotted out its stable of FBI agents and experts to expose the nefarious plot to kidnap Whitmer. The lead informant, Dan Chappel, had been hired by the FBI in March, 2020, to infiltrate this ragtag group of “militia” members. Posing as a militia member himself, Chappel testified that he created encrypted internet chat groups to communicate with the defendants. He also organized excursions for “field training,” as well as observation of Whitmer’s cottage, where the kidnapping would take place.

So who is “Big Dan” Chappel, the lead witness? Rather than a highly-trained FBI agent, he’s a truck driver for a US Postal Service subcontractor. The FBI, for their part, paid him $60,000 in cash and in gifts, such as a new laptop and a smart watch. He also got new tires.

As for the FBI members themselves — they’re no paragons of integrity, either. Two agents who handled Chappel were removed from the witness list due to accusations of unethical conduct. Plus, Stephen Robeson, an FBI informant and former felon, was fired for committing two crimes while working on the FBI’s case. Robeson also worked as a double agent, offering to finance attacks and use a drone to commit domestic terrorism.

And then there’s Special Agent Richard Trask of the Whitmer kidnap investigation group, who beat up his wife after … get this … a swinger’s party.

Some outstanding law enforcement types, aren’t they?


The Sad Sacks of the Kidnap Plot

Look at these men. These are the masterminds who planned to kidnap the Michigan governor. Do they look like criminal geniuses to you? Or more like sad sacks whom the FBI were able to entice into creating a ridiculous scheme.


Clockwise: Adam Fox, Barry Croft, Brandon Caserta, Daniel Harris. Screenshot: @PrisonPlanet/cropped/Twitter.

How pathetic are they? Consider that Fox had been living in the cellar of a Grand Rapids vacuum repair shop, which had no toilet or running water. Chappel established a relationship with this forlorn outcast, texting him at least 1000 times. On at least five occasions, Chappel also offered him a $5000 credit card, which Fox refused.

Thus, Chappel and others were able to manipulate these sorry individuals into plotting to kidnap Whitmer in retaliation for her Covid lockdowns. Their plans included posing as a pizza delivery man in order to assassinate Whitmer. They also considered tying her up and leaving her in a boat in the middle of Lake Michigan.

And they made bombs, too. One of the bombs consisted of a commercial-grade firework with pennies attached to work as shrapnel. They also blew up a homemade bomb during training in September of 2020.

But the jury didn’t approve of the FBI’s tactics. As Billy Binion, the associate editor at tweeted:

“But this is exactly what should happen when the FBI conjures a conspiracy out of thin air, tricks people into participating, and then “busts” the same scheme they created. This is their MO.”


Whitmer Responds to the Verdicts

Obviously, Gov. Whitmer was not pleased at the verdicts. JoAnne Huls, her chief of staff, issued this statement:

“The plot to kidnap and kill a governor may seem like an anomaly. But we must be honest about what it really is: the result of violent, divisive rhetoric that is all too common across our country. There must be accountability and consequences for those who commit heinous crimes. Without accountability, extremists will be emboldened.”

Oh, please. Does anyone think that the governor was really in danger? The defendants were no more than losers who were enticed by the FBI into cooking up a plot that had no chance of succeeding. The jury saw through it, and rendered verdicts that reflected the obvious.


The Kidnap Plot Was Purely Political

I know that correlation doesn’t mean causation, but don’t you find it curious that this kidnap plot was cooked up in 2020? And that the defendants were arrested in October, right before the presidential election? What better way than to connect Trump supporters with domestic terrorism? Not only that, but it turns out that Trask the wife beater had posted anti-Trump statements on his Facebook page.

It’s patently obvious that the FBI has become mired in politics, and is all too willing to exert their considerable power to control political outcomes.

I know we all want to blame the guys at the top for this corruption, and excuse the rank-and-file agents, but … seriously? Consider this:

The verdicts were a huge defeat for the Department of Justice and the FBI — rats’ nests which have hatched plot after plot in order to bring down one political party and hide the crimes of another. Eliot Ness must be rolling in his grave.


Featured image: Federal Bureau of Investigation/flickr/cropped/public domain.

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